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Swara had wanted to tell him that she would accept the outfits but since the jewelry were way too expensive; she couldn’t possibly accept them in her good conscience. But before she could tell him any of this, he just nodded to her and said that he understood her reasons and that it was all fine and immediately left the room before she could get in another word with him! She stood there utterly lost at what had currently transpired in their room. She didn’t understand why he had reacted the way he had until she suddenly remembered that she had wanted to clarify with him about the earlier lehenga incident with Laksh! She then immediately ran towards the door to stop him but halted at the threshold thinking there was a better way to clear this situation and turned towards the gifts lying on her bed and smiled conspiringly.


Swara had finally decided that she would wear the peach pink lehenga for the evening pooja and the blue sari she kept for the Diwali day. She also proceeded to wear the matching jewelry thinking she might as well wear them for him today and return it later. She looked at her reflection in the mirror and smiled appreciatively, thinking that he surely knew what would suit her perfectly. She thought she looked rather good actually, if she could say so herself! But then she frowned thinking that something was missing… She then suddenly smiled again remembering the pearly-white roses in the garden, in his garden to be specific!

He had actually once said that he loved white roses and also that he thought they would suit her perfectly; something about them being a symbol of innocence or purity or something else on similar lines which she had then gladly tuned out mesmerized in the beauty of those stunning rose specimens which were in front of her then. His horticultural skills were beyond par indeed.

She now thought that she had the perfect accessory for her hair which would in turn complete her whole look perfectly. Thinking so, she happily went to the garden to pick a flower. But just as she was going to pick the flower, a thorn pricked her and a drop of blood tainted that beautiful white rose. She felt disturbed at the unfortunate happening, thinking that it all seemed a little too foreboding for her liking…

And that’s when she heard the mad cackle from the balcony… It was coming from the balcony of Laksh and Ragini’s room. And even though she couldn’t see the person, she recognized that it was the unmistakable sound of her sister’s mad laughter! Swara felt shivers run through her entire body… That didn’t sound like the laughter of a sane person! And what followed made her freeze in her thoughts… She heard her delusional sister say that in another 25 minutes everything would go ‘Kaboom’! And Sanskar would burn! A half burnt photo of Sanskar flew from the balcony and came right towards where she stood below!

Swara didn’t have time to think about the how and why of the sudden turn of events… She didn’t have time to think how her so called ‘changed for good’ sister was back to her delusional self in just two days… No, she had more important things to do and that’s how her frozen mind suddenly leapt into action and caught the photo. For just a second she caressed at the half burnt face in the photo and unconsciously brought it to her lips and fiercely kissed it saying to herself that she would never let anything and that meant literally anything happen to him! And even before that thought had finished forming in her mind, she was out in the drive way searching for his car!

She realized with shock that his car was missing, meaning Ragini knew he had just left the house. She didn’t have time to think about anything other than saving someone who she realized with sudden clarity was very very important to her… And if the sudden difficulty in breathing was any clue, it seemed he was necessary for her very survival… But since it was a very inopportune time for life shattering epiphanies, she couldn’t give much thought to it and rushed inside to the nearest phone which was the landline since she didn’t have her mobile phone with her, to call him.


Sanskar had been walking restlessly in his room for almost an hour after he had left her room in dejection when she had rejected his gifts. He thought walking till his legs hurt would lessen the pain he felt in his heart; but the physical pain was nothing compared to the crushing pain he felt in his heart… He couldn’t bear it anymore and he decided he would rather lose his eyesight than to watch his wife get dressed in the lehenga his brother gifted and do the pooja in front of him… So deciding to skip the pooja , he decided to go to his office and get some pending work done hoping that the mindless office work would keep him from depressing thoughts which seemed to shroud him constantly these days.

So when he constantly received phone calls from the landline, he decided that it must be his maa or mom who would be calling to ask his whereabouts before beginning the pooja. He didn’t want to lie to them on the auspicious day, at least not right then anyway; so he just chose to ignore the call and let it ring out. He decided that he would call and give some excuse about an office emergency later after the pooja time was over.


Here Swara was losing her patience. She didn’t know why on earth he wasn’t picking the call. A cloud of dangerously bad thoughts were starting to shadow upon her. But before they could cloud her thoughts completely, the little sanity she had, she used to ask the watchman which direction he had gone thinking madly of going in that direction and hoping to catch him before something happens… He had just left 10 minutes back and she still hoped she might be able to catch him. She asked the driver to take her in the direction which watchman had indicated saying it looked like he had most probably headed in the direction of his office. Knowing Sanskar she thought that was the most likely place which he would head to and rushed the driver to speed up in that direction.

And just when they reached a turning, they heard it! The deafening sound of a blast! And when their car actually turned, she could see it… a car up in flames! Pieces still falling high up from the air… A cloud of smoke mingled with shocked cries of disaster…

Her whole life froze in that moment. She could hear someone, most probably her driver shaking her asking whether she is alright but all she could hear and see in her mind were the sound of the blast and the blackened pieces of the car falling from the air. Then suddenly something broke in her… She pushed the driver aside and ran towards the burning carcass of what had once been the car she had so many memories associated with… She didn’t want to think what lay in front of her was more than just the burning remains of the car… She blindly went forward not knowing exactly what she wanted to do except she knew she needed to find him and hug him… And if he was there in the middle of the burning remains she would go to right where he was… Life suddenly didn’t seem so worth living anyway…

She could hear shouts in the background asking her to stop going forward but she barged in without giving them any heed. But then suddenly somebody forcefully pulled her from there and shook her violently when she had acted out hysterically still struggling to be let go and join him in his fate. The vigorous shaking hadn’t brought her back to her sense but the accompanying words surely had… The voice which asked her if she had gone mad and if she wanted to kill him cruelly by attempting to venture into the fire for God knows what reason, was laced with utmost concern and love for her that it could have belonged to only him… her Sanskar.

The realization that he was alive and apparently healthy literally knocked the breath out of her and she started to choke. He pulled her to the nearby shop and gave her some water to drink, scolding her that it was the smoke inhalation which was causing it.

She almost laughed at the ridiculousness of the situation. Here he was concerned for her health when it was his car which was up in flames just few feet away… Somebody had made an attempt on his life which he thankfully survived… That thought brought her back to reality and she looked at his soot covered face for a whole 10 seconds in stunned silence before she crushed him in a bone crushing hug!


Sanskar who had finally thought better of ignoring the phone calls, had decided that he would just stop at a roadside shop, get a few gums which he usually used as a stress buster and return the incessant phone calls. But just as he was paying the money for his chewing gums, the blast occurred and he was almost thrown off few feet due to the impact. He had realized a few minutes later that it was his car which had blasted! Somewhere in the corner of his mind he realized that the bomb must have been rigged in such a way that it would blast around 15-20 minutes after he started the engine. And if he hadn’t stopped to return the calls, he would have been a charred mess right then… He was literally alive right then because of those phone calls…

His mind was still reeling with that shocking reality when he saw a familiar figure rushing towards the burning mess. He saw the most precious thing in his life heading to a mindless doom and that she was not heeding to anyone who was trying to stop her! He then immediately got on his feet and ran towards her to stop her making some stupidly fatal folly.

That was how he ended up having his most favourite person in the world crushing the life out of him in a literally breath taking hug! Despite the circumstances, a small smile crept onto his face. The only thought which circled in his head then was… SHE CARED…

He gently wrapped his hands around her petite form and placed a comforting kiss on top of her head. He soothingly carded his fingers into her hair and murmured gently that he was fine… Everything was fine… They were all safe…

She loosened her hold for a moment and gave a blank look at him and then again went back to her initial position and continued to squeeze the breath out of him. He smiled fondly and tightened the hug… And in that moment a warm thought struck him… He noticed that she was wearing the peach-pink lehenga he had carefully selected for her after rejecting a whole lot of so called exclusive lehenga collection which was shown to him… He wanted the best of best for her and he wouldn’t have stopped until he found the perfect piece for his Swara… And he had zeroed in on that particular lehenga after a hour long search, knowing that the lovely color paired with delicate pearls would greatly compliment his beloved’s already radiant complexion. Now looking at her gorgeous form, he knew he had made the right choice.

But maybe it was because of all the shock that he was currently in then, that he realized only belatedly, that the ultimate truth of that momentous moment was not that he had chosen the perfect outfit for her, but the fact that she had finally chosen him over his brother! Well she had chosen his lehenga… but he believed that it surely must be some sort of sign that she had chosen to wrap his symbol of love around her delicate body instead of what his brother had gifted her! And not to forget that she herself was currently wrapped around him in an embrace which could be only termed as an exquisite torture…

He smiled happily despite his grim surroundings… Maybe the benevolent Goddess Lakshmi had finally decided to bless him and had decided to give him his life’s greatest gift, his truest treasure, his purest salvation, his only worthy ‘Dhan’ to him on the auspicious day of Dhanteras… Maybe the Goddess of Luck had finally blessed him with his very own Swara that Diwali…


A blessed new beginning… 🙂

AN: Hope you liked this concluding part… 🙂

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