Hum Hain Na 10th February 2015 Written Episode Update

Hum Hain Na 10th February 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Amma with her supporters going to Daadi’s room. Sagarika says Daadi she must be very happy as 2 people are preparing her food, since she liked Dad’s food and gave 5 points, Amma asks to feed the same in lunch. Daadi says she cannot eat it as it is not eatable. Sagarika asks why. She says they gave bribe of rasgullas. Sagarika asks her to help them now. Daadi agrees.

Daadi goes to Dad and gives him list of kachori, samosa, jalebi, etc. Dad asks if she wants to eat them all. She says it is for ladies. He asks why should he get them for ladies and says they should prepare their snacks themselves. Daadi says if he does not get, then she will tell about her partiality, then their marks will go to ladies. Dad agrees angrily and asks Bunty to bring

snacks. Daadi gives it them to ladies. Ladies enjoy snacks and shout that they will order it daily. Dad and Bunty/Pappu angrily look at them having snacks.

Check for all spoilers here added today….

Gama pehelwan’s goons’s enter Mishra house and surround Pappu. Pappu asks who are they. Senior goon says he is Gama’s assistant and asks why is he not picking phone. Pappu says it is not working, but just then his phone rings. Assistant goon starts slapping pappu. He then peeps into house and says he will open gym in the lawn. Dad and Bunty hear his voice and asks what is happening here. Senior goon does not reply him and continues to shift furniture. Dad again asks what is he doing.

Pappu tries to intervene and asks assistant goon to stop. Goon says he will not come under his talks again and says he will open gym in lawn at any cost. Dad says it is his house and he will not let anyone acquire. Assistant says his son has permitted them to open gym. Pappu takes dad to a room and tells if they allow goons open gym here, ladies will get nervous, will make mistake, and will lose challenge. Dad hesitantly agrees. Goons walk out to bring gym equipment. Pappu close door, but then door bell rings again. Pappu opens door and is surprised to see uncle/phupa. Ladies greet him in. Aunt asks why did he come here to trouble her and asks if he cannot stay away from her even for a few days. He says he did not for her but came on Pappu’s invitation. Amma says it is good as gents needed someone’s help. Aunt laughs and taunts let us see till howmany days gents tolerate him. Pappu says a gym is opening in lawn. Amma asks who permitted it. Dad says he permitted it and it is his wish to do anything in his house. Daadi says it is a challenge for gents to take care of Phupa and for that, they will get 10 marks. Amma asks how can she be so partial. Daadi says it is a challenge for ladies how will they tolerate pehelwans/wrestlers. Amma says she will not and will teach them a lesson. Pehelwans enter just then and ladies get afraid seeing huge, ugly looking men.

Precap: A goon misbehaves with Swara. Sagarika slaps him.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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