The hug # Shivika OS # (part 5)

Hello peeps sorry for delay preparing for my final exams without wasting more time here we go with next part and do read author’s note a surprise is waiting for you all.
The hug #ShivIka OS# (Part 5)
I am feeling embarrassed what I am doing? Daksh and I love each other then why I am getting close to shivaay I am hell confused right now I should maintain distance from shivaay. Now what I will answer to Daksh? To escape from this awkward situation I rushed to my guest room and closed the door and sit down with a thud I closed my eyes what the heck I get flashes of all memories from the train to present. The hug my concerned our friendship what is happening to me? Till now I never felt like this Daksh which I am feeling for shivaay. What is this feeling called? Nope it is just a mere attraction I can’t break Daksh heart so easily. I should stop thinking about shivaay anyway after five days I and Daksh will marry each other. I open the door of guest room and went away with Daksh leaving shivaay alone.

Oh! How could Annika leave with daksh she didn’t even care to see me as if I am not present only in this house. Why she is avoiding me it is not like that I am stranger we are friends and wait a second why I am feeling bad if she is ignoring me. What is happening to me? Oh god this Annika is making me crazy then I thought to take some rest so I entered the guest room and tried to slept but couldn’t as continuously my and Annika memories where flashing in my mind the hug our friendship her concern for me huh what is this feeling?

#other side#
Daksh and Annika were walking in the streets holding each other hand and gossiping with each other. But Annika mind was somewhere else she was thinking about shivaay she didn’t knew what to do five days left and she will become completely of Daksh and now this feeling for shivaay is coming in between. But how can she do that no only one thing haunts her no I can’t fell for my boyfriend’s best friend I can’t break many years of their friendship for just my mere attraction for shivaay. No this can’t happen I should concentrate on my and Daksh future.

I hold Daksh hand tightly and he looked me with hopeful eyes he patted me and we both kept walking without knowing what god has stored for us in future(in this story god wish not happen lol my wish only will happen and that is shivika) we both went to shopping mall and I went to gents section for selecting some suits for him and he went to ladies section for selecting my dresses. Then I shopped for shivaay too don’t know why but I did. After we did shopping he paid the money and we reached home. I went to shivaay room and knock the door. He opened the door and I entered inside and gave him the suits which I bought for him. He thanked me with his eyes and I said welcome. Even if we didn’t talk with each other our eyes said everything. I went from the guest room and start gossiping about Daksh.

#shivaay room#
Oh god I closed my eyes and Annika was the first thing I saw and I opened my eyes immediately no this is a dream I again closed my eyes and she appeared again oh no I fell for my best friend’s girlfriend aww! Now what will happen no I won’t let this marriage happen somehow I love Annika I can’t see her becoming of someone else I will run away with her in marriage. I turned in front of door and saw someone standing there I am hell shocked huh why me?

Phew! Done with update tell me your reviews and a good news I would be writing new story on shivika after my final exams get over that is 21st march it will start from the jungle scene and Annika confession. Love you all.

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