The hug # Shivika OS # (part 4)

The hug (ShivIka OS) Part 4
{Scene 1}

Shivaay PoV:

As soon as I leave from the railway station I calls someone the driver with car reaches the place in five minutes. I get into the car and leave to my friend house. I take a glance of outside view from window it is raining outside heavily the wind is blowing faster and it is so chilling weather outside. I reminisces the moments with annika in the train and a smile curves on my face. She was so sweet and cute!……>3 anyway, I should concertante on my future. What I will do now? I left everything my family luxuries everything for the sake of enjoying my bachelorhood. Now I have nothing with me except my friend. I should try finding a job in some company. But where? As I was thinking about finding a job I reach to my friend house.

I get down from the car and paid the money to driver and enters my friend house. As soon as I stepped into the house my friend saw me and run to me and gave me a bone crushing hug I reciprocate. He leave me after sometime I let out a sigh then he shouts ‘annika look who has come?’ Wait annika is he talking about the same annika whom I met in the train? A girl stepped inside the hall my heart skipped a beat everything around me seemed to stop for a moment only me and her. Yes!…..>3 it is the same annika whom I met in the train I was shocked for a moment and kept stealing glances of her. My friend daksh waves his hand at me bringing me back into reality.

Daksh: do you know her and anyway, she is my girlfriend annika Mehta

Shivaay: yes I know her as I met her in the train when I ran away from my marriage at the same moment she also ran away from her marriage.

Daksh: oh! But annika you didn’t told me about this matter?

Annika: sorry daksh I didn’t get time to say!….>3 please don’t take me wrong!

Daksh: no way annika I love you and I mean it so I will never take you wrong in any sense!…>3

Annika: thank you so much daksh I am really lucky to get you as my life partner and love you too daksh!…>3 she said holding his hand.

Daksh: annika can you make a cup of coffee for shivaay? If you don’t mind…..>3

/*annika nods her head positively and leave to kitchen*/

Shivaay: can we sit and talk?

Daksh: sure!

They both sit on sofa. Annika brings the coffee for shivaay in tray and shivaay takes coffee. He drank a sip and shouts’Ahhh it is so hot’. Annika drops the tray and it fells down. She rushes to kitchen and brings a glass of water for shivaay. She makes him have the water. While he is drinking the water they both share an emotional yet intense eye lock. It is break by daksh fake cough.

Daksh: ummm annika and shivaay can you maintain some distance?

Shivika avoids glances from daksh to escape an awkward moment.


How was the twist????? do tell me through your comments!….>3

Love you all!!!!!!!???❤️

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  1. Rj12

    Amazing!! this twist was good

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  5. U wanted read an article on swasan right so here read this masterpiece by my dear ashu friend but more than sister ….

    And seriously ur articles are that limited addiction short n sweet types loved it dear and thx for u still remember me sweetheart !! Ur articles are always nice awesome what can I say more dear

  6. Akshaya

    Oh bête ki. Arrey will daksh become villain of their story? Khidkitod twist

  7. Amazing idea..dear ????

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  9. Nice twist

  10. Nice just waiting for shivika moments

  11. What a twist.. Amazing.

  12. Is he a psycho in your ff ??

  13. Lovely

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