HUG (RagSan SS) shot-2

Shot 1

Ragswa sanlak r went ice cream shop…swalak orderd their ice creams…ragini said chocolate..sanskar too said same..
Laksh:areh sanskar y r u ordered chocolate..u didnt like na
Sanskar:ha i changed my taste
Sanskar:for some special person..
(he looks at ragini ,ragini gave i dnt care look)
Laksh:whom it was
Ragini signals as no
Sanskar(smiles):i will tell u later
Waiter get icecreams…swalak wr having while talking eo..ragini also having but sanskar looking at ragini..ragini slowly wishperd eat orelse it will melt u can see me after eating also…sanskar smiles nd he takes one spoon his face expression changed as he didnt like chocolate…ragini sees this nd says no need to do all this leave it order what u like..sanskar said no i can eat this saying he eat looking into ragini eyes…ragini doesnt understand how to react but she felt bad seeing sanskar….after that they roam some places…sanskar gives to ragini a bracelet…ragini says i dnt want….sanskar says i gave swalak also plz take it,ragini take it…after spending sometime they reached their respective homes..

Ragini was sleeping.. Suddenly she wakes up as feeling thirsty..she opens her eyes nd shocked to see sanskar there..she about to shout sanskar covers her mouth nd asks her dont shout….ragini bites his palm which was on her mouth…sanskar jerked his hand..
Ragini:what r u doing here
Sanskar:i want to see u so i cme
Ragini:what..she looks at her beside ns doesnt find swara…where is swara
Sanskar:she was with laksh in garden..
Sanskar:lakah missing her so he came..i also missed u so i cme..
Ragini:they wr together whole day na before 1hr only we cme to home..still he feel missing her
Sanskar:ha that was love
Ragini:whatever u go
Sanskar:no..i stay till swara cme
Ragini:no need go
Ragini:areh go na im sleepy
Sanskar:then sleep
Ragini :how can i sleep u here na
Ssnskar:i will not say anything ,nd i will do anything..i will not distrub u..u sleep…
Ragini:then what will u do..go na
Sanskar:jst i want to see
Ragini was sitting on bed with pout face nd sanskar was staring at her without blinking eyes…it has been 30min
Ragini:how much time u will see me like this
Sanskar:life long
Ragini looks at his eyes they have eyelock…disturbed by sanskar mbl was laksh nd asks him to cme..
Sanskar:k im going..good night my love
Ragini:thank god..go
Sanskar:k tell me good night
Ragini:what if i wont tell
Sanskar:i wont go
Ragini(foldes her both hands):good night
Sanskar smiles nd says good night..i love u..bye he kissed her forehead nd leaves…leaving shocked ragini who was touching her forehead with numb expression….

@next day(swara mehandi)
Gadodias came with ragini to mm…ragini wore beautiful pink nd cream lehenga…sanskar came to ragini…
Sanskar:u r looking stunning in this dress..
Ragini ignores him
Sanskar:frankly u r tempting me..u r looking amazing
Ragini (widened her eyes):what does u think of ur self
Sanskar:what i did..i jst complemented u
Ragini:not now..last night
Sanskar(acts like thinking):what i did
Ragini:u kissed could u do
Sanskar(coldly):oh about kiss na..that time i felt
Saying she walks sanskar followed by saying k sorry..plz forgive me..ragini ignores..
sanskar: forgive me yar..
Ragini:what if no
Sanskar:i will
Ragini:u will
Sanskar:i will cry
Sanskar:ha i will cry
Ragini:k cry
Sanskar acted as crying loudly..all fam meb came while ragini stood shocked..
Laksh:kya hua sanskar
Suji,ap:sanskar tum teek to hena
Sanskar looks at ragini..she signals him as she forgve..
Sanskar(stops crying): nothing guys..jst for fun
Sanskar(smiles sarcastically):get ur works sry..
Ragini smiles at him while
All leaves nd get busy in function..

Swara asks ragini to get mehandi on her hands..ragini sits sanskar came..
Ragini(in mind not again)
Sanskar sits beside her nd starts staring her..
Ragini:this is ladies function jst go
Ragini:see how all r staring u like that
Sanskar:i dont care
Ragini:y r u irritating me
Sanskar:im not irritating im loving u..
Ragini:for ur love sake go frm here
He moves mehandi designer nd told something to her nd leaves…
Designer completes applying mehendi on ragini hands..ragini sees this nd noticed RagSan written on this…ragini asks her what is this..she says he(sanskar) told me to write this…
Ragini stands up angrily(lil)nd started searching sanskar..suddenly she slips due to her heavy long lehenga sanskar holds her before she falling..they have eyelock..

MUST READ: hai friends…i dnt knw whether ragsan fans got reduced r my story was really dissopinted due to less comments on my past few updates…plz tell me is it bad i will stop all my updating keeping my works aside but what i got nothing…is it good r bad plz comment…nd frankly tell me should i update or not my HUMKO TUMSE HOGAYA PYAR ND EK MEIN AUR EK TUM nd this one too..orelse i will stop..nd? thank u so much my regular commentors bcz of u people im updating this..thank u somuch..nd im sry if anyone hurt..

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