The hug that changed me (Part 9)

Sanskar room..
Sanskar thinking about Swara..
He was restless and he goes to see Swara..
He entered Swara room.. He looks at her sleeping.. As she was unconscious because of sleeping pill

His eyes are filled with tears seeing her in this position!!
He goes near her..nd touches her head..
And gets shocked..
Sanksar: (worried) Swara you got high fever!! Ohh god this is because of me!! I’m sorry Swara!!
He holds her hand..

Swara I’m very sorry for hurting you!! Swara plz look at me.. I know you won’t forgive me… But just look at me once,

A tear falls from her eyes!!
He gets emotional seeing her tears.. He wipes it..

(He hears someone coming… He gets tensed.. Kisses her forehead and leaves)

Shomi watches this from a distance and smiles seeing his love.. She gets happy!!

Sanskar room:
Sanskar gets happy.. As he saw Swara.. He was big relieved to see her!!
He sleeps peacefully..

It’s raining
Laksh room:
Raglak keeps on talking.. Nd enjoys the rain.. Hearing thunder sound Ragini gets scared and hugs Laksh!!
Laksh gets happy feeling her so close and he hugs her back!!
It was a big hug!! They were involved in their hug!!
Ragini comes out of her senses.. She looks at Laksh and pushes him.. Nd feels uncomfortable!
Ragini: I’m sorry Laksh!!
Laksh smiles..
Laksh: Ragini I don’t know why girls hide their feelings
Ragini: (blushes and tensed) feelings? Kya feelings Laksh!!
Laksh smiles and comes near to Ragini.. Nd places his hand on her.. He lifts her face… Nd stares at her lovingly..

Ragini is tensed

Laksh: Ragini will you marry me??
Ragini is shocked but happy.. She couldn’t believe what Laksh Laksh said to her..

Ragini: (excited) yes Laksh!! I love you soo much yar!! (She hugs him tightly)
Laksh also hugs her back.. Nd kisses her cheeks!!
(They share some romantic time)

Next day:

Swara remembers the moment she spent with Sanskar and wakes up..
She cries remembering those moments…

Shomi enters the room..
Shomi: Shona beta are you fine!!
Swara: hides her tears… Ha ma I’m fine!!
Shomi: I know everything Swara.. Don’t hide anything from me!! (She caresses her)
Swara gets emotional and hugs shomi..

Swara: Maa!! Why did this happen to me? Why me ma?? They played with my feelings.. She hugs her tightly.. Nd Di.. I hate her ma!! She don’t love me at all! She always wanted me to cry!! I hate her so much!!

Shomi: ur mistaken Swara!! Ragini.. Loves you soo much!! She kept that bet to unite you and Sanskar!!

Swara is shocked
Swara: Kya??

Shomi: tells her everything!!
Swara is shocked..

Swara: ma but what’s so necessary to do like this?
Shomi: she loves you Shona!! She cares for you..
Swara: cries knowing her sister loves her..
She gets down from the bed to meet her..

Shomi: Shona! Where r u going?
Swara: ma I want too meet di!
(She goes to Ragini room… Nd stops near her room)

Raglak conversation:
Ragini: Laksh! I’m so scared!
Laksh: scared of what??
Ragini: how will we manage Swara, when Aman comes.. What If she doesn’t react to him?
Laksh: Yaa Ragini, even I’m scared but let’s try our best!!

Laksh stops seeing Swara.. Nd he signals Ragini..

Ragini looks at Swara and starts acting like a rude girl!!

Ragini: Swara!! How dare you enter the room without my permission??
When she was about to say anything..

Swara hugs her??

Ragini and Laksh are shocked

Swara: (cries) I’m sorry Di!! I’ve misunderstood you.. I’m really very sorry!!
She hugs her tightly..

She looks at shomi.. Shomi signals her that she knows everything..

Ragini hugs her more tightly!!

Ragini: Swaraa!! Why are you crying!! I’m there with you always!!

Swaragini tune plays..

Laksh and shomi are very happy too see swaragini together!!

Swara: Di!! I’m fine!! But please stop all this! I can’t forgive Sanskar!! I don’t want his love!! Ur there with me! That’s enough!!

Ragini:(shocked) Swara!! Noo.. Ur wrong! I know Sanskar did wrong.. But he loves you Swara!! Yes!! He did for the bet.. That bet made Sanskar to get close to you.. He loves you soo much! He really cares for you.. Just do as I say.. Nd you can see his love…

Laksh: haa Swara!! You know yesterday! When he got to know that ur not feeling well he was very worried..

Shomi: and ya.. He came to ur room yesterday night!! He was so worried for you!!

Swara, Laksh and Ragini are shocked!!

Ragini: Kya? Laksh did you see he secretly met her!!
Laksh: Swara!! Now did u understand!! How much he cares for you!!

Swara smiles..
Swara: but I won’t talk to him now.. I hate him.. I won’t forgive him!!
(She keeps a pout face)

Ragini: don’t forgive him!!
Laksh: don’t talk to him
Ragini: Show ur full anger on him.. He will realise his love when ur far from him!!

Shomi: you guys carry on!! I forgot ur papa called me!! Il come again..

(Shomi leaves)
Laksh: thankgod!! Now our plan will workout very easily as Swara knows it!!

Swara: Kya plan?
Laksh tells her everything about Aman!!

Swara: but Laksh! Dis is wrong!! I can’t play with his feelings!

Ragini: come on Swara!! Your not playing or cheating!! Ur just winning ur love!! Your not harming him!!

Laksh: haa Swara.. Don’t worry we all are with you.. Just follow Aman!! Okay??
And behave rudely with Ragini as if u hate her!! Okay??

Swara: (smiles) okay Laksh!!
Laksh : arey Swara not Laksh!! Im ur jiju??

Swara is shocked??

Swara: Kya??
(She looks at Ragini who is blushing)
Swara gets happy..
Swara: (hugs Ragini) Di!! I’m soo happy for u both!!
Trio share a group hug!!

Laksh: Swara!! Next time In this hug.. Sanskar will be with us!!

Swara: (blushes)

Ragini and Laksh teases her..

Ragini: okay Swara! You remember the plan right??

Swara: haa Di!!

Swara goes to her room..

Breakfast table:

All r sitting.. Sanskar thinks about Swara..
Suddenly at that time Swara comes..

Sanskar stares at her.. But Swara doesn’t look at him!!
She ignores him completely!!
Sanskar feels sad!

Laksh: good morning Swara!!
Swara: good morning Laksh!!

She wishes everyone but she doesn’t wish Sanskar…

After the breakfast..

All are sitting in hall..
Swara is sitting with Sujatha and annapurn!! Sanskar tries to speak with her

Sanskar: hello Swara!!
Swara doesn’t reply she don’t even look at him..

Sanskar goes close to Swara..
Swara please talk to me?? I can’t see u like this
Swara doesn’t look at him instead she walks from there angrily..

Sanskar is hurt!!

At that time Aman comes with fruits!!

Everyone welcomes him!!
Aman goes near Swara!!
Aman: hello Swara! How r u?? How is ur health?? Here ma gave you this fruits..

Swara: Thankyou Aman!!

Ragini and Laksh goes towards Sanskar..
Ragz: arey wow!! Soo cute pair na Laksh!!
Laksh: haa Ragini.. Made for each other!!

Sanskar gets angry!!

Laksh: hey Aman!! Happy birthday dude!!
Aman is shocked..

Shekar: Aman today is ur bday??

Aman: Bday…. ?? He looks at Laksh angrily..Laksh tells him to node yes!!

Aman: haa uncle!!

Laksh: actually uncle today he is inviting us for dinner.. He is feeling shy to invite!!

Shekar: hahaha y shy Aman!! Anyways actually we r little busy.. You guys carry on!!

Aman looks at Laksh very angrily… Ragini and Swara smiles looking at his expressions..

Laksh signals Aman something..

Aman goes near Swara

Aman: Swara!! Your must!! U need to come to my party!! Plzz yar..

(He holds her hands)

Sanskar fumes with anger..

Swara: haa sure Aman!! I will come.. In fact I’m feeling bored at home!!
Ragini: okay dude!! Today evening will get ready!

Aman places his hand on Laksh..
Aman: Laksh will you come out plz.. I have some work with you

Laksh gets tensed seeing his expressions

Ragini smiles looking at Laksh..

Aman: Sally?? What are you trying to do yar??
Laksh: smiles.. Aman chill yar.. Suddenly I got a plan.. So I told like that

He tells his plan to Aman!
Aman smiles…

Episode ends

Ragini makes Swara to wear short dress Swara new look for the party!!

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