THE HUG, SwaSan’s Love Story OS


Bismillah, Hi friends and Swasanian, this is my first FF to celebrate the #Swasan100hug or #100swasanhug,
sorry for grammatical and spelling error, bear with me please thank you

——Sanskar POV——

I HATE MONDAY !the most popular tagline people ever heard when they heading the monday marked the ending of their holiday.
But, those tagline didn’t apply to our gang since the monday is Swara’s hug day. She loved to give a hug to our gang member
especially in monday,… except me…..
As usual our gang, Sahil, Raj, Aryan, Kushi, naina, kavvya and me waited Swaragini in main gate of our college.
“Hi guyz!” Swara screamed in excitement, waving her hand once her feet on ground out of her car, followed by her twin, the shy Ragini.
“swaraa!! Raginiii!! here!” we were in choir screamed back.
they run toward us.”uuhh! how’s your weekend!”she asked while gave front hug to girls,kavvya,naina and kushi.

she moved to boyz.”It’s my turn to get your hug!” Sahil stretched his hands.”
“Ha! of course!” she gave her best side hug to Sahil, Raj, Aryan aaandd………….
oh God please let her hug me today ! i prayed in my mind hopefully.and i got NOTHING….after hugged Aryan, she extend
her hand toward me, to shake my hand.”And you Sanskar! how’s your weekend?” her eyes, her bubbly eyes blinking to me.
“perfect” i gave answer with fake smile to surpressed my disapointment.
Why she always do this to me? a question popped up in my mind almost everyday since we met in our first day in this college.
All of us were in the same year.As juniors, we got suffered of ragging but somehow we join hand to short out the turmoil,

consoled and pacified each others earned great bonding among us, then we decided to make a gang, and Swara with her excitement
started to hug us one by one except ME! did she hate me ? what wrong with me ? i tried my best to get conclusion myself
as she ever mention that hug is about the care and affection feeling.
“Come on guyz! we move to class!it’s will be start” Sahil put his hand to Aryan’s shoulder dragged him to our class,
his voice cracked my daydream.
“Ha, come on!why u guyz standing in front of gate ? why you don’t wait us in the class?” Swara said between our steps.
“Because.. we can’t wait so long to get your monday hug, rite Naina?’Raj winked his eyes to naina.
“yups Raj! why you always give us hug in Monday Swara?” it’s naina’s voice
“Oh my God!!! thank you for appreciation guyz!”Swara folded her hand dramatically “i know my hug is amazing!” she walked in attitude,
moved lil faster made her in forefront and we walked behind her.
“you know Naina? why do i always give you monday hug ?” she turned back facing us for a while and turn again.
“because in monday i miss you thiiisss muuchhh !” she extend both her arm in measure state. “i miss you thiiss muuuchhh!” she repeated it
Her arm blocked our way, made Sahil and Aryan who engaged in conversation startled and about to fall.
“Swaraaaa!!” they both shouted and glared at her in unison..we were giggling
“opps! i did it intentionally!” Swara grinned in victory, meanwhile Aryan and Sahil shook their head in disbelief.
“Drama queen!” i couldn’t control myself to tease her and laugh.
“Ohho Sanskar! i’m not drama queen, i’m drama princess!” she winked to me, made me melt in to pieces.

we entered the class, then arranged the empty chairs, so our gang could sit closely.
“Swara, sit here!” i called her pointed to seat beside me as i saw she still stand.
“Oh OK!” she tried to sit but again stand. “Ragini! can please we switch ?”
“Why?”Ragini turned back as she in front of us, i mean she was in front of swara.
“you know u are taller than me, so let me sit there and you sit here.You obstruct my view”
They switched, it’s end up with me and ragini,meanwhile Swara sit beside Kavvya in front of me, my effort to sit with my lady love went in vain. Huh!
The bell rang signed as our class started, Professor came to teach us.We enjoy our class,hmm.. not all of us, since i still lil bit upset
to loose another opportunity to talk and sit with Swara.
Lunch Time..
Our gang went to canteen
“Let us sit there!”Kushi dragged Ragini to the corner of canteen. there were enough chair for the nine of us.
we spreaded to choose our respective chair. For me, i waited swara to choose her chair and i will sit beside her.Finally i got it.
the formation were Raj, me, Swara, Ragini and Kushi, the opposite were Sahil, Aryan, Naina and kavya.
Swara and Ragini switched again, so i end up to sit beside Ragini again, and i screamed in my mind “Ooh not again!!”
“Sanskar! i give my responsibility to protect my sister to you! so please protect her!” Swara said to me teasingly, hugged Ragini from back.

then sit beside her.I perplexed with her joke.
“you are silly!” Ragini hit her playfully and smiling, i gave her fake smile, she just laughed and made a face.
We chit chat, teased each others and Raj got extra hug from Swara when she tried to support him to proposed the girl he love..
It happened everyday, my flop plan to close to Swara but end up with Ragini, or my dream to get Swara’s hug which never come true.

What wrong with me Swara? What wrong with me ? Did i smelt so bad ?or so much sweat on my body that u avoiding me ? that i never get your hug ?
You are strong boy Sanskar! never give up!My mind tried to support me, lean me to a mission to get swara’s hug.

First of all, i increased my bath schedule, i took a bath more than 3 times a day, but an incident hit me about the fact
that take a bath or not didn’t bother her to give a hug to us.. except me…
Some day, our basket team have friendship match to other college, all the boyz on our gang were on team, and we won…
in change room,..

‘wait for me guyz, i’ll take a bath first!” i said to Raj, Sahil and Aryan while entering washroom.
“Huh sanskar! you’ll make us late! we will take a bath at home!” sahil answered me.
after sometime
“sanskar be quick! the girls are waiting for us in gate!”Raj knocked the washroom’s door warning me.
“OK! OK! i’m done!” i wore my shirt quickly and walked out from washroom.
We walked to main gate whereas the girls were waiting for us in excitement.
They burst out like volcano, run to us once they saw us,”congrat guyz!” the girls yelled in unison.
“Yaa, let me hug you !” swara started to give side hug to Aryan.
Aryan jerked her and said, “areee swara!, we are full sweat, we don’t take a bath yet!” he felt uncomfort.
“Oh hello mister, who’s care about the bath, you are all the champion and you are all deserve to get hug from me!” she retorted back,
gave her hug to Aryan, Sahil.
“You are rite Swara! moreover Swara’s sweet fragrance will give good effect to our body odor!rite guyz!” Raj said when Swara hugged him
we were all laughing.
Oho, swara’s sweet fragrance? i want to inhale those fragrance, the though snapped in my mind, while i was in waiting list in confidence state
as i the only one who already take a bath.
But, my dream, my hope vanished when she just gave her hand to shake my hand.
“congrat Sanskar! you are the best!” She gave me her dhucenne smile and glowing bubble eyes.She even didn’t give any damn care whether
i’m took a bath already or yet.
The bath wasn’t the problem, my conclusion.

secondly, maybe it’s about parfume.I went to Sahil’s home to get a glance what brand of parfume he ever spread on his body,
i asked Raj about his parfume or joined aryan when he went to mall to bought his favorite parfume.or even ordered in e-bay.
i tried almost all of brand of parfume, the cheap one to the expensive one, our gang teased me and called me parfume madness for my activity
huh! they didn’t know that my madness only for swara’s hug,
but my lovely Swara just gave me comment “Sanskar! your parfume scent to strong!” when i put a cheap parfume in my body.
“Sanskar,you have same parfume as sahil!”, “Sanskar, your scent as same as Aryan!” or “Hei, you put raj’s parfume in your body?”
Her other comments, “Sanskar!you smell like girls!” she chuckles and i hit my forehead,
but sometime she gave me a compliment “wow Sanskar! you are smell so good, this parfume suit for u!” i was in cloud nine that my dream will come true.
and NOTHING, NOTHING and NOTHING, neither her monday hug nor her occasionally hug.
The parfume wasn’t the problem, i delete it from my list.

I sat in front of my lappy when i found an article that onion and garlic will effect our body odor. Oh my god! i started to curse
Mrs Sujata Ramprasad Maheswari, my lovely mom who give me the foods full of onion and garlic every day, i put the blame on her.
“Areee sanskar! garlic and onion are the basic ingredient for hindi’s food, our food, i can’t make food without them!” my mom retorted my complain.
“OK! i won’t eat them then!” I blackmailed her.
“No.. No..! OK, i’ll make you food with less onion and garlic, but don’t complain about the taste!” my mom pouted her lips, but it disapeared soon as
i placed a kiss in her cheek.I began my diet, my miserable diet of onion and garlic.
Someday in canteen.
our gang gathered there, ordered foods for lunch. since i forgot to brought my tiffin, i joined them (i brought tiffin from home once i start to diet)
Uh noo, there were many slice of garlic and onion on my food, panicked me.
I saw Raj’s plate in front of me, gave me and idea to put the slices of onion on his plate, earned complain from him.
“Sanskar! what are you doing? why you put this rubbish in my plate? ” Raj pouted and tried to put back the slices.
“No, please i don’t want it, it will effect my body odor!” i lifted my plate.
“Huh, you are selfish, how about me ?” Raj gave me angry glare.
“Rajuu! please stop!let it be, i still will hug you even if you have bad smell, moreover the union is good for your health!” Swara hugged him,
and turn to me “Body odor ? seriously Sanskar? you are silly!” she gave me slight laugh.
smile, laugh, but NO HUG….my effort gone with the wind

Another weird thing happened everytime when i tried to being more close to her.When i asked her to join my class project, she refused and ordered me
to choose Ragini, when i msg her to accompany me on cricket game, she send Ragini to join me,made an excuse that Swara has some work with her papa.
Does she avoid me ? why is she always send Ragini to company me ?I didn’t bother about Ragini, Ragini is sweet beautiful girl and a good company too,
but what i want just Swara, her twin sister.

It was our 2nd years, the last day of exam,i sat on a bench in front of my class when ragini asked me to join her to the park, in our campus’s backyard.
I followed her,only to found my self mesmerized and awestruck to see the beautiful environment in front of my eyes when we headed the park.

“Ragini, what is this ? any celebration ?” i asked her in surprise tone.
“swara made it for you! do you like it ?” Ragini said sheepily.
Whaatttt !!! Swara arranged this beautiful thing for me ? the flowers, coloured balons, the glitters, she didn’t hate me!,
my mind jumping in excitement, the bell ringing in my head, the bird singing in my head, the stars dancing in my head, and hammer hit my head
when i saw something in front of me, Ragini sat down in her knee, folded a rose to me.
“Sanskar, i don’t know what happen to me, but my heart beat faster when i saw you in the first time our met, i feel happy when you are smile,
i feel sad when you sad, i love you Sanskar! would you be my boy friend?”
Ragini proposed me! i just stared her in my blank mind, shocked, disapointment, guilty and sad feeling blended perfectly.

i freeze while staring her blushing face, her hopefully face. i can’t utter a word, i want her sister, i love her sister, her Swara, not her.
I stared her face again, took a deep breath and said “I’m sorry Ragini, i can’t!”
that is it, she shocked to hear my answer, the tears flowing in her reddish cheeks.
“Why Sanskar ? why you can’t accept my love?” she sobbing and crying, i saw pain in her eyes.
“I’m sorry, i love someone else!” i said, “i love your sister” this words end up in my mind.
ragini rose from her sit, running away, leaving me in guilty state.
Oh God, what will you do now Sanskar? you love Swara but you broke her sister heart! how will you propose her? i couldn’t sleep in the night
but i decided to tell the truth to Swara tomorrow in campus.
Ragini took an absences ,lil bit made me relief since i can’t face her.I messaged Swara to meet me in park after the last session.
“Why Sanskar? why you rejected Ragini?anything wrong with her?” She bombarded me with questions, she verged to crying, i saw tears
briemed in her eyes, uuhh i want to hug her, console her, put her in my embrace.
“There isn’t anything wrong in Ragini, swara! i just can’t…
“She is beautiful, kindheart, nice, honest and smart girl sanskar! can you try to love her?” Swara cried.
“I can’t love her Swara! i love someone else! i love……i was about confessed my love when she interupt me.
“you broke her heart Sanskar! you broke……….. I hate u sanskar! i hate you!” She run away shouted those cursed words to me.i just numb
my heart bleeding, those three words stabbed my heart,my breath stopped,my life ended, i break down cried on ground, shattered
somehow i knew that she hate me as all of her ignorance to me, but her last words closed all the doors of hope and dream,
the dream that i will get her love someday, the hope that i will get her tight hug. I love you Swara but you hate me.
EVERYTHING IS DONE….. I went home, locked myself in my room, my heart broken to pieces, cried and cried as young handsome devdas.
Her face portrait well in my mind, her painful eyes,did she hate me so much that i saw more pain in her eyes than ragini’s ? her hatred killing me.
I took 3 days absence on campus to compose myself.
But my nightmare ended yet, i got my worst nightmare when Raj informed me that swara and her family shifted to London 2 days ago once i headed campus
I LOST HER, i lost my heartbeat, i lost my life, i lost the opportunity to get her hug moreover when they said that they were lost contact with them.

—-4 years leaps——-
After graduation, i joined my father’s company, engaged myself to busy schedule to forget her, to escape from my broken heart, but still i can’t,
my love to her still sleeping in my heart, her name still stuck in my mind. My parent tried their best to search many alliance for me,
many perfect girls for me, all of them end up with the rejection from my side.Indeed, when they tried to patch me up with Kavita,
my childhood’s friends, made us to work in the same project, my heart still beat for Swara, just Swara and only Swara.
my phone rang, i saw Kavya calling..

me :”Hello Kavvya! how are you ?”
Kavvya:”how are you my foot! Huh! are you forget me ? forget us ? forget my wedding ?” kavvya yelled in anger on other side.
me :”Your wedding? oh my God, i’m so sorry! i forgot!” i hit my head.
Kavvya:”See,, i don’t care you should go to my house now, the party is tomorrow sanskar! ”
me :”I can’t go there now, i have meeting in the afternoon, i will go tomorrow morning, OK!”
kavya :”Okey!but please don’t forget! all of us gathered already in my house sanskar! it’s kinda reunion!”
me :”all of our gang member ?”
ooh i wish Swara there, a hope soothing in my mind
Kavvya:”almost all of us,Sahil and his wife, Naina, Aryan, me and Raj of course, kushi will come tomorrow, she has urgent work!”
me :Oh Ok! i’ll go tomorrow, don’t forget to prepare delicious food for me!”
Kavvya:Bhukaadd! really you should come fast, we all miss you so much!bye!”
me :Bye! waiting for me tomorrow!
Reunion without Swara? what it would be Kavya! i took my deep breath then drown to my work again.

I arrived to Kavya family’s mansion in evening, as i couldn’t go there in morning due an urgent meeting.
“Oh thanks god Sanskar! finally you arrive ?” kavvya and Raj, the bride and groom hugged me in excitement.
“Sanskaaaarrr!! the others screamed in choir run toward me, “Are you alone ? where is your partner ?” Naina”s eyes to and fro
acted as looking for someone.
“I can’t bring them, too much girls to carry!” i said while brushing my back hair and grinned.
“Ohoo! don’t say that you are a casanova now Sanskar! you should teach me then !” Raj winked at me,
earned a death glare from Kavya and a hard pinch in his ear, All of us brust in laugh.
“this is my wife, Neha!” Sahil introduce his wife as he saw my confuse gaze toward Neha.
” my beautiful Bhabhi!, you are unlucky to get an ugly man to be your husband.” i teased her while shaking her hand.
“You are so rite Sanskar!” she chuckled.
“How mean you both!” sahil hit my shoulder and gave a pout to his wife.
“I am Rohit, Naina’s fience!” a guy which stood beside Naina gave his hand to me.
“and i’m sanskar, Naina’s ex boyfriend!”i shaked his hand and smiled wickedly to Naina.She narrowed her eyes
“Honey, don’t believe this sanskar! he isn’t my ex, he is still my boyfriend, you know na!”
Naina winked her eyes to her fience signaled something, made her fience just nod and smile.
“Flop plan, weew!” she pull out her tounge and made a face to me.
“Enough! enough! Sanskar you can freshen up on the guest room, we will wait for you in hall, the party start next 10 minutes!
please lil fast OK!” kavvya dragged me and pointed a room for me.they all leaving to hall.
Oh my God, i missed them much, if only Swara here,i will beyond happy.

In the hall
There were many guests arrived as i down the stair to mingle among them, the host busy to greet to guests one by one, while
our gang engulfed in conversation, chit chat about our memories in college and our present life.
‘Aryan! where is Kushi? why is she so late ?” Naina asked in impatience tone.
“i don’t know! i called her 30 minutes ago and she said that she is on the way!” Aryan checked his watch.
“Oh Gosh, call her again please! what an irresponsible fience you are!” Naina lil bit panic.
Aryan tried to dial Kushi’s number when Kavya and Raj come in.
“Who are you calling ? ” Kavya asked Aryan, “Kushi?” Aryan nodded.
“ don’t call her! she calling me just now inform me that she will be late!”
“Why? is there anything wrong with her ?” Sahil worried.
“i dunno, she just said something about surprise!” Kavya shrugged her shoulder.
“What surprise?” Naina and Aryan in unison
“even i dunno guyz!” kavvya waved both her palm.
“Ha,let me guess! She will bring Raj ex girlfriend, rite ?” Sahil smiled naughtily, while Kavya pouted.
“Sahiill! stop pulling my Kavya leg! better you go dance with bhabhi!” Raj pushed him and Neha to dance hall.
“You too Naina!” and Kavya baby, let’s dance!” Raj hold Kavya hand, started to dance, followed by Naina and Rohit.
Meanwhile, Aryan and me stood in the corner, watched people dance and enjoyed our drink, wondered what kind of surprise
will Kushi give to us.
those couples back to us after 1 song finished.
“She isn’t coming yet still ?” Kavya sound worried and gave a glance to main door.
“Wait, let me call her!” Aryan dialed her number, all of our eyes spotted on his activity, i sipped my drink.
I spitted out my drink, all of us startled to hear that voice, my breath kinda stop, my heart beat rapidly, it’s HER ! my Swara!
my Swara comeback! i turned back my body to see my lady love,but the girls, Raj, Aryan who welcoming her in excitement about abrupt my view.
“Swaraaaaa!!!!!oh my God! oh my god! you are come back! Swara come back!” i dunno whose voice that was,
“even you Kavya!you end up with my silly Raj!”
the girls just kinda jumping, hugging and kissing each other cheeks.We all laughing to saw their craziness,but then i noticed
there was a guy, a young handsome guy stood beside Swara.
“Ohoo Swaraa! i missed your hug!” Sahil about to hug Swara but stopped as he saw an anger in Neha’s face.
“Aree Jaan, don’t be jealous please, she is my sister! she always give hug to all of us!” Sahil grinned.
yaa, all of us except me! my mind curse his false story, and who is that guy? i just gave my intense gaze toward them.
“This beautiful lady is my bhabhi, Sahil ?” Swara approached Neha and hugged her.
“I’am Swara, can i hug this bandar, bhabhi ? ” swara pointed Sahil as he looked kinda craving her hug.

“oh my god ! sure Swara!” Neha laughed “seriously you all so funny!”
Swara hugged Sahil, a tight side hug “even i miss you soo very much!”.
“Oh, hi Sanskar!how are you? you are looking older than 4 years ago ?” Swara strected her hand to me once her sight fall to my face.
aaah,she noticed me, finally.It’s never changed, she just gave me a shaking hand, NO HUG.
“But you are looking so beautifull Swara!” i spelt out my tought,She indeed more beautiful and more mature now.
We got an eyelock for a moment, but somehow it’s clarified me to know there was a pain in her eyes, didn’t she happy ?
are there any connection between those guy and her pain ? I’m quite disapoint to saw Swara with a guy, but even her pain made me
sink in my pain more deeply.

“Ha, Where is Ragini ?” Raj voice.
“Tell me Swara, when you comeback to India ? why u didn’t contact me ?” Naina voice
“will you settle back to India?” Kavya joined to bombarder her with questions.
“Come on guyz, one by one please!” Swara chuckled to see their impatience state.
“Ragini behind us, she is with Kushi,you know na how crazy they both ? “she lifted her eyebrow, we understood her statement as we all knew that
Ragini and Kushi is besties.
“i came back from London 3 days ago, but sorry i didn’t contact you since we so busy to preparing engagement and wedding,
moreover we want to surprise you, how’s my surprise ha ?”she said in attitude
“You are so naughty!” Kavya and Naina pinched her cheeks, made her screamed, and my heart screamed too to heard engagement and wedding words.
i was in verge to crying, i tried my best to compose myself to let her go, maybe it’s my destiny that she isn’t mine.
“By the way, who is he Swara?” Aryan signaled Swara by his head, pointed to the guy who standing lil far and smiling to watch our antic.
“Oh my god!” she hit her forehead. “sorry, sorry Laksh!” she dragged him to us in guilty face.
“guyz, let me introduce you! this is Lakshay Sharma….
“SURPRIIISEEEEE!!!” Ragini and Kushi in unison.
and the craziness continue, scream, kiss and hug were happening again, the differences was, the hug was for girls only.
Kushi and Ragini prefer to gave shaking hand to boyz.
“why you both late? you both didn’t miss me ? ” Naina with her fake anger.
“Sorry, my phone left in car! so we back to parking lot to take it!” said Ragini, Kushi nodded in agreement.
“You found it, hon ?’ that guy, i mean Laksh asked her in concern, she just nodded. swara signaled something to her.
since all of us put our eyes to both Ragini and laksh, kinda waiting an explanation.
“Oh, guyz, this is Lakshay Sharma my future husband! we will engage next 3 days!” Ragini blushed,earning
greeting words from all of us, but the most hapiest person was me, Ragini’s words kinda a God blessed, lifted a big mountain
from my body and soul,a glimmer of hope snapped in my mind.
“So, Ragini was settle down already, how about you Swara ? you older than ragini, but Ragini defeat you this time!
don’t tell me that no boyz want you ?” sahil jerked his elbow to Swara’s arm, smiled naughtily to her, meanwhile Swara pouted her lips.
“Aree Sahil, don’t underestimate my sister!Almost all of men in London gave her a proposal, but she rejected them!
she is devdas in girl version!” Ragini tapped her soulder.
“You know na Ragini, i’m waiting Prince Harry to propose me!moreover i just 3 minutes older than you but see my face younger than you!
rite guyz ?”she pointed her own face and made a cute puppy faces. earning whoood sounds from all of us and hit her playfully.
“Almost all of us settle down already, it just 2 left, Swara and Sanskar!any one want a bet with me who is the last one ?”
this silly Raj started his silly joke, i gave him my disbelief look,
“huh! enough Raj! better you give me food, i’m hungry na ? ” Swara’s eyes to and fro, act as she looking for food.
“Ah ya! come on, let eats!”Kavya asked her servant to prepared food for us. After having dinner, we continued our chit chat.
I put my gaze to Swara only, sometime even we got eyelock moment, but she will avert her gaze to somewhere immediately,
avoiding my gaze.
The party was over, Sahil and Neha, Naina and Rohit went to Kavya’s farmhouse, Kavya arranged her farmhouse as guest house during
the function,
“Swara! i should go to Laksh’s house to meet his parent tonight, you stay over here with Kushi or go home ?”
“areee ragini, you’ll go ?”kavya lil bit upset.
“Sorry na Kav!i can’t stay, you know i’m busy to prepare the function, maybe Swara will stay!” Ragini felt guilty.
“No.. even me can’t stay, sorry Kavu!i promised mom that i will company her to do shopping tomorrow!” swara rose from her sit
adjusted her dress and grabbed her clucth.
“how you will go, i can’t bring you!” Ragini worried.
“I’ll go with taxi, don’t worry!” swaragini hugged kavya and kushi to bid goodbye to them.
“I’ll bring you Swara!” I said as i worried about her,wishes that this is the best opportunity for me to talk to her, to ask
her question which stuck in my mind in 6 years.
“it’s not necessary Sanskar! i can manage !” Swara rejected me, her voice sound lil bit uncomfort.
“Ha Sanskar, please take her home! Swara! it will more save for you to go with Sanskar!”Ragini sound relief, Swara nodded.
“Bye all, don’t forget to come to my engagement!” we waved our hand to Kavraj and KushAr.
We went to our perspective car, Ragini with Laksh, Swara and me.
There was a pin drop silence in my car, i acted to concentrate to my ride, meanwhile Swara just busy playing her finger.
Did she still hate me after this 4 years ? i wishes her hatred gone. You should ask her, Sanskar? NOW or NEVER! my mind
yelled at me. I took deep breath,..
“Swara! can we talk ?” i gave my sight to her.
“Sure!” she lil bit shocked with my voice and nodded.
I drove my car lil faster and turn left after sometime.
“where will we go Sanskar? ”
“we’ll go to the beach, it’s OK for you?”
she was just nodded again.
We arrived, she run to the sea immedietly in excitement, i could imagine her happy face.
She stood in the sea shore waiting for me, i walked to her and stood beside her.
“aahh, it’s so beautifull Sanskar!” she looked at me and smiled.
“i know!” i composed myself to confront her.
“Why did you never give me a hug , Swara?”
“whaat?” she shocked with my question.
“why did you never give me a hug ? is there anything wrong with me ? ” i kinda blurt out all my pain in this question.
but i controlled to surpresse it
“woo..woo.. nothing wrong with you!” she stammered, and then silence,
i tried to see her face, what’s her feeling, but hardly looked by me as it’s quite dark around us and the moon hide behind

the cloud perfectly.
“tell me about the girl you love 4 years ago ? did you propose her ?” swara’s voice cracked the silent,
i stared her with my disbelief look,really, she tried to change the topic or she tried to dragged me to the worst
memories of my life.
“i’m sorry, i just… i mean, you are still single until now, so, i just wondering what happened to you and the girl you
love, did you break up with her? ” she somehow felt and sense that i didn’t like her question, without knowing
what was the reason behind.
She didn’t know that she broken my heart those day, she didn’t know that her last words haunted me in this 4 years,
she didn’t know how much i missed her, she didn’t know everything, i was frustrated, i couldn’t control myself
to burst out my emotion.

“She was you Swara!she was you, she is you, she will be you,she is always you, the girl i love the most! 6 years ago, 4 years ago,
yesterday, now, tommorrow,forever, my love just for you, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!” i cried, i fall down in my knees in front of her.
i have no power in my body, she just numb in shock.
“i know that you didn’t love me, your ignorance, your rejection everytime i tried to close to you, but don’t hate me,
it’s hurt me Swara!can you at least threat me as a friend,considering me as a friend, a friend that you will give a side hug whenever
you happy or sad?”

“I.. don’t.. want to be your friend!” she punched me sooo hard with her words between her sob.
Her word left me in a daze, it was too awful for me. I rose from knee, shed my tears and walked away
i didn’t know that she hates me this much, that she don’t even want me to be her friend.
i clenched my palm to surpresse the pain in my heart, cursed my fate, wondering what kind of karma running on me,the tears flown
Suddenly i felt a jerk on my back, arms around my waist.
“I love you too Sanskar!I love you so much!i’m sorry to hurt you! but i didn’t hate you! i won’t never able to hate you!”
that Swara’s voice.
i was freezing,was that a dream, was that my imagination ?, i closed my eyes, tried to figure out everything, the hug, the words,
when i felt a thigten grips in my waist or wet in my back,a happiness feeling oozed to all my body, my cry brust out louder,
my arms on her arms, hold them, to thightened the grip as i didn’t want to let it go, it was my first hug from her, and her
confession, was that true ? She love me?
We released the hug, i turned back to facing her, i put my intense gaze to her face, to found out the honesty in her words.
i chupped her face.”is that true ? do you really love me ?” my heart beat faster waiting her answer.
She pulled me to fall in her hug, her head leaned in my soulder.
“that is true Sanskar! i love you since we met for the first time, i love you since 6 years ago, i love you soo much!”
since 6 years ago ?a question strike in my mind. i released the hug and chupped her face.
“Since 6 years ago ? why you didn’t tell me ? why you avoid me?” me in disbelief.
She hugged me again, put her head in my embrace, i feel.. uuhh i can’t even describe the feeling.
“It’s because Ragini, she love you so much, i saw spark whenever she mention your name and i didn’t want to hurt her!”
i kept mum to listening her story, caressed her back.
“i planned everything to made you both closer, i arranged a proposal for her to confesse her love to you, i thought
i will happy to see her happiness at least,but all vain, when i saw she broken heart for your rejection, i came to convince
you to accept her, but your words that you love someone, brougth me to reality that i got more pain by your words than
to see ragini’s pain.we both broken heart” she cried louder. i tightened my grip on her back.
“why you didn’t contact me or others when you were in London ? you didn’t know how much i missing you in this 4 years?”
“I’m missing you too Sanskar!but we tought it was the best way for us to settled down our feeling, when finally Ragini
moved on and found Laksh,i’m so happy, but in the other side i was in pain to knowing that
my love for you too strong to get a rid from my heart!” i overwhelmed to hear that.
“so, the answer of my question is because of Ragini ?”
“What question ?” she lifted her head, giving a gaze in my face, preplexed.
“My first question, why you never give me a hug during our college time?” i remained her about my biggest question.
She put her arm around my neck.
“nope!” she shook her head negatively
“No?” i widened my eyes.
“yups,i couldn’t give you a hug those ages since i can’t control myself to not to do this!” she tipped her toes and placed
her rosy lips to mine. i widened my eyes, pluzled with her sudden action, but it didn’t took time for me to captured her soft lips,
tasted them, it’s shoft, slowly and gently in the beginning, but then turned to hunger passionate one, we poured all of our feeling
into this kiss, our love, our lust our missing feeling of 4 years separation, our happiness.
we stopped for a moment took a breath and start to taste each other lips again,her hand caressed my back hair.
i felt Happy, extremely happy,my expectation of her hugs in this 6 years paid today, with huge massive loan, i got back hug
front hug, this amazing french kiss and the most of all, LOVE, she love me!! it’s beyond my imagination, it’s beyond my expectation
i’m beyond happy, i cancelled my curse to God as i feel soo blessed with this beautifull gift.
we parted after more than 5 minutes kiss, i chupped he face start kissing her all of face slowly, her nose, cheeks, eyes, i tug her hair
behind her ear,then kissing her neck,took a deep breath between them
“finally, i can smell your fragrance! i whispered in her ear in husky tone, she tightened her grip due shyness, meanwhile i burried
my head in her neck to inhale her scent once more, the tuty frutty fragrance, what a kid!!! my mind screamed in amusement.

I didn’t waste my time as i lost my 6 precious year already,soon, in the morning, i came to Mr Shekar Gadodia, asked him to give me
her beautiful daughter’s hand, Swara, to me, and Swara’s agreement surprised him as he didn’t expect that swara will finally agree to settle down.
i suggested them to arranged engagement and wedding function in the same day as Ragini and Laksh.Why in rush ?swara ever asked about this,
i said to her that i want to hug her everytime to replaced the hug i ever missed those ages legally,it’s payback time, baby!!

earned a blushing on her face. Others surprised face came to us from Ragini and our gang to hear our marriage, as swara plan, we told them
that we took that decision since we knew each others from long time, so, it will be more easy to us to make an adjusment during our marriage life.
Swara concealed our love story to stave off the guilty feeling from ragini’s side.Then after 2 week of the best day of my life, our confession day,
we’re married, she is mine now, Mrs Swara Sanskar Maheswari, i marked her as mine forever, and i make sure that i can get her hug everytime.

Am i happy ? obviously, i’m not just feel happy, i fell blessed to get Swara in my life, her love, her care, her smartness, her childness,
her beauty, and her perfect posture to hug., or i can say that she is a hugable.
Many people said that Swara has small and tiny posture, but for me she is the perfect one. Every morning, she will standing in front of
the mirror after take a bath, and i always hug her from back, my chin will landed perfectly in her soulder, i will put sindoor in her maang
and kissing her cheeks, as her posture so perfect, i can see her cheeks will turning to red due blushing soo clearly.

Or when we have a front hug, her head will landed perfectly in my embrace without troubling my face, most of all was the feeling
i got everytime she put her head in my embrace, i feel that i’m her SAVIOR, that i’m her man, the most wanted person to protect her, to save her,
i’m her guardian angel, i’m her guardian and she is my angel. sooo perfect.and our heart will beat in union.

Do you think i am a hug madness ? i don’t think so, i heard there is a fandom, a crazy fandom who count the hug moment of their favorite couple.
and now they tried to rocking twitter with their hastag,there is a pioneer of that madness, named jessica,
she counted the hug moment which reached to century hug nowadays, the fandom must be proud to have her.It sound silly, but somehow,
it’s better to do that madness than to do other bad thing.
Even though they success to count their favorite, i bet they couldn’t count our hug since we will hug each other in every opportunity.
Now, in our room, bedtime, we were both hugging each other,ups, no both, but three, we have new member, the 3 month baby that sleeping
in Swara’s womb.
“Sanskar! can we dance?” Swara in swing mood, she is landing her head in my embrace.
“Sure, let me turn on the music!” i released my grip and about moving.
“what are you doing? don’t release the hug!” She tightened her grip to me
“how can i turn on the music without releasing the hug?” i puzzled
“we can walking in hug na!” pouted her lips.
“OK!” i smiled to see her antic,she was looking sleepy and lazy.
“ahh, i love you!” she pecked my lips and resting back her head in my embrace
we were taking baby step to reach the music player button.
music on…

Meri kismat ke har ek panne pe
Mere jeete ji, baad marne ke
Mere har ek kal har ek lamhe mein
Tu likh de mera use

Har kahaani me saare kisson me
Dil ki duniya ke sachche rishton mein
Zindagani ke saare hisson mein
Tu likh de mera use

(“sanskar! do you know that your embrace is the coziest and the warmest place i ever found?” Swara in shoft sleepy tone.
“i know!” i smiled, caressing her hair.)

Aye Khuda
Aye Khuda, jab bana uska hi bana
Aye Khuda
Aye Khuda, jab bana uska hi bana

Uska hoon us mein hoon us se hoon
Usi ka rehne de
Main toh pyaasa hoon
Hai dariya woh zariya woh jeene ka mere
Mujhe ghar de gali de sheher de
Usi ke naam ke
Kadam ye chale ya ruke ab usi ke vaaste
Dil mujhe de agar, dard de uska par
Uski ho woh hansee, goonje jo mera ghar

(“that was my lost, that i didn’t hug you since ages!” swara again mumbled.
“i know!” my mind sink in the lyric.
“hmm! you know everything, it’s not fair!” she lifted her head, resting her chin in my embrace,pouting her lips again
“it’s because i love you!” i pecked her lips.
“Ha! i know that one!” she smiled proudly, then she burried her head in my embrace
“I love this song!” i whispered
“i know that one too!” she burried her head more deeply)

Aye Khuda
Aye Khuda, jab bana uska hi bana
Aye Khuda
Aye Khuda, jab bana uska hi bana

Mere hisse ki khushi ko hansi ko Tu chahe aadha kar
Chahe le le tu meri zindagi par Ye mujh se vaada kar
Uske ashqon pe, ghamon pe dukhon pe
Har uske zakhm par
Haq mera hi rahe har jagah har ghadi haan umr bhar
Ab faqat ho yahi woh rahe mujh me hi
Woh juda kehne ko bichhde na par kabhi

Aye Khuda
Aye Khuda, jab bana uska hi bana
Aye Khuda
Aye Khuda, jab bana uska hi bana

Meri kismat ke har ek panne pe
Mere jeete ji, baad marne ke
Mere har ek kal har ek lamhe mein
Tu likh de mera use

“Swara! the song finished, you want to sleep now ?” i caressed her hair, i know she was in a verge of sleep
“hmm.. let me sleep in yor embrace sanskar!”
i smiled, bent my body and lifted her in my arm,
“what are you doing, let me sleep!”she hit me playfully
“i don’t want your leg in pain to standing so long!” i carried her to bed.
i put her on the bed slowly, i lied a half my body beside her while my head rest in board, she shifted
her body, lied a half on my embrace.”i love to hear your heart beat” hugged me
” i love your everything Swara”.i hugged her back lovingly..
i dunno what will happen in our future, the one thing i know, she is the one and only woman i will hug
entire my life and i’m the one and only man who has rite to hug her entire her life.
we slept in hug, peacefully, happyly and contented.

—–THE END—————-

wish you all like my boring FF, i took 24 hours to write it πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€
i dedicated this FF to Jessica, and all of my Swasanians Family
Happy 100th hug of Swasan, our heavenly couple, wish we will get more and more of swasan cute scene
Eid Mubarrak for all my muslim friends. Thank you so much
I will continue my homework… reading swasan FF LOVE YOU ALL, XOXO

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    1. Mica

      Hola Navi…Thank you soo much for compliment, glad you love it!
      such a wonderful friend she was..
      yups you are rite, my 1 sleepless nite paid fully with huge loan to see such wonderful comment from wonderful friends..
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    keep writing dr
    be happy always
    lv ya..
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    1. Mica

      Chanuu!, ty for the wishes..
      yeah they are so special, and you all, the swasanians soo special and amazing too
      glad that you love this OS, huge hug for you!
      Yeah.. he is cute as always! NO doubt…
      Aahhh,,, awesome you!
      be frank, i didn’t know Jessica personally, but she made me happy with her works,
      and our swasanian’s work, to edit the pic of swasan..
      i never such this crazy to be a fandom, Swasan made me crazy!
      this is the only one story i ever write..
      Thank you so much, love you, xoxo

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    Mica….what a pleasant surprise! Awesome OS. We are crazy swasanians….did u know that we trended at 7th position in India. It wouldn’t have been possible without Jess.

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    1. Mica

      Myna! thank you so much for compliment !
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      I’ll try, but not sure, it was Swasan love story and swasanian who made me write this πŸ˜€
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