Helloooo friends,welcome to the 3rd epi
in previous epi we saw Rajwanshi family,n jeevika got to know that swara n ishani goes to bring their bhai (raman) back lets start epi3

Jeevika n Dadi gets shocked by reading letter
Dadi-what happen now Jeevika,i dont know whether Raman will recognised his sisters or not!!! how he behave with them,he only takes them as his step sister,what happen now,who told girls to go to america??

Jeevika is also tensed but she consol dadi
jeevika-Dont worry dadima,i know my sisters they have the same blood of raman bhaiyya,i know they will bring back our bhaiyya,n i know when bhai saw his sisters love he will definately comes back to us,dont worry
Dadi kept her hand on jeevikas head n says-hope,thats happen u know jeevika,ur dad loved his all children equal n he always wants to see his childrens when ur dad passed away,raman leaved us alone here.
Jeevika-Dadi,its papas wish to see his children in 1 home,now ishani swara fullfill papas wish.
suddenly she realised that she has to go to royal meeting.
she leaves n prays god for ishani.swara.
She go in royal car,
car stops at the palace,many royal prince,royal king was come there,but jeevika is only 1 girl as amritsars prince leave amritsar many years ago..but she doesnt hesitate to take all responciblities on her shoulder,n now also she is fully confident in royal meeting this may because she having the royal blood…
The royal meeting starts there r about 29 prince/maharaj n only 1 princess our Jeevika.she talks confidently others r also feels proud on her.Viren is also come there.viren starts speacking about royal project with same confidence,jeevikas gaze is stuck on him,his is looks at jeevika,their eyes tells their story,there is something diffirent in their eyes….

Here the ishani-swara reached to ramans house,The house is as big as their royal palace.they have their security but this is their bhais house so they now doesnt need any they went inside without security..
There r lots of servants in Ramans house,some1 asked about appointment to the ishani swara,swara-we dont need any apointment as we r the sisters of ur sir.
ishani-Yes! plzz tell ur sir that ishani n swara coming,we need to talk to them.
servants said that sir went to office
so ishani n swara wait for raman bhai.

here the royal meeting was ended.
Every1 went in there royal car.while going viren is looked at jeevika.jeevika also feels his gaze on her.she also looks at him
viren smiles,jeevika also smiles sadly!!

here in america the car stops at ramans house,
ishani m swara stands from there seat they were exieted as they will saw there bhai after so many years.
The boy gets out from car,he is our raman,many of people comes n follow her
one man said-sir plzz our deal
Raman says while walking-our deal was ended as i told i hates mistakes n u did big mistakes
security stops people,raman comes inside the house.n now he speak on his mobile.
Ishani ,swara r happy to see him
they comes to raman,raman saw him
Raman-Layra(his servant) who allow them for entering in house???
before layra or ishani swara could say something.raman says to ishani swara-look!! i dont have time to interview u…layra i told u na that i dont want any journalist today,plzz u both come on another day,Raman leaves from them
ishani n swara r shocked they both says in.unison-Bhai
raman stops n turn to them.
swara-Bhai we r not journalist,im swara ur littile sister n she is ishani.
Raman remembar there past moment how the 3 sisters n he used to play with each other.
but he jurks his all thoughts n thinking n says
Raman-so u came from India.Layra sisters r coming,arrange dinner n room from there.i dont want to hear any complait from Ishani-swara.
n he wishes them good day n leaves to his room.ishani n swara looks at each other.

Credit to: SUHANI

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