Hum Aapke Hai Koun – Chapter 6

Raizada mansion

Ishitha’s griha pravesh completed. Ishu is sitting on bed waiting for raman.. He come out of washroom & sit beside her holding her hand

Raman : I love you Mrs Raman

Ishu ; love you too Mr Raman

Raman : finally we are legally together that too locked in a room with scented candles beautiful flowers

He kiss on her hand then on her shoulder & move to her cheeks placing another kiss there.. Ishu was shy & she knew what was coming next when Raman stared her lips she turned away

Raman : ishu..

She see a photo of arnav kept on table beside

Ishu : raman Chote..

Raman : use kya hua ( what happened to him )

Ishu ; let’s check if he’s asleep doctor said na he might be waking all night thinking or searching di

Arnav’s room

He was sitting with laptop going through some old photos..

Arnav : (to himself) Why am I not able to see di anywhere.. But that voice during the wedding.. It was di only.. Then where is she now.. ( he hold his head) damn this head ache..

Ishra enter..

Raman : its 11:30 already I think its time you hit bed

Arnav : bhabhi why are you here.. Today.. Its..

Ishu ; thought of checking you why aren’t you asleep yet

Raman notice photos on laptop..

Arnav : I had some work.. I’ll sleep now ( he rub his head due to headache..)

Ishu notice it & headache tablet on table

Ishu : are you having headache

Raman : you’re not supposed to take them it will have adverse effect..

Arnav ignore him..

Ishu : You took them?

Arnav : I want to, my head is blasting..

Raman : arre but… ( ishu gesture him to be quite)

Ishu : sit here I’ll vanish your headache with my magical massage

Ishu start massaging Arnav’s head with oil.. Arnav’s mood was still off as if thinking something so raman thought of cheering him

Raman : ishu tume teek se tho pata hai na dekho kitne baal gir rahe hai uske ( ishu you know this properly right.. See so many of his hair are falling)

Arnav look at his shoulder but there were only 2-3 hair strands.

Ishu : I know it raman

Raman : if you’ve forgot let me remind you’re cardiologist not natural therapist.. Bechare ka pehle se hi padh padh ke kitne baal gaye hai ab tum aur gira rahi ho ( he has already lost so many hairs reading too much & now you’re spoking them more)

Ishu : raman Kuch bhi.. ( what rubbish)

Arnav : bhabhi tell him I’ve more hairs than him..

Raman : Baal se kya hota hai akal bhi toh shona chahiye ( what’s their in hairs what’s important is brain)

Arnav : what the..

Ishu : get out.. ( she throw pillow & he run out)

Arnav smile seeing them..

Ishu : are you fine..

Arnav : hmm.. Your hands have magic..

Ishu : I’m not talking about headache.. You look worried

Arnav : there’s nothing just some work pressure

Ishu : you can share anything with me Chote..I’m always there..

Arnav just nod.. Ishu continue massaging, after a while arnav feel better & sleepy so she let him sleep & walk back to her room

Ishra room

Raman : he slept?

Ishu : yes.. But I feel he’s very worried

Raman : he was always like this he doesn’t share his worries with anyone but di used to figure out seeing his face only.. But now.. I’m feeling helpless

Arnav’s room

He’s getting flashes in dream

3years back

Anjali, raman & Ruhi ( Anjali’s daughter) returning from temple in Lucknow.. Temple is on mountain top & they’re driving down the mountain

Anjali : Chote always does this.. He’ll have a excuse ready to skip temple visits

Raman : why do you force him.. He hate all this

Anjali : if he foes like that then devi maiyya will make him sit here for days some day see

Raman : Chote & temple impossible

Ruhi : Mamu chocolate..

They see a shop raman stop the car

Anjali : wait raman I had one in my purse..

She look for her purse & find it nowhere..

Anjali : oh.. I think we left it in temple.

Raman : I’ll get chocolate & then we shall go get the purse

Raman go into shop.. Anjali sit on driver’s seat & start turning the car back to temple’s direction.. While turning suddenly a dog comes her way so she turn the steering & loose balance & car falls off the cliff ( Guys you know na how ghar section are there will be narrow road )

Arnav get up with a jerk screaming di..

Rajeev who was sitting on a recliner reading a book come to him..

Rajeev : Chote what happened ? ( he pass him water) are you fine

Arnav nod

Arnav : aap yaha kya kar rahe ho ( what are you doing here)

Rajeev : I thought of sleeping with you tonight

Arnav : what.!?

Rajeev : yes.. Aman told me some horror stories today & I can’t stay alone this night his stories are haunting me

Arnav saw him in disbelief.. But he understood it was just a excuse..

Arnav : I know all of you’re up to something

Rajeev : its late sleep now

Arnav : but.?

Rajeev switch the lights off pull comforter on arnav & settle himself beside him

Arnav : I’m not sleepy anymore

Rajeev : you hardly slept an hour Chote you’re sleeping now

Arnav : what’s going on

Rajeev : we just want to see you happy..

Ishra room

Raman : in a fraction of second car fell down the cliff I couldn’t do anything

Ishu hold his hand & try comforting him..

Raman : it was already evening.. By the time police & rescue team came it was almost dark & we couldn’t find them.. Even jijaji was in London.. ( tears form in his eyes remembering that horrible accident)

Ishu : raman calm down..

Raman : mujhe di ko ghaadi deni hi nahi chahiye tha.. Vaise bhi une teek se chslana nahi aata tha ( I shouldn’t have given di the car.. She was not good at it)

Ishu : tumhari galati nahi thi raman ( it was not your mistake raman )

Raman : Chote ko tho aise hi lagta hai ( but Arnav feel its my mistake)

Ishu : kyun ki usse poora sach nahi pata usse lagta hai tumne undono ko teek se dunda hi nahi ( because he doesn’t know full truth.. He feel you didn’t search them properly)

Raman : we can’t tell him the truth

Ishu : we should raman.. After knowing it he will understand you & also will believe di is no more. He’s living in an illusion

Raman : we can’t tell him that.. I can’t handle him after that..

Ishu : but..

Raman : Ishitha.. Please..

Next morning

Ishitha was preparing a sweet for her first rasoii

Raman, Rajeev & aman were on dining table. Arnav come down.. He was late.. He slept longer than usual these days but he wasn’t getting why

Rajeev : Good morning Chote

Arnav : good morning.. I’m late I’ll have something in office

All 3 : black coffee

He look at them suspiciously

Rajeev : at least drink it

Aman : meeting can wait

Raman : already you look weak

Arnav : I’m leaving..

Now he was sure there was something wrong with that black coffee.. He was about to go ishu come out of kitchen holding kheer

Ishu : arre Chote where are you going

Arnav : I’m late so..

Ishu : Chote please its my first rasoii & I’ve made kheer for you have it na

Arnav oblige & sit kheer was delicious everyone enjoyed it but they were even forcing Arnav for that black coffee

Precap : ishra honeymoon & Arshi romance

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