Hum Aapke Hai Koun – Chapter 2 ( Arshi & Ishra )

A man is sleeping peacefully in his king sized bed.. But his sleep his disturbed soon..

Anjali : Chote.. Chote.. Utiye.. ( Get up..)

Arnav : Di please let me sleep.. ( he pull quilt over him )

Anjali : No you’re saying this since 15mins.. Not any more.. Hum jaarahe hai agar aap nahi uthe toh.. ( I’ll go if you won’t get up )

Arnav get up with a jerk hearing it but relax seeing his di standing beside his bed smiling at him..

Anjali : Wish you a very happy birthday..

Arnav smile..

Anjali : Now stop smiling & staring & get shower

Arnav : No.. I want to be with you..

Anjali : oh ho.. I’m here only Go get shower fast..

Arnav unwillingly get into the bathroom.. Raman who was watching this from door gets tears in his eyes..


A girl is sleeping cutely cuddling a doll & dreaming

Ishu : Kushi this is the last time I’m telling you get up..

Unaffected by this girl cuddle more pulling quilt above her..

Ishu : you won’t listen this way wait..

In a dream kushi was about to see her prince charming’s face but ishu tickle her foot & she snap out of sleep

Kushi : diii….. ( she scream & pop out of the bed)

Ishu : now go get shower it’s already 9.. Let me remind you we’ve engagement today..

Kushi : whose.?

Ishu : mine..

Kushi : right & that too in evening then why the hell are you waking me up so early..

Ishu : early !? Kushi its 9

Kushi : toh. !?

Ishu : are you going or shall I call mom..

Kushi move into bathroom but pop her head out

Kushi : di aap jitni bhi jaldi taiyyar ho jaav lekin jiju shaam ko hi aayenge ( di.. However early you get ready jiju will come in evening only)

She close door before ishu could confront..


Arnav come out of bathroom getting ready in tuxedo

Anjali : you’re looking super handsome hope girls won’t faint

Arnav : ( smirk) can’t help..

Anjali : but I’m missing tie.. Wear it na Chote

Arnav : always you made me wear it.. You know I can’t tie it myself..

Anjali : but I too can’t tie it now..

Arnav : I know.. So let it be.. ( he frown)

Anjali : you turned 25 for heaven’s sake baccho ki tarah zid karana band kijiye ( stop being stubborn like a kid)

Arnav : look who’s telling this.. You 3 always reminded me I’m still kid & have to obey you 3 & you will always pamper me like this..

Anjali : I still stick to it.. Aap humare liye humesha bacche hi rahenge.. ( you will always remain a kid for me..)

Arnav : toh phir aapke iss bacche ki zid poori kijiye ( then fulfill the demand of your kid )

Raman who was standing at door could no longer control his tears.. He was about to move in but stopped not interrupt..

Anjali became silent pain evident on her face so Arnav diverted the topic

Arnav : I bought the watch as promised

Anjali : ( smiling) that’s like my good baccha.. Now give it to him yourself

Arnav : never.. I’ll ask aman to do it ( he keep it in his pocket)

Anjali : you broke his watch not aman

Before Arnav could answer his phone start ringing & his sweet sister is no longer with him.. Arnav close his eyes to calm himself take a deep breath & wiped a lone tear which peeked from corner of his eyes & threw that phone which spoiled his moment.. Raman kept the coffee on table & leave..


Ishra on call

Ishu : No bad idea..

Raman : come on I’m missing you..

Ishu : but raman maa won’t allow me out alone.. She’ll suspect I’m going to attend my patients

Raman : your fault.. Sometimes I feel you love them more than me..

Ishu : that’s not true..

Raman : then prove it.. Anyway which patient you have here in Delhi.. Aunty won’t suspect that

Ishu : someone is too desperate today.. But I’m not coming you will have to wait..

Raman : ishu please.. ( he pleaded)

His voice revealed he wasn’t fine.. Was he upset ? Ishu agreed & they decided to meet in a garden..


Devi maiyya Temple

Arnav was entering looking at his phone & kushi feeling sleepy & boom… pooja plate fall off her hand but before she could fall arnav hold her
She was the same girl who fell in his arms in Lucknow.. She had seduced him there


Fashion show was being organised.. Actually it was final round of competition.. Best 5 designers were selected from all colleges in India & kushi was one among them.. Winner would get to work at AR.

That’s the first time Arnav saw kushi. Her smile was infectious.. He knew she was one of the finalists & he had seen her previous works too everyone had praised her.. He expected her to be a girl with high attitude & short clothes.. That’s how the people were in this fashion world. But kushi completely contradicted that.. she was being very friendly donning that infectious smile & was assisting her models making sure they’re comfortable in those outfits..

But what pricked his eyes was that pathetic green lehenga she was wearing.. Was that one among her bridal collection she was going to present today he hoped not.. Later when he saw 15 models walking in he was relieved it was not one among them.. It was certainly a disaster of some brainless designer he thought.. But why the hell was she wearing it..

Finally all 5 designers presented their collection it was time to announce the winner.. All 5 of them were called on stage. She stood their with a smile not at all nervous but was in hurry it seemed

Kushi was declared the winner & Arnav presented her the trophy & appointment letter as a senior designer at AR. Arnav got off stage to meet some other guests but kushi was crowded by her co contestants & friends.. All the while his eyes was on her. Finally she managed to escape from them & was retreating from stage in a hurry but she tripped & fell arnav’s arms..

Rabba ve….

Flashback ends..

Kushi : aap ( you.?)

Arnav : Hope you remember I stay in Delhi.. And you didn’t inform me about your visit ?

Kushi : thought to surprise.. Actually I’m here for my di’s engagement

Arnav : And you didn’t invite me.. !?

Kushi : I heard you don’t like people disturbing you on your birthday

Arnav : well I would’ve broke that rule for you

Kushi : kyun..? hum aapke hai koun..! ( why..? Who am I to you..!)

She tried trapping him in his own words.. He always got away teasing, flirting, troubling her..

Arnav : ( smirking) My green chilly

Kushi’s jaw drop..


After falling in Arnav’s arms she apologised & rushed out of there immediately..

30 mins later he found her on road asking for lift.. Her car had broke down.. He stopped near her she got in immediately even before he could offer that surprised him she got a call

Kushi : ( on call) mumma I’m on the way.. ( pause) I know I know.. I’ll be there in 5 mins.. ( pause) sorry.. ( pause..) You can lock me up later let me get home first

Arnav : your mom looked really pissed.. Anything special today..

Kushi : my di’s roka ceremony

So she’s wearing lehenga but why this.. He thought..

Arnav : congrats..

Kushi smiled..

Kushi : ( to herself) and your bhaiyya’s too..

Arnav : you said something..

Kushi : na.. No..

Arnav : BTW it’s not safe to take lift from strangers..

Kushi : are you planning to kidnap me..

Arnav : ( smirked) why do I feel you know me very well..

Kushi : ( to herself) because I’m your to be bhabhi’s only sister..

Arnav : who designed this lehenga

Kushi : definitely not me.. ( she replied immediately )

Arnav : you too don’t seem to like it much its a disaster then why ..?

Kushi : My jiju gifted me his choice so I wore for him..

Arnav : take the cover which is lying back seat

She did so..

Arnav : to your sister.. I don’t want her to look like a green chilly

Flashback ends..

It was 2 months since they met & were in touch. Arnav was bit attracted to her.. He had met ishu twice or thrice as kushi’s sister & he had adored their bond somewhere it reminded him of his di..

Arnav : Gift this to your jijaji.. ( he gave her the watch)

Kushi : do you always carry gifts with you that day lehenga now this watch..

Arnav : You bump into me whenever I’ve a gift.. Anyway Hope your di is not wearing the outfit your jijaji chose

Kushi : ( smiling) No.. She’s wearing the one you gave

Arnav : better.. Waise this saree is looking good on you..

Kushi slightly blush..

Arnav : you’re not at all looking like a green chilly but like a little lemon

Kushi frown & about to pounce back but Arnav gets call

Arnav : ( to kushi ) I’ve to take it.. You carry on ( he move away) yes jijaji

Rajeev : you remember there’s Pooja today.. You be here by 6..

Arnav : I’ll try

Rajeev : Chote you promised you will come..

Arnav : I’ll be there.. Btw at what time it ends

Rajeev : huh 7.. Not more

Arnav : ok..

Arnav was sitting on a bench where he used to spend time waiting for his di to finish her long poojas that’s when this caught his attention

Ishitha was instructing kushi how to do Pooja but kushi was getting it all wrong..

Ishu : arre not like this.. Tie the thread here kushi

Kushi again go to tie thread at wrong place.. Ishu hit on her head

Ishu : kushi concentrate

Kushi : ouch di.. I’m sleepy.. You woke me so early today

Seeing them Arnav get lost in his past

Same place him & Anjali..

Anjali : chote.. What are you doing.. Tie it here.. This way..

Arnav don’t get it & start messing more.. Anjali hit him on his head the same way ishu hit kushi

Arnav : ouch di.. I’m sleepy.. You didn’t let me sleep..

Arnav come out of his thoughts..

Ishu : kushi if you want to play here then go don’t talk to me..

Kushi : di.. Sorry.. I’ll do it properly..

Later in a garden

Raman come & hug ishitha from behind

Raman ; missed me..

ishu : Not really ( pulling back)

Raman just smile..

Ishu : what happened..?

Raman : Nothing.. Just give me a hug ( he try to pull her but ishu resist)

Ishu : don’t say you fought with him even today

Raman : I’ve not even shown my face to him..

Ishu feel bad seeing his sad face..

Ishu : phir kya hua.. ( what happened then..?)

Raman : he has again started talking to Anjali di..

Ishu : he stopped it 3 months back.. we got him some medicines

Raman : I too got to know yesterday.. he has started it again..

Ishu ; you talked to doctor.

Raman ; yes they said he was on businesses trip for a month na.. so may be he might have felt lonely & this problem started again.. As aman also couldn’t go with him to give those medicines secretly

Ishu ; (angrily) how can u send him alone

Raman ; do you think he will listen to me..

Ishu ; why don’t you understand Raman.. He need to accept she’s no more..

Precap : Ishra engagement..

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