helloooo friends.sryyy for late
in ep1 we saw that jeevishaniswaras bonding n ishani swara insists jeevika to getting married,but now jeevika wants to fullfill her responciblities. now starts epi2

The epi starts with in suryawanshi palace jeevika wips her tears,as usual she neglate her dreams her desires due to her responciblities.shes about to get back to work but dadima comes n called her-Jeevika,beta.ishani n swara r correct on there place now u should get marry beta.

jeevika-But dadima,if i will go frm here then who will handle Amritsars all work n u know na dadima amritsar is mom dads dream n i want to fullfill there all dreams.

Dadi-But what about ur dreama beta??? if Raman comes here then everything will be fine.

Jeevika-Yes dadi.according to laws Raman bhaiyya should handle all work of amritsar but dont know dadi when he will come??

Dadi-hmm dont know what happened to Raman since ur mom dad dies he never come here to meet u or ishani swara.

scene shifts to the medical collage where ishani is chatting with friends while walking.suddenly she collides with some1 shes about to fall but the guy catches her n both fall on the floor.they have an eye lock The guy is none other than our Ranveer.

Ranveer(angrily)-dont u have eyes??
Ishani(angrily)-i have to asked u this question r u blind???
Ranveer-dont u know who im??
ishani asked her friend disha
Disha-He is Rajkumar of wallabhagad,he is Ranveer Rajwanshi.he is new here
ISHANI-Ohhh! ill mannered rajkumar!!
Ranveer gets irrited n go frm there

sceane shift to the Wallabhagad a big palace is shown,
A beautiful park full of greenary n red n pink flower is shown,a girl in same park is shown who teaches the small children,the girl wearing blue coloured anarkali she is none other than Ishita.

Ishita-Children now our time is over,go to homes n compleate home work we’ll meet tomorrow.
children goes in bus waving ishita bye.
suddenly a handsome boy comes to ishita He is our viren,he is prince of wallabhgad.
viren-dii,come ma is calling u!!
Ishani can see in his eyes that he want to say something.
Ishani-what happen viren??
viren-Di im really proud of u,i know di ur not happy in ur life but u always pretends to be,u always share happiness di(friends ishita is widow actually her husband dies when she got married,n when they went to there home after completion of mearage they face accident in which ishita survive but her husband not)
Ishita-viren its
Ranveer comes n call then so trio goes in home.
where ap,dp,rp,sujata,shagun doing arati so trio joins them.

here ishani n swara comes frm collge ask dadima about jeevikas decision dadima tells them everything.

Ishani-what we should do now???
swara-we have to convience Raman bhaiyya n swara got idea n tells ishani.

its lovely morning.
Jeevika wakes up from bed.n she finds ishani n swara are not there
she wonders how late risers r wake up early?
she takes bath today she has to go to royal meeting where all Royals r comes
she goes downstair n try to find her sisters,she also asked servants,she countinewly calls them but its she is very worried ,its all about half an hour servants try to find princessess,finally Jeevika got letter in study room,n shes shock dadima askrd Her
jeevika-dadima,ishani n swara go to bring raman bhaiyya.

frends hows this comment,n see how sisters will bring there bhai (raman) back to his family.

Credit to: SUHANI

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  1. I want ishveer pic in ur cover image pls…. sushani dr…

    1. Hey vyshu,the pick is updated by tellyupdates,i’ll request them to upload ishveers pick,thank u dear!!!


    Hii Suhani dear……this is really a good episode yaar……I’m a ishveer fan and I loved the scene between ishveer……soo much…

  3. Hey friends there is conversation between ishita n viren in garden,by mistake i wrote there ishani plzzz forgive me!!!

    1. Thank u Reshma

  4. nice episodee plzz cntnue

    1. thank u cherry

  5. nice one…
    who is opposite swara??

  6. Thank u Pushpa,sanskar is opposite to swara bt his entry is later,till enjoy the sisters bonding,ishveer,virika,ishra

  7. IshuRV(Pranjali loves Ishveer)

    nice I liked this ff

  8. sana-always loves my Ranvi♥♥♥

    Nice it.

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