Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam ( I Have Given My Heart Away Darling) RaIna FS Part 2

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Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam ( I Have Given My Heart Away Darling) Part2
Navratri dandiya competition.

Raghav Naina danced while Veer Sanjana too danced.

Hey kha na na na na khankhanatHey ta na na na na tantanat
Ay ja na na na na na janjanat
Chha na na na na na na na
Ji ji ji ji ji hey… Haa

Jhananana Jhanjhanat Jhanjhar Baaje Re Aaj
Tanananana Tantanat Manjeera Baaje
Ghananana Ghanghanat Gori Ke Kangana Aaj
Chhananana Chhanchhanat Paayal Sang Baaje
Sar Par Chunar Odhe Niklegi Aaj Raadhe
Lehra Lehrake Gopiyon Sang
Kaanha Bhi Peechhe Peechhe
Taang Koi Kheenche Kheenche
Murli Se Barsaaye Nasur Tarang
Dharti Aur Vo Gagan
Jhoomenge Sang Sang
Sabpe Chadhega Aaj Prem Rang
Rangeen Gulaal Hoga
Socho Kya Haal Hoga
Nachenge Prem Rogi Dum Duma Dum Dum
Dham Dham Datilal Datilal Dhidkit Dhidkit Dhilaal
Baaje Mirdang Dhana Dhan Dhan Dhana Dhan Baaje
Chham Chham Chham Chhamat Jhanjhar Jhamjhamat
Ghungroo Ghamghamat Chamak Cham Chamake
Hey Baaje Re Baaje Re Baaje Re Baaje Re
Dhol Baaje

Hey hey…
Hey Baaje Re Baaje Re Baaje Re
Dholi Taro Dhol Baaje Dhol Baaje Dhol Baaje Dhol
Ki Dham Dham Baaje Dhol
Ki Dholi Taro Dhol Baaje Dhol Baaje Dhol Baaje Dhol
To Dham Dham Baaje Dhol

Hey Hey Chhori Badi Anmol
Meethe Meethe Iske Bol
Aankhein Iski Gol Gol Gol Gol
To Dham Dham Baaje Dhol
Haan Haan Chhora Hai Natkhat
Bole Hai Patpat
Arre Chhede Mujhe Bole Aise Bol
To Dham Dham Baaje Dhol

Baaje Re Baaje Re Baaje Re
Dham Dham Dhol Baaje Dhol Baaje Dhol Baaje Dhol
To Dham Dham Baaje Dhol
To Dham Dham Dham Baaje Dhol

Rasiyo Ye Roop Taro Chhoo Loon Zara
Arre Na
Arre Haan
Arre Haan Haan Haan Haan

Raat Ki Rani Jaise Roop Mera
Mehkasa Mehkasa
Mehkasa Mehkasa
Udegi Mahak Mujhe Chhoo Na Tu Kyon
Behkasa Bahkasa
Behkasa sa sa sa sa
Paas Aaja Meri Rani
Tu Ne Nahin Meri Maani
Karoonga Main Manmaani
Mat Kar Shaitani
Arre rererere…
Sarre rerere…
Pare rerere…
Ki Dholi Taro
Dhin Dhinak Dhin
Ki Dholi Taro
Dhin Dhinak Dhin
Ki Dholi Taro
Dhol Baaje Dhol Baaje Dhol Baaje Dhol
Ki Dham Dham Baaje Dhol

Hey Hey Chhori Badi Anmol
Meethe Meethe Iske Bol
Aankhein Iski Gol Gol Gol Gol
To Dham Dham Baaje Dhol
Ho Ho Ho Chhora Hai Natkhat
Bole Hai Patpat
Chhede Mujhe Bole Aise Bol
To Dham Dham Baaje Dhol

Dham Dham Dhol Baaje Dhol Baaje Dhol Baaje Dhol
Ki Dham Dham Baaje Dhol
Ki Dham Dham Dham Baaje Dhol

Hey Dham Dham Dham Dhol Baaje Baaje Re Dhol Baaje
Dham Dham

Dham Dham Dham Dhol Baaje Baaje Re Dhol Baaje
Dham Dham
Hungama Hungama Ho Gaya Hai Hungama
Hungama Hungama Ma Ma Ma Ma Re…
Hungama Hungama Ho Gaya Hai Hungama
Hungama Hungama Ma Ma Ma Ma Re…
Dham Dham Dham Dhol Baaje
Hey Baaje
Dham Dham Dham Dhol Baaje
Hey Baaje Re Baaje
Dham Dham Dham Dhol Baaje Baaje Re Dhol Baaje
Dham Dham
Dham Dham
Dham Dham
Hey Dham Dham
Hey Dham Dham Dham Dhol Baaje Baaje Re Dhol Baaje
Dham Dham
Dham Dham Dham Dhol Baaje Baaje Re Dhol Baaje
Dham Dham.

Sanjana got irritated seeing Raghav dancing with Naina.
Sanjana thought:How fast this Raghav became a successful businessman?Veer has not reached anywhere.He just have Mehra surname.I did a big mistake by ignoring Raghav’s unconditional love for me and choosing Veer for myself.If I had’nt done this blunder in place if Naina I would have been dancing with Raghav.My fate!
Veer was burning with jealousy.
He thought:All girls die for me even if I reject them.Then why Naina is giving me zero value?Like dadi said she is different.She prefers to be with Raghav,not with me.Impossible!

They announced the result:The best dancing couple is Raghav Naina.
Raghav Naina embraced each other in excitement and shyly they moved away from each other.

alabelaa sajan aayo ri
alabelaa sajan aayo riRaghav:Congrats Naina.Naina:Congrats Raghav and thanks for guiding me through out.mora har man sukh paayo ri
alabelaa sajan aayo ri

They shared a sweet eye lock.alabelaa alabelaa, alabelaa alabelaa
alabelaa alabelaa, alabelaa sajanaayo ri

Veer Sanjana got irritated.
Sanjana thought:How can Raghav hug Naina?He can love only me.
Indumati hugged Raghav Naina.
Ind:I knew that you both will win.You both make a perfect couple.
Raghav Naina smiled while Veer Sanjana were angry.

dhir naa naa
chauki puraao mangal gaavoVeer whispered:Perfect couple?No way.Naina looks better with me.
Sanjana looked at Veer shockingly:What did you say?
Veer was silent.
Sanj:You only dumped Naina saying that she does’nt suit your class.And you got engaged to me.But now…
Veer walked out angrily,Sanjana followed him.

Naina’s mom hugged Naina:Really you both were looking so nice together.
Raghav Naina smiled at each other.

chauki puraao mangal gaavo
man rang nis paayo riRagh:Now onwards we can be a couple always for all contests.Ready?Naina smiled:Ready to be your partner Raghav.They smiled.alabelaa sajan aayo ri
alabelaa sajan aayo ri
Sanjana reached near Veer:Answer me Veer.What is all this?
Veer burst out:Leave me Sanjana.I was never interested in you.Seeing your wealth mom and chachi forced me to marry you.So i got engaged to you.You were after me madly.But I was never interested in you.
Sanjana started crying.
V:Stop crying Sanjana and accept the reality.
Sanj:Raghav used to love me madly like I used to love you madly.But I wounded his heart by insulting him and rejecting him.Now you did the same which I did to Raghav.So now I understand how Raghav felt when I rejected him.I did a big mistake by dumping Raghav and choosing a loveless person like you.
V:I too made a mistake damn it.In fact a bigger mistake.I left Naina on the wedding mandap.Why I did’nt see her tears?Dadi and Raghav were right.Naina is a gem.I realized that in last few months.But now it’s too late.I lost Naina.
Sanj:I lost Raghav too.
Indumati smirked listening to it from behind:This had to happen.

Suddenly Veer Sanjana saw her and sweated.
Ind:I knew that you both will realize your mistake one day.
V:We are sorry dadi.But unfortunately we can’t correct our mistake.
Ind:But you both can correct your mistake.
Veer Sanjana were confused.
Ind:Apologize to Raghav Naina.Sometimes they may forgive you both and accept your love.
V:But now Raghav and Naina love each other.
Ind:They are just friends..not lovers.Pure friendship.
Veer Sanjana were relieved.
V:Dadi..we are going to break our engagement.
SanjanaWe want to inform this to everyone.

Ind:After some days it’s Ira’s engagement function.Wait till the function gets over.I don’t want any drama till then.
Sanj:Ok Dadi.

Ira’s engagement function…

Naina came wearing a grand dress.Raghav was mesmerised by her beauty.

aankho kee gustakhiya maf ho
o aankho kee gustakhiya maf hoNaina saw Raghav.Raghav and Naina walked towards each other smiling.

ek tuk tumhe dekhatee hain
jo bat kehna chahe juban tumse
woh yeh kehatee hain
Raghav looked at her beautiful eyes deeply.Naina was blushing.aankho kee sharmohaya maf ho
tumhe dekhke jhukatee hain

They shared a romantic eye lock unknowingly.
uthee aankhe jo bat naa keh saki
jhukee aankhe woh kehatee hain

They broke their eye lock shyly.aankho kee,aankho kee
gustakhiya maf ho

Raghav:Looking beautiful Naina.She blushed.He touched her near her eye lids to take a bit of kaajal and put it behind her ear lobe.Ragh:Let no evil eyes fall on your beauty.She smiled.kajal kaa ek til tumhare
labo pe laga lu la la la
han chanda aur suraj kee najaro
se tumko bacha lu hmmm
oh palkon kee chilman me aao
mai tumko chhupa lu aa

Naina:I have to help dadi in the function.Let me go.Ragh:Ok.
Naina tried to walk.But she slipped and bumped into Raghav’s chest.Raghav held her closer.She felt secure in his arms.khayalo kee yeh shokhiya maf hon
har dam tumhe sochatee hainRealizing that they were in a hugging position they were shy and Naina moved a bit backward from his chest.But Raghav was still holding her in his arms.They shared a deep eye lock.jab hosh me hota hai jahan madhosh
yeh karatee hain

aankho kee sharmohaya maf ho

Raghav joked:Will you get up or will you stay in my arms the whole time?Naina was embarrassed and moved away from his arms.Naina said childishly:Sorry Raghav.Raghav found her expressions so cute that he imitated her.yeh jindagee aapkee hee amanat rahegee,ay hey
dil me sada aapkee hee mohabbat rahegee,ay heyNaina naughty…She kicked his shoulder.They both laughed.

inn sanso ko aapkee hee jaroorat rahegee
iss dil kee nadaniya maf hon

yeh mere kahan sunatee hain

Naina walked away.But her flying duppatta fell upon Raghav’s faceand rubbed his sensitive skin and he felt as if Naina was touching his faceand felt different.yeh pal pal jo hote hain bepal sanam
toh sapne naye bunatee hain

Raghav kept looking at Naina going.Naina looked back at her and smiled.
He smiled back.aankho kee,aankho kee gustakhiya maf hon
sharmohaya maf ho

Ira’s got engaged.

After the engagement Veer and Sanjana took the mike.
Veer:We are here to make an important announcement to everyone that we are have decided to call
off our engagement.
All were shocked.
Veer:Because we have realized that we are not meant for each other.
Sanjana:Yes.We were wrong in giving burden to each other.So we decided to correct the mistake.

Veer:We are here to confess that we hurt 2 important people in the process.Raghav…my brother…and Naina.

Raghav Naina were stunned.
Raghav could’nt believe it as for the first time Veer addressed him as his brother.
Veer:Raghav…I hurt you a lot though you have always helped me.Please forgive me bro.
Raghav became so emotional that he hugged Veer.
Ragh:You are my brother and you called me brother.Then how can I not forgive you?
Veer smiled emotionally.
Veer walked towards Naina:Naina…I wounded your heart.I don’t even deserve your pardon.But
please forgive me.I realized what a big mistake I made by ditching you.
Naina:No need for more words Veer.I have forgiven you.
Veer smiled:Naina..everybody is right.You are a jewel.
Naina was silent.
Sanjana came near Raghav tearfully:I am the worst person.I am a heartless girl who insulted you when you were the only person who loved me unconditionally.Please Raghav…please forgive me.
Ragh:Sanjana…you are my childhood friend.How can I be angry with you?

Sanjana smiled tearfully:I knew that you will forgive me Raghav.
Sanjana embraced Raghav while Naina became dull.
Naina thought:Raghav’s love is Sanjana.I am supposed to be happy to see them together.Then why I feel bad?
Indumati smiled while all other Mehras were shocked.

Raghav Naina sat in the room with a shock.
Raghav:I can’t believe that Veer and Sanjana apologized to us.And Veer called me his brother.I am so happy.
Indumati came smiling:Veer and Sanjana realized that they need both of you after losing both of you.They feel very guilty.They wanted to apologize.But still was tensed,So I only asked them to apologize as my Raghav and Naina have a big heart to forgive people.
Raghav Naina were
Indu:Yes.I know how much you both desired for Veer and Sanjana.But they broke your heart.But now they are back to both of you.Give them one more chance.They will love you both very much.They have changed that much.

Raghav Naina were confused.
Indu:I am sure that very soon Veer and Sanjana will confess their love.
Raghav Naina were stunned.
Indumati left the room.
Ragh:Naina…if Sanjana proposes me like dadi said?

Naina’s eyes became wet and she hides her teary eyes:Then you should start a happy life with Sanjana as you have always craved for her.

jhoka hawa ka aaj bhi zulfe udata hoga na
teraa dupatta aaj bhi tere sar se sarakta hoga na
baalo me tere aaj bhi phul koi sajata hoga na
Raghav thought painfully:Naina…so you too want me to be with Sanjana/I wish you did’nt want me to be with Sanjana.
Naina said painfully in her mind:I want you to be happy with Sanjana.But still I said this to you with a lot of pain Raghav.An unknown pain.

thandi hawaye raato me tujhko thapakiya deti hogi na
chaand ki thandak khwabo me tujhko leke to jaati hogi na
suraj ki kirane subah ko teri nide udaati hogi na
mere khayaalo me sanam khud se hi baate karti hogi na
mai dekhta hu chhup chhup ke tumko mahsus karti hogi na
jhoka hawa ka aaj bhi zulfe udata hoga na
They shared an emotional eye lock.

tadev lagnam suridam tadev
naarabalam chandra balan tadev
vidya balam daiv balan tadev
lakshmi pate tendra yugam swarami, shubmangal sawadhan

N:Raghav…if Veer is ready to accept me?
Ragh:Veer has changed a lot.If he is ready to correct his mistake like dadi said you should give him a chance.

kagaz pe meri tasveer jaisi kuchh to banati hogi na
ulat palat ke dekh ke usko jee bhar ke hasti hogi na

Naina was dull:Ok.
Raghav thought painfully:What am I saying?Will I be really happy if Naina accepts Veer?

hanste hanste aankhe tumhari bhar bhar aati hogi na
mujhko dhaka tha dhoop me jisse vo aanchal bhigoti hogi na

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