KB- Hum Dono (episode 1)

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this epi starts with abi coming near tanu to help her but he suddenly stops and is shocked to see a person but he could only see his back . he covered himself with a burka . so he couldn’t identify him nor pragya could . Tanu tells that he is the father of my child and tells that he has brought money for u take it and give me those proofs. Pragya (in disguse of a watchman ) says that she could not get the money or give the proofs until the man shows himself. Takil (thanu nikil) agrees and nikil was about to take his burka and some goons surrounded pragya(watchman) and kidnapped her (guyz pragya was good in acting and thus she did not reveal herself ) .

They kidnapped her with a truck and abhi curious in knowing the truth entered into the truck seriously. At this time purab was in vein as pragya was gone missing . he went to arrange for help to sarla in her contract ((guyz sarla doesn’t know the truth as in kkb)so he left her for half an hour but she dissapered. hence he called (through phone ) abhi and told that pragya is missing when she was finding the person behind bulbul’s murder . abhi was shocked and was about to leave but suddenly a hand stopped him.
it was none other than pragya

Abhi thought that the watchman needed some help and freed him from the rope and started to proceed towards the door but again the hand stopped him and there was a pretty smile on that face that seemed familiar tohim . now the watchman started to remove his moustache his hat and freed his hair . abhi now identified her
he said Fuggi and hugged her emotionly and pragya to did the same. he then asked her why did u lave me and go far away? pragya now told all of her plans idea and motives of exposing thailiya (tanu Aliya) . abhi said that let us inform this to dadi and purab as they would be very happy . then pragya told that they already knew it and they were the one who helped her in this plan . she also asked him not to reveal that she had told him all the truths

suddenly the truck stops and abhigya hear the voices of the goons . the goons tell that the watchman could be taken to the godwn nearby and the get down to check whether the watchman s awake or not . quickly pragya gets up ties her hair into a bun and wears a cap and moustache meanwhile abhi hides under the hay presen tin the van . nd they leave to the godown but they forget to unlock they door . thus pragya and abhi come out of the truck

all they could see around him was a forest . Abhi says ahh again forest oh no fuggi this time too .. how many times do I get stuck in forest with u ? oncein a booth bunglow nd the next in kidnapping and now again due to that burka aadmi. abhigya start wandering over places and finally they reach a lake and a house /.Abhi says yes again so the police would now come here and save us . hey chembunari fuggi why aren’t you talking bolti bandh ho gayi hey kya ? .ok reply na

pragya says suniye ! I love u . oh all again then I have to give something in return na wait . he leaves from there and comes with sone red bricks found near by and crushed then into pieces and lit fire using some logs found there he also brought some leaves and joined them and made them like a garland and said wait for 30 mins and he started some arrangement while pragya smiles knoing the motives of his attitude . happy tears roll down her cheeks

PRECAP : pragya sees a person standing behind a tree andwatching them

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