Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam ( I Have Given My Heart Away Darling) RaIna FS Part 3

Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam ( I Have Given My Heart Away Darling) Part3

Thanks a lot 4 the lovely comments.
Dedicated to Shakaib who gave a jodi name to Veer Sanjana-VeeNa

After a few days…

Naina got a parcel.A black dress and read the note:Wear this and come to the garden.
Naina smiled:Must be Raghav’s gift.But why did he gift me this today?Today is not a special day.

Naina wore the dress and stepped out of the house.
N:Raghav must be waiting for me.I have to go fast.

She went to the garden.
She was shocked to see Veer there.
Veer smiled:I am happy that you came here as per I told wearing this dress.Thank you Naina.I doubted whether you will come.
N:So you only called me here?

N:Nothing.I had a doubt.

Veer looked at Naina.He was lost in her beauty.
He thought:I always considered you as a behenji.But you proved me wrong.You look gorgeous in modern dress Naina.
Veer:You are so beautiful Naina.I have never seen a beauty like you.
She blushed:Really?

V:Yes.You are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life.
She was shy.

He caressed her face romantically.

He moved towards her cheek to peck her.Naina blushed.

Suddenly he realized that it was only his imagination.He was embarrassed thinking:Naina is very conservative.Still i simply imagined romancing her.I am stupid.
N:Veer..why did you call me?
Veer held her hand and put a diamond ring on her finger shocking her.
N:Veer…what is this?
V:Naina..when our marriage got fixed by dadi I was’nt able to love you.It was a forced relationship.But now nobody forced me.But the truth is that I lost myself for you.I love you Naina.Will you marry me?
Naina was shocked.She remembered dadi and Raghav asking her to give one more chance to Veer.
Naina nodded:Yes Veer.
Veer was very happy:Thank you so much Naina for accepting me.I am on top of the world now.
Naina gave a fake smile.

Raghav watched this from behind with tears in his eyes and ran away.

Bejaan Dil Ko , Bejaan Dil Ko Tere Ishq Ne Zinda Kiya,
Phir Tere Ishq Ne Hi Is Dil Ko Tabah Kiya

He remembered his moments with Naina tearfully.

Tadap Tadap Ke Is Dil Se Aah Nikalti Rahi, Mujhko Saza Di Pyaar Ki,
Aisa Kya Gunah Kiya,
Toh Lut Gaye, Haan Lut Gaye, Toh Lut Gaye Hum Teri Mohabbat Mein,
Tadap Tadap

He cried:Yes..I love Naina.But I lost her.First I loved Sanjana.I lost her.But when I fell for Naina I lost Naina too.Why God?Why are you doing this to me?

Ajab Hai Ishq Yara, Pal Do Pal Ki Khushiyan,
Gam Ke Khazane Milte Phir, Milti Hain Tanhaiyan,
Kabhie Aansoon, Kabhie Aahen, Kabhie Shikwe Kabhie Nale,
Tera Chehra Nazar Aaye,
Tera Chehra Nazar Aaye, Mujhe Din Ke Ujalon Mein Teri Yaadien Tadapayein,

Raghav kept crying.

Teri Yaadien Tadapayein, Raaton Ke Andheron Me Tera Chehra Nazar Aaye,
Machal Machal Ke Is Dil Se Aah Nikalti Rahi, Mujhko Saza Di Pyaar Ki,
Aisa Kya Gunah Kiya, Toh Lut Laye, Haan Lut Gaye,
Toh Lut Gaye Hum Teri Mohabbat Mein

Suddenly he heard a voice from behind:Raghav!
He wiped his tears and looked back.It was Sanjana.
Sanj:What happened Raghav?Your eyes look red?
Ragh:Dust got inside.
Sanj:But you look sad.
Ragh:Nothing like that Sanjana.

He tried to walk away.But Sanjana held his hand.
Sanj:I know why you are sad.You are sad as I gave you pain in return of your love.Right?
She cupped his face:But don’t worry Raghav.I will give you so much of love that you will forget all the pain I gave you.
Raghav looked at Sanjana:Sanjana…
Sanj:I love you Raghav.Marry me please.
Raghav remembered dadi and Naina asking him to accept Sanjana.
Raghav nodded:Yes Sanjana.I will marry you.
Sanj:You don’t know how happy I am Raghav.You made me feel like a princess.

Sanjana was so happy that she embraced him.
Naina who was going back home saw it and became dull.Then she smiled emotionally.

Raghav Sanjana and Veer Naina got engaged in a party.

Music was played.

Raghav Sanjana,Veer Naina were dancing.
But Raghav’s eyes were on Naina and Naina’s eyes were on Raghav.Still in front of Sanjana and Veer they faked smile.

Jab tak tujhe pyar se
Beinteha main bhar na dun

Jab tak main duaaoon sa
Sau dafa tujhe pad na loon

Haan mere paas tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo
Mere sath tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo
Woh oh o.. (x4)

Tum aa gaye baazuon mein mere
Sau sawere liye
Sau sawere liye

Haan baadalon se utaara gaya
Tumko mere liye sirf mere liye
Jab tak meri ungliyan

Tere baalon se kuch kehna le
Jab tak teri lehar mein

Khwaahishein meri behna le
Haan mere paas tum raho

Jaane ki baat na karo
Mere sath tum raho
Jaane ki baat na karo
Woh oh o.. (x4)


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  1. awesome , too good , u write so beautifully , again a big thanks a to u for sending me the link , i would have felt sad if i had missed this episode . raghav seeing veer-naina and naina seeing raghav-sanjana and getting emotional was too touching . sad that raina got engaged with VeeNa . their dance was so emotional , again u chose this beautiful song as bg , eagerly waiting for the next . do send the link of the next one if u can , beautiful update

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank you.the next part is not posted yet

  2. Yayy I was eagerly scrolling through the updates and I found this I’m loving this it is getting better day by day I’m a crazy raina fan only raina fan too disappointed with the ending ur ff keeps me happy and nice thanks a lot for the good work way to go!!

    1. Jasminerahul

      thanks a lot.happy to see more raina fans on tu.
      we all are disappointed with the ending of I wrote an os on how pmhmd should have ended.please have a look.I wrote that to satisfy raina fans

  3. RadhikaSharma

    Wow. It’s an awesome story. I liked raina a lot. But the writers ruined their story. I am glad to read such story. Waiting for the next…

    1. Jasminerahul

      happy to see a new raina reader.thanks a lot for the support.recently I posted a raina os on how pardes should have ended according to’s title is main phir bhi tumko chahunga.

      1. RadhikaSharma

        Yeah I have read that. It’s nice. I wanted raghav to come back. But…. Loved your os.

      2. Jasminerahul

        that’s nice.but I didn’t see your comment there.if you can please comment on main phir bhi page

  4. Riana

    Beautiful Episode….Atlast Raghav confessed that he loves naina…Sad that he couldnt tell her…VeeNa scene was Romantic but Okay…SanGhav scene was Nice…Dance was Soo Romantic…

    1. Jasminerahul

      first time you commented on this story.thanks a lot

  5. Amazing os thank u so much for putting ur efforts so much relieved after reading this the show had a horrible ending this os is refreshing and interesting please do try to continue this I still can’t digest the horrible ending ur os is so heart warming just loved it

    1. Jasminerahul

      thank you do much for liking my os.I wrote it for all raina fans who are upset about the ending of pardes

  6. Please post faster I’m waiting everyday 4 ur updates 🙁

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