YOUR HUG IS MY FAVOURITE PLACE One Shot: TwiNj by Purvi and Paavu

Hi guys.
I m here with an os. First read my os then my all bak bak is in end. But read that, it has an important note.

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A girl’s and a boy’s back is shown. They were shown holding hands. Her hairs were open and were flying. The camera comes in front. They were none other than “Made For Each other Jodi” our ♡TwiNj♡
They were standing on the beach.
T – “Kunj, you know this is the best feeling ever, standing with your best friend infront of a beach.”
Kunj just smiled.
T – “Kunj, you always saves me with every problem. You are my saviour and of course my best friend. From our childhood till today, you always saved me from every problem chahy wo arjun jesy ladke se bachana ho ya fir koi bhi problem ho!”
K – “Twinkle, you are my best friend, and being your best friend, its my duty!”
T – “Kunj, sometimes I think that what if you leave me? What will happen to me.?”
He placed his finger on her lips preventing her to speak.
K – “Ssshhh… never twinkle, never. I will never leave you. No matter what happens. I will even fight from death to save you!”
T – “Kunj, i don’t know agar tum meri zindagi me fir se na aaty to pata nahi kya hota?”
She said and hugged him. He also hugged her. Someone captured their pic.
T – “I Love You Kunj, but only as a friend!”
She said and smiled
K – “I know Twinkle..!”
He also smiled.
They broke the hug and again holds each others hands and started walking towards the beach.
She rests her head on his shoulder. He looked at her. Again, someone captured their picture.
I know twinkle you love me as a friend. But, I love you since childhood. I don’t know when my friendship turned into love. I just hope that your friendship also turned in love. I wish you feel same for me as I feel for you! Babaji, make her love me, please! I can’t tell you because i don’t want to loose you!”
I smiled at her and cleared my tears which were ready to come out of my eyes.
Kunj, being with you is the best thing ever. Your friendship is the most valuable thing for me. If I have to chose between my life and my friend, you. I would choose you. Because you loved me when I couldn’t love myself. You are my saviour. I don’t need to fear from anything because if you are with me na then no problem can even touch me.”
I smiled and looked at him and he was already staring me.
T – “Although yuvi is also my friend but I never feel comfortable with him.”
He smiled.
T – “Kunj, can I ask you something?”
K – “Hmm?”
T – “What is there in your secret room?”
K – “You will soon get to know this!”
T – “Okkk!”
The camera shows the sun setting and TwiNj holding hands.

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪
Twinkle was in her room. She called Kunj.
T – “Hello!”
K – “Hello! Haan twinkle bol? Koi naya siyappa toh nahi ker diya tu ne?”
T – “Ohhh God Kunj, tum mujhy kyun itna irritate kertay ho? Seriously tum se toh bat kerna hi bekaar hai!”
K – “Achaa meri Siyappa Queen, bol kya bat hai?”
T – “Firstly say sorry?”
K – “Ufff twinkle tu kitni ziddi hai, achaa baba sorry?”
T – “Where are you?”
K – “I am at Office!”
T – “When will you come home?”
K – “Its 7 p.m na, so maybe by 8 or 9. But why are you asking?”
She cuts the call without answering him.
K – “Hello, twinkle. Ajeeb ladki hai?”
Twinkle grabbed the car keys and left from there.
T – “Ye achha time hai? Kunj ghar pe nahi hai. Now, i can open his secret room. Me bhi toh dekhun aesa kya hai us room mein jo mujhse chhupa ke rakha hai!”
She drove off to Sarna Mansion.
She reached there and parked her car.
She entered the mansion and directly went towards his secret room. First she tried to find keys but of no use.
Then an idea pop up in her head.
She quickly took out the hair pin from her hairs and started to open the door.
After about 30 minutes, she was successful in opening the door.
She entered the room and saw it completely dark. She switched on the lights and when she turned her jaws dropped down. She was numb to saw the room. She cupped her face in astonishment.
The camera revolves and showed the whole room.
The 3 walls were covered with thousands of pics and the 4th wall was covered with some cards.
She goes near the walls. It showed the pics of Twinkle and Kunj from childhood till now. Twinkle’s birthday, kunj’s birthday, their school day’s pictures, the college day’s pictures with Yuvi and Mahi. A cute smile appeared on her lips.
She moved forward and one thing which shocked her was yesterday’s pic of TwiNj in which they were shown hugging eo on the beach and also twinkle resting her head on his shoulder.
T – “Ye Kunj ne kis tarah capture ki? Hamare elawa toh or koi bhi nahi thi wahan!”
Then she took some steps further and one thing grabbed her attention. She became numb.
A card was shown on which a Heart was drawn and in the centre of the heart was written “Kunj Loves Siyappa Queen”
T – “Does he loves me?”
She then read the cards which were pasted on the wall.
She read aloud
Her mouth got wide open.
She then read the next card.
“Is dil ka kaha mano
Ek kaam ker do,
Ek be-naam si mohabbat
Mere naam ker do,
Meri zaat par faqat
Itna ehsaan ker do,
Kisi din subah ko milo
Aur shaam ker do.” (Mujh per waqai Survi ka asar aagaya hai!)
She smiled and read another card
“Kabhi Socha Na Tha
Tujhe Dekhna
Meri Har Khushi Ban Jaaye Gi
Tujhe Sochna
Meri Zindagi Ban Jaaye Gi”
She heard some foot steps and turned around to find Kunj standing near the door folding his hands.
K – “So, tu meri jasoosi ker rahi thi?”
T – “Nahi..! Wo..! I mean..!”
He came close to her.
K – “Kya wo. Nahi.! Haan? Bol na?”
T – “Pehly tum batao kya hai ye sab?”
K – “Ms.Siyappa Queen ap ko kisi ne bataya nahi ke question ka answer question nahi hota?”
T – “Oyee Sadu Sarna, mujhy siyappa queen bolna band kero..!”
K – “Tu Siyappa queen hai, thi or hamesha rahy gi! Or wesy bhi tu siyappe kerna khatam ker day, me siyappa queen bolna band ker dunga!”
T – “Kunj seriuosly you are impossible!”
She steps forward to get out of the room but he came in her way.
K – “First tell me!”
T – “Kunj, please let me go!”
K – “Not so easily!”
He started to move closer to her. She stepped back. He moved closer and she stepped back and then stopped by the wall. He caged her and put his hands side by side of her on the wall.
K – “Where will you go now?”
T – “Kunj please?”
He nodded in no.
He started to move closer. Their was only an inch distance between them. She started to breath heavily. He was so close to her that she can even feel his breath on her face.
She closed her eyes.
But then opened them and asked.
T – “Pehly tum toh batao, ye sab kiya hai?? Haan? Ye pics or wo cards or haan most importantly wo heart? Haan bolo?”
K – “Sab such hai!” He said calmly.
They were still in the same position.
T – “Haww Kunj, chodo mujhe. Me late ho rahi hun. I have to go!”
K – “Jab late nahi ho rahi thi jab wo cards padh rahi thi?”
T – “Wo, kunj..! Wo..”
K – “Kya wo wo.? Bol?”
T – “Achaa fine, haan i was reading that. Kyunke tum ne kabhi mujhe is room ka bataya hi nahi ke is mein kiya hai! I thought i m your best friend and you share everything with me but I was wrong. You never….” she was stopped in the middle by kunj.
Her face was blank. She doesn’t know what to say.
K – “Twinkle I m saying something. I love you! I really love you!”
T – (stammering) “You… you love me as a friend right. I . I mean jesy ..” she was again stopped in the middle by him
Her eyes was teary.
Twinkle’s pov
Does he really loves me? Did Kunj just say that he loves me as a man loves his woman? Oh god i m in such a big dilemma!
My eyes went towards his perfect lips. I thought that they are made for me. I placed my lips on his and quickly moved back. I don’t know why?
End of pov
Kunj’s pov
I could sense her confused. Babaji please make her say that she loves me. Please.
I was thinking this when i felt a soft sweet touch on my lips. Does she really kiss me or i am dreaming? No, she kissed me in real. She just gave a peck.
End of pov

Twinke was looking down in awkwardness.

Kunj holds her chin from his index finger and make her look into his eyes.
K – “Twinkle. You don’t need to feel awkward.”
T – “Kunj, can you please hug me?”
He took a few steps backward and opened his arms.
She ran and hugged him tightly.
He also hugged her back.
After few minutes, they broke the hug.
K – “Twinkle?”
T – “Hmm?”
He moved closed to her lips. She understands and covered his mouth from her hand.
T – “Not so easily.” She said as same as kunj said to her and kissed him on his covered lips.
K – “Twinkle yarr that’s not fair!”
T – “Everything is fair in love and war.”
K – “Ohh, so you love me?”
Twinkle blush.
K – “Tell me?” He took few steps towards her.
T – “Maybe, maybe not!”
He said nothing and placed his lips on hers.
She was shocked by his sudden action but then gave in.
The kiss was full of passion, love which they carry for each other.
He holds her waist and squeezed it. Her hands were travelling in his hairs.
After about 20 minutes, the broke the kiss because of the lack of oxygen.
She was blushing and Kunj couldn’t resist himself and again smashed his lips into hers.
After about 10 minutes, twinkle tried to broke the kiss but he pulled her.
Kunj was not willing to broke the kiss and then Twinkle pushed him slightly.
K – (makes a puppy face) “Twinkle…!”
T – “Awww you are looking so cute.” She said and pulled his cheeks.
K – “Twinkle don’t do this..”
She again pulled his cheeks.
K – “Twinkle please yarr..!”
To stop her he holds her hand and pulled her from her waist. She lands up on his chest.
They share an eye lock.
K – “Twinkle please I m dying to hear those three words from you? Pleass say na!”
T – “Meri marzi, bhaee zabardasti hai kiya! Jab mood hoga to bol dungi!”
K – “Twinkle…!”
He get sad and bowed his head.
She sensed that he is getting sad and gave a kiss on his cheek and said
As soon as he heard the words I LOVE YOU KUNJ he quickly hugged her in happiness.
She smiled.

The screen freezes on twinj in a hugging position with a contentful smile playing on their lips.

▪ ▪ ▪ ▪ ▪


I was supposed to write my ff. But i will post it tomorrow. I hope its okay.
And this idea is of my Butter cup .. that is Paavu. So this os credit goes to her. Literally she helped me a lot.
And a good news for you all.
I am not going to quit TU because my friend who was quitting TU is now not quitting and I m very much happy.
And also i m here because of my jaan that is VAASU DI.
So guys sorry for that. I m not quitting TU.

Loads of love…

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  1. Sohi

    It was beautiful and sweetest os
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    srsly beautiful n sooo cute lovely beautiful adorable os…………..☺
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  3. Very adorable os purvi and paavu I loved it to the core

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    awesome amazing fabulous cute marvelous epi

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    Awesome ….. The the os is was so sweet and beautifully written ….
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    Hey sweeter I was knowing nd this was cute just loved it

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    Maine toh idea dia tha tumme ise wrds diye whuch is most important and ys toreotune mujhe mere hi idea se pyar karva dia sach mein mujhe ye idea dene se zyada padh ke acha laga its so beautifully carved every single wprd whethrr its beach wrds kunjs sacha pyar for her wen she was jst frnd I knw my idea but wrds emotions all urs na all urs its soooo pretty written and I m more and more all and over falling in love wid ur shayaris and dat romance dat was ur part na dat was awesomest dear awesomest and yrr wo wrdings dat you …. frst wrd dat is u it was so lovrly and twinkle pecking his lip was really nice yrr and ya twi realizing love by seeing his lips perfect lips just made fr her and seriously 30 mins wala kiss huhhh yrr yeh thakte nahi hai itni kiss larke huhhhh I knw I sound funny here bt really u nailed hammeeed hehe dis everything to it love u my oreo

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    This is the cutest one twinj we’re beyond cute Purvi you make miss twinj even more.

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    Purvi dear love it to the core. Just no words to describe the os. This was truely amazing mind blowing fabulous and what not. Jo bhi bolun kaam padenge. Yaar you really nailed it. And like seriously mera asar. Yaar shayari mujhse bhi aachi thi. I love you…??? sorry for late comment. And never stop writing. Because someone is there who loves it. I am also one of them….

    Mar Kar Tamanna Jeene Ki Kise Nhi Hoti
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