Hui Mein Teri JOGANIYA …(Swaraginii..OS)

Hello friends..
Abhi here…
Its a new OS.
The pair are….Wait …read it further and find it out.

Her Dairy..
.I was late from my was not for the first time,being in IT field,i usually came back at late night.But that day was different.My scooty got some engine problem and so i had to walk.I wasnt alone ,there were some perverts following me.I felt disgusted sering their expressions.Slowly i started to run and they too did the same.I was feeling so scared,i didnt know what to do.I remembered about all the rape cases and i experienced that fear which they felt.I ran faster.

Suddenly one of them pulled my duppatta and i fell down.They were about to touch me but suddenly a car came there.I knew who it was.It was none other than my Ex bf.He came out and beated them all.He always protected me like that.No one even dared to look at me whenhe was my bf.Now you might be thinking then why he was my ‘ex’.It was because of his arrogance,over possessiveness and ruling
nature. He was a famous buisness man.Many girls were over him.But he never cared about any one of the them.For him,his buisness was above everything.And thats one other reason i left him.So that was our ex life.

After beating them all,he threw my duppatta to me.ohh,that was too rude.He got into his car and started the horn.I silenty went inside the car and sat him.You might be thinking why i sat in my ex’s car.Its because i found it better than going into the car in my ex’s arms.He is too stubborn.As soon as i got into car,he came closer to me.Oh my god!His closeness had the same effect on me.My breathing rate increased.He understood it and smiled.He made me wear the seat belt.He started the car and switch on the radio.

Tujhe bhula…diya ohhho..
Tujhe bhula…diya oohhhho..
Phir kyu teri yaadon ne..
Mujhe rula diya.

I looked at him and remembered our past moments.
He wasnt looking at me.
But everything changed by his one question.
He asked me whether i still love him.
I was shocked.I didnt know what to answer.Definitely i loved him more than anything.But…his arrogance …He looked at me.Again i fell for his shining innocent eyes.I told him yes.
He suddenly stopped the car.

I then said him that i loved him but i cannot marry him because of his arrogance,and ruling nature.
Then i saw a different shade of him.He cried and begged me to accept him.i hugged him.Me too cried a lot.He then promised me that he would love me more than anything and also would keep his arrogance aside.I hugged him and said that i would never doubt him.
His kissed on my forehead.
And after one year we got married today.In between swara di and Laksh jiju’s marriage was also done.In these twelve months,he changed a lot.He gave more importance to his family than buisness.His rude behaviour changed.He is so cute now.All are saying that iam the reason of his change.oops!!its my first night today…he came..let me go..
Its Ragini Sanskar Maheswari signing out.

Guys…how was it…
Hope u guys liked it.
Love u loads

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  1. Jayanti

    this is the surprise???….loved it abhi…….superb

    1. Abhi142

      Yes .this is the surprise Thankyou so much yaar

  2. superb dr

  3. awesome

  4. amazing

  5. Asra

    amazing os dear….loved it alot dear…

  6. Asw


  7. Superb, loved it dear

  8. superb

  9. Bela

    I danced, so cute it was???

  10. Awesome

  11. Dharani


  12. Awwesome OS :-*
    I BEG U PLSSS POST MATED TO HIM FF & Mad girl ff plsssss

    1. Abhi142

      I will post mated to him…n mad girl ff is finished…The Antagonist also i will post

  13. Lahari


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