HUG (RagSan SS) shot-3

Thank u so much for ur love friends…im really sorry fr being irregular…Im not able to update due to my bsy shedule so sry…

Shot 2

Ragsan brks d eyelock..sanskar makes ragini stand..
Sanskar:dont u see nd walk..what if u would fallen…what if anything happens to u then what about me..dont u takecare urself
Ragini:dont u fell that u r overreacting
Sanskar:no..i care for u
Ragini:leave it im fine…what is this(she asks pointing towards her mehandi where ragsan written on it)
Sanskar:our name

Ragini:our name?
Sanskar:ha rag in ragini..san in sanskar..ragsan it was so cute na..after our marriage we will keep this name to one of our kid..(he winks at her)
Ragini( shouts):no
Sanskar:dont u like it..then what about sangini
Ragini:u r talking too much
Sanskar:no im talking about our future..
Ragini gives a impossible look nd walks frm there…

Nextday(swalak sangeet)
Ragini was getting ready..she sees bracelet on table which sanskar gave her..she thinks about sanskar his naughty antics she smiles nd she wore that bracelet nd leaves as swara called her…they went to mm…
Ragini was unknowingly searching for sanskar as hr was nowhere to be seen..swara was asking something but she was lost..thinking where is sanskar…someone patted her shoulder was sanskar
Sanskar:searching for me
Ragini(stammers):no no y should i
Sanskar:then whom u r searching
Ragini:no one..i jst seeing decorations
Sanskar:achha..k..can u dance with me

Ragini:no saying she walks followed by sanskar…whereever she going sanskar following her pleading pls pls dance with me..finally ragini said yes…sanskar gets happy nd kissed her cheek(due to happiness)

Ragini widened her eyes…
Sanskar(realized what he did):sry
Ragini glares at him ..

sanskar:dnt be angry..if u dnt like it..return it to me..
Ragini looks on angry..sanskar rubs her cheek with his palm nd says sry sry..saying he left to dj select for song…ragini smiles hiding her blush nd murmurs pagal…
Sangeet was going on…first swalak ,all family danced..ragini eas enjoying while sanslar admiring her…finally ragsan stepped into dance floor…nachde ne saree(baar baar dekho) song plays ragsan rocking..suddenly songs changes to romantic tune…ragini stops nd about to go but sanskar holds her hand nd pulls ,ragini landed on his chest..sanskar asks through his eyes pls, ragini jst lost in his eyes she nodded…they wr dancing passionately…song got over…ragini was thinking what had happend recently while sanskar was happy as ragini danced with him…
2days passed..ragini started takikng with sanskar friendly ..

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Ragini jst wakes up nd goes to washroom nd sees sanskar there..
Ragini:u cme here too..i want to get fresh go

Ragini:areh go na…saying she try to push him but she hits wall as there is no sanskar it was her imagination..ragini hits her head..she came after bath nd sees sanskar coming towards her…ragini asks what he was doing here…sanskar comes close to her nd removes towel frm her hair..some of water droplets fell on her face sanskar leaned to her face nd wipes those waterdrops by his lips ragini closed her eyes…after a while ragini opens her eyes nd sees around nd looks ar her hair which is covered with towel..she realized it was also her imagination..she says he makes me mad..i should stay away frm him…

Ragini gets a msg frm sanskar that come to terrace urgently…Ragini thought she will clear this matter today so she comes to terrace which was beautifully decorated with candles flower petals balloons..nd i love u written on ground with rose petals..ragini was stunned seeing all these as she does nt expect this..sanskar comes infront of her nd kneeling down nd proposes her “will u marry me”..ragini looks at sanskar who was looking her hopefully.she closed her eyes..

Sanskar:dnt u love me
Ragini(shouts):no…i told u before only i dnt believe in all this…do u think it was a love jst got attracted to me seeing my could anyone fallen love
By seeing face…
Sanskar:i fell love with u before seeing ur face

Sanskar:ha..when u hugged me, i felt beautiful feeling i jst wished time muststops there..
Ragini: can love happens by d hug?what rubbish
Sanskar suddenly drags her nd hugs her tightly(i took this scene frm telugu mve(maska))..
Ragini jst frozen in that place…after a while sanskar brks d hug..
Sanskar:did u feel something
Ragini(avoiding eye contact):nodded no

Sanskar:u r lieing
Ragini (loudly):i said no..stay away frm me..saying she runs…sanskar says i knw u loves me i will make u confess it…

Ragini comes to room nd recalling sanskar hug..she says to herself i lied to him..ha i lied saying i didnt feel anything but i also felt time would stop there heart beated fastly nd i dnt want to come frm his i in love..but how could i love him being engaged with someone..ha im already engaged with my dad’s friend son…but sanskar came into my life i felt irritated first but later his antics made me smile his naughtyness made me blush ..he made me mad about him..i knw fault is mine.. i should have told him that im engaged but i dnt knw y i hided this frm him..she was recalling about her engagement nd about sanskar…

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