The hug # Shivika OS # (part 3)


The hug (ShivIka OS-Part 3)

Shivika were continuously watching Jab we met in shivaay mobile without blinking their eyes and sharing popcorn with each other and shivaay snatches the popcorn from her and eats alone.

Annika ‘hey why you took my popcorn you devil give me’ she said in angry tone and snatched from him.

‘Huhh give me mad girl’ shivaay snatches it from her and eats it alone and shows his tongue to her.

‘You! Who are you to say me mad girl? You bagad billa’ annika snatches it again. Like this they both had popcorn fight at last the popcorn fell down. They both blink their eyes in shock.

‘You! Because of you only popcorn fell down how dare you huhh bagad billa you ruined everything now I will only see this movie’ annika snatches the mobile from his hand. Shivaay opens his mouth wide and stares at her in shock. He makes puppy face but she ignores him. After sometime he slept keeping his head on her shoulder. She stares at him in shock then she caresses his hair. They both slept in that position only.


Author’s PoV:

The sun rays fell in heavenly couple Shivika. Annika opens her eyes to see shivaay sleeping on her shoulder. She rubs her eyes she was admiring him until the train stops with a jerk. She saw outside the window and saw it was snowing heavily outside and in board it was written shimla. She wakes him up and he yawns.

Shivaay “did we reached shimla?” He asked irritatingly.

Annika”yes bagad billa ok now I have to leave bye it was nice spending time with you anyway, where you will be going to” annika replied with a smile.

Shivaay”same here and ya I will be staying in shimla in my friend’s house” he said.

Annika”oh that’s nice! You can come to meet me whenever you want and ya give me you no!! She asked him.

Shivaay”ya sure here is my no 854******* and yours?”he told.

Annika”oh here is my no 9********* now get up the train will leave at any time from here” she said. He nods his head and they both take their respective bags and get down the train and left in opposite directions.


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