Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam ( I Have Given My Heart Away Darling) RaIna FS Part4 (Last chapter)

Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam ( I Have Given My Heart Away Darling) Part4

I dedicate this to Riana who gave jodi names to Veer Naina(She called them VeeNa though till now others called Veer Sanjana with this name) and Raghav Sanjana(SanGhav)

Naina cried in her room.
Naina:I can’t see Raghav with Sanjana.I feel bad.But why?
She remembered her moments with Raghav.
Naina burst into tears again:Because I love Raghav.I love you Raghav.When I wanted Amit in my life he left me.When i was ready to be Veer’s wife he left me.Now when my heart is craving for Raghav he can’t be mine.What a fate!

Ira got married in a month.

After a week ….

Raghav Sanjana Veer Naina’s wedding was going to take place.

Naina got dressed up a bride.She could’nt smile.Her eyes were full of tears.

Hum dil de chuke sanam
Tere ho gaye hain hum, teree kasam
Oh ho ho hum dil de chuke sanam
Tere ho gaye hain hum, teree kasam

Yeh duneeya kare sitam tujhpe mitnege hum, teree kasam

Oh hum dil de chuke sanam, tere ho gaye hain hum
Teree kasam – (2)

Naina:Raghav…I am sorry..I have given my heart to you,but you did’nt see it.
But i won’t force you to look at my heart as you can’t accept my love..
your love is for some one else.

Umide tumhee se hain mere sanam
Thama hai tumhara hee yeh daman
Ho bhulenge kabhee naa abb tumhe hum – (2)
Oh hum dil de chuke sanam
Tere ho gaye hain hum, teree kasam, teree kasam

Raghav wept: I Have Given My Heart Away my Naina.My heart is only for you.But

I am a jinx who can’t get love.So I don’t need my heart now.

Teree yado ke saye me gujregee yeh jindagee
Us khuda ke bad toh puja hogee bas teree
Chahe jo manglo sab tumhara hai – (2)
Ho ham dil de chuke sanam
Tere ho gaye hain ham, teree kasam

Raghav Naina moved out of their room painfully to reach the wedding place.They were numb.

Ho ham dil de chuke sanam
Tere ho gaye hain ham, teree kasam, teree kasam

Raghav’s face was veiled.He tied mangalsuthra around the neck of Sanjana whose face was


Sudha thought:Now my Veer is going to wed that stupid Naina.I don’t know how

Naina brainwashed my Veer.

Sudha:Where are Veer Naina?Next is their wedding.

Suddenly they heard a voice from behind:No need of that mom.

They saw Veer.

Sanjana came from behind.

They were shocked.

Pam:Sanjana!If Sanjana is here then whom did Raghav marry?

What is this Sudha bhabhi?

Sudha:I can’t understand anything.

Raghav who was shocked unveiled his face.His bride too unveiled her face with a shock.

It was Naina.Raghav Naina were shocked to see each other.

All were shocked.

Pam:Raghav Naina only married.

Raghav:Trust me.I did’nt know that it was Naina.

Naina:Even I did’nt know that it was Raghav.

Indumati smiled:But can you both deny that you both wished to marry each other?

Raghav Naina were stunned.They were embarrassed too.

Veer:What did you both think of us?That we can’t understand your feelings?

Raghav Naina were confused.

Ragh:What are you saying Veer?

Veer looked at them:Naina…now I love you.So I understand your feelings.I realized that

you don’t love me like I love you.I saw love in your eyes.But it was not for me.

Naina was upset:i am sorry Veer.

V:No need of sorry Naina.You have full right to reject me and marry the person you love as

I am not worth enough for you.

Naina became emotional.

Sanjana:I too understood that you don’t love me the way you used to love me long ago.

I felt sad.But i realized that I don’t deserve your love as I myself rejected it once.

Raghav felt sad:Sanjana…

Sanj:No need of any explanation Raghav as it’s not your fault.

Indumati:You both were fools to not understand each other’s love.But i understood it.

Raghav Naina were shocked.

Veer:Sanjana and I realized that you both were disturbed during the engagement party.

We noticed that you both were looking at each other secretly.We realized your

love for each other.We shared our pain with each other and of course we were sad.

But as we both love you both we wanted both of you to be happy.We decided to unite you

guys.So we discussed it with Dadi.

Indu:I too had noticed the hidden love in both of you after the marriage got

fixed with Veer and Sanjana.So when Veer Sanjana talked to me about uniting you both

I too supported them and thus we got both of you married in a unique way.

Raghav Naina could’nt believe it. too?

Raghav:Thank you so much dadi.You are the best.

He hugged Indu.She smiled.

Veer:Naina…you are with the person you deserve a gem

like Naina.

Naina:Thank you Veer for understanding me.

Veer smiled.

Raghav:I have no words to thank you.

He hugged Veer.

Raghav looked at Sanjana:Sanjana…I..

Sanj:It’s ok Raghav.You are written in Naina’s destiny..not mine.I understand it.

All the best for the married life.

Raghav smiled emotionally.

Raghav Naina got blessed by all.

Indumati :You both are a pair made in heaven.

Naina’s mother hugged her:Finally you got the best husband in this world as I wished.

I really wanted you to be with Raghav and it happened.

Naina was surprised.

Raghav Naina in their room…

R:I can’t believe that we got married even without knowing each other’s love.It’s dream come


N:You are right Raghav.I still can’t believe it.But now we know that we love each other.

Ragh:Yes…but still we need to confess our love.Right?

Naina blushed looking at him.

N:Raghav..this wedding attire is very heavy.Let me change and come.

Ragh:You are right.Wear what makes you comfortable.

Naina went and wore a night suit.Then she came back.

Raghav smiled at her.

He looked at her deeply.

She blushed:Why are you looking at me like this?

Ragh:Naina…after realizing my love for you only

I understood that what is true love.You are my only love Naina.My true love.

Naina felt heavenly.

N:I thought I knew what love is from Amit.But from you I realized what true love is

and how to love unconditionally.I love you Raghav and I belong to you completely.

They shared a romantic eye lock.

Suddenly they noticed moon in the dark sky.

Ragh:You look so beautiful that even the beauty of moon is nothing in front of your beauty.

She blushed.

Chand chupa badal me sharma ke meree jana
Sine se lag ja too balkhake meree jana

Naina tried to move away shyly.Raghav pulled her closer.

She rested her head on his shoulder blushing.

Gumsum sa hai gupchup sa hai, madhosh hai khamosh hai
Han yeh sama, han yeh sama kuchh aur hai
Han han han chand chupa……..

He removed her earrings.

Then he went closer to her ears

whispering romantically:I love you my darling Naina.

She blushed.

Najdikiya badh jane de, arre nahee baba nahee, abhee nahee nahee nahee
Dur se hee tum jee bhar ke dekho, tum hee kaho kaise dur se dekhu
Chand ko jaise dekhta chakor hai

Raghav removed her necklace and caressed her neck sensually.Naina

closer her eyes feeling his touch.

Aye gumsum sa hai, yeh sama kuchh aur hai
Ho ho ho chand chupa badal me………..

Raghav blew air at her face making her eyes open.She became shy

seeing his romantic naughty smile on his face and closed her face

with her palm.

Aaja re aaja re chanda kee jab tak too naa aayega
Sajana ke chere toh dekhne yeh man tarsa jayega

Raghav touched her palm with his lips.Feeling him on her palm

she removed her palm from his face.

Naa naa chanda too nahee aana too jo aaya toh
Sanam sharma ke kahee chala jaye naa

They shared a passionate eye lock.

Aaja re aaja re chanda too lakh duwaye payega

They held each other tightly.

Naa naa chanda too nahee aana too jo aaya toh

He caressed her face.

She blushed.

Sanam sharma ke kahee chala jaye naa

She too started caressing her face.

Aaja re aaja re chanda too lakh duwaye payega

Raghav embraced her passionately.Naina felt nice.

Naa naa chanda too nahee aana, varna sanam chala jayega

They came more closer to each other and danced romantically.

Aanchal me too chup jane de, arre nahee baba nahee,

abhee nahee nahee nahee

Julfo me tum kho jane do, arre nahee baba nahee, abhee nahee nahee nahee

Naina sat on Raghav’s lap.

Raghav moved towards her lips sensually.

Naina closed her eyes receiving his love.

Pyar toh nam hai sabra kaa humdam, woh bhala bolo kaise kare ham

Raghav switched off the light and romanced her without knowing that the

shameless moon was watching their passionate romance.

Sawan kee rah jaise dekhe mor hai, he rehne bhee

The end

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  1. Wow it’s just amazing I love the way you put ur heart and soul into writing this story is loved the way u brought amazing twist in this ff it is so heart warming I still miss pardes and upset about its abrupt ending raina scenes were awesome u simply nailed it please do start another one on raina this fan is so crazy for ur ff I keep checking tellyupdates only for raina ff thank u for ur efforts:)

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thank you very other raina ss kuch khatti is still continuing. I will update it soon.

  2. awesome and nice twist , so sanjana and veer got to know about raina secretly loving each other . i liked how sanjana and veer maturely understood and united raina . the first part of the epi was really emotional , but happy that finally raina are united . the last part was damn romantic , i loved this ff a lot . i have not watched pmhmd much , i watched the first half of the show, they should have not killed the character of raghav , so i lost interest in the show , i started loving raina a lot more after reading kuch katti and this ff .

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thx a lot.Actually they were planning to bring back Raghav after a break.But since IPK3 was coming up sp decided to end PMHMD n they only told the PH not to bring back Raghav.That was very sad.

      1. Riana

        This is really sad…they continue the last episodes with raghav

      2. Riana

        I mean they *should*

      3. Jasminerahul

        u r right.But what to do?The show is already over

  3. Riana

    Loveeee it….RaIna scene was dammm romantic n hot ??❤️???❤️…family scenes were too good…nice ending…u always write well !…????

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank you friend

  4. Shakaib

    Few days passed on…N Naina getting parcel…I thought its of Raghav….That really shocked me….Veer……Though he has changed but did not expect…but even then..I love….. it a lot… Naina was looking damn beautiful…Veer dreaming of Naina…n Naina coming…N veer proposing her was written very beautifully….. loved it…images add more coolness to the scene….Raghav also agreed on sanjana’s proposal…..VeeNa SanGhav getting engaged n dancing on tum pass raho was romantic…Though Raina were looking at each other still….NYC….IRA got married….Other 2 couples maariage day came….But Raina were still thinking of each other…..And title song playing was very sad…and beautiful….Good VeeNa realised Raina’s feelings for each other n with dadi’s help Raina got married….it was awesome twist…Finally Raina also got one…n consummated/romanced as well…which was very romantic…. n finally…… A happy ending…but basically I wanted VeeNa also to get married as basically you’ve written on this concept…but still I love you’re ending way…will miss it a lot…Plz come with a RaIna FF…your K3M(KUCH KHATTI KUCH MEETHI) IS GOING ON…But as its a SS….so you can end it any good point which I don’t want…that’s why asking you for a FF..!!!….. But even then…I’m gonna miss it a lot….Loved all Moments…Love all the scenes…..Images….Characters….Couples………In my point of view…all vamps were minor……but Harjeet was major…vamp….as I thought so far…..BTW…can I use images from your IF posts…..if I need…if you allow me..then only I’ll use it wise…no….Okay….Enough Om my bakbak…Love youand your this SS*LOTS OF CLAPS N WHISTLES ARE HEARD* WOOHOO……JASMINE DI…YOU ROCKED DI……LOVE YOU…….????????????????????????????????????❤?????????????❤????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    1. Jasminerahul

      Thanks a lot.i rly missed ur comments.I did’nt get VeeNa married as basically i wrote this story to show how VeeNa regretted ditching raina.Now VeeNa love raina n that’s why they got Raina married 4 their happiness.So if suddenly VeeNa get married their love for RaIna won’t have any value.thanks 4 loving my picture updates.u can use any picture 4 ur ff.But plz update ur ffs

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