The hug that changed me (Part 8)

Ragini smiles thinking her plan has worked!!!
Ohh god!! Now I should tell this to Laksh!!
She runs to Laksh room..

Swara is broken completely.. She cries soo much!
At the same time.. Shomi feels restless, she comes out of her balcony.. And gets shocked seeing Swara crying!!
Shomi runs near Swara…

Swara in lawn!!
Why Sanskar why did you to this? I know I’m not correct for you, I even avoided you.. But why did you act by loving me!! How can you bet on me!! This 1 month I was very happy that I got my love back.. I hate you Sanskar.. I will never forgive you in my life!! I hate you!

(Shomi stops listening to her words and gets confused)

And Di.. I loved you soo much! I never felt bad whenever you scolded me but today, it’s paining!!
How can you bet on ur sister!! How can you make my life a joke!! I hate you di..
(She cries so much and leaves from there)

Shomi is shocked to hear all this!! She cries seeing Swara in pain!!

Laksh room:
(Ragini knocks the door)
Ragini: Laksh open d door!!
Laksh opens the door..
Laksh: Ragini Kya hua? You know what’s the time now?
Ragini: Laksh I’m soo happy… She tells him what happened!! And
(She hugs him with excitement…. Laksh stares at her lovingly)
Ragini: I’m sorry Laksh!!
Laksh: winks? it’s okay!!
Ragini: But Laksh.. What’s next??
Laksh: wait and watch!!
Ragini : I know this bet would change 2 life’s.. Nd I know That Sanskar can do anything for the bet.. Nd..
(Stops seeing shomi and gets shocked)

Ragini: ma tum yaha!!!
Shomi angrily goes towards Ragini.. And slaps her!!!

Shomi: (angry and cries) how can you do this Ragini.. How can you play with ur sisters life.. What did she do?? You accepted ur stepmom whole heartedly but why are you not accepting ur step sister??
She’s innocent Ragini.. She only needs love from you but Why are you hating her soo much!!

(She cries saying these words)

Ragini: (cries) Maa!! Noo ma ur mistaken!!
Shomi: shut up Ragini!! You don’t have rights to call me Maa!!
Ragini is broken by her words!!!
Laksh: aunty!! First listen to her!!
Shomi: what should I listen Laksh!! And you all are friends ryt, why dint you stop Ragini from doing such things!! You all cheated Swara!! You all left her alone!! My poor Swara!! She’s alone!!
Laksh: aunty!! Ur mistaken! What u heard is not right!! Aunty it was our plan to unite Swara and Sanskar!
Shomi: (shocked) Kya??
Laksh: haa aunty!! It was Ragini’s plan, and today our plan gave some hope!!
Ragini: haa mom!! I heard ur conversation with Swara, when ur telling her about Sanskar..


Shomi: Swara, Sujatha aunty liked u a lot, she asked you for Sanskar!! And we thought that this will be a best match for you.. Sanskar, he is very good.. I trust them so much!! You will be happy..What do u say?

Swara shocked but gets very happy

Swara: Maa.. Is this true?

Shomi: haa Swara!! You both look cute together!! By the way do You like him?
Shona : (thinks about the first time when she saw Sanskar, and blushes) haa mom!! I like him since childhood.. But what about Sanskar, will he accept this relation..
Shomi: ha Shona!! He will defintly accept you! Trust me..

Swara blushes and hugs shomi..

Ragini listens to the conversation..
She is shocked but gets happy..
Swara and Sanskar?? Ohh god!! It’s so funny!! And Swara loves Sanskar?? Very strange!!
(She leaves from the place)

The next day when Sanskar rejected Swara..

Ragini watches Swara crying alone in her room seeing Sanskar’s pic!!
She hears her words..

(I should avoid Sanskar, if I talk to him I will get feelings, it’s better to avoid him.. I should accept the truth that he don’t love me!! I won’t let him see me, may be he won’t like me , I can’t see him rejecting me on my face.. It’s better to stay like this.)

(Ragini feels sad for Swara..her eyes are filled with tears seeing her little sister crying)

She thinks in her mind!!
Swara!! Why are you crying, when ur sister is with you!! I may tease you or scold you but I even know That I’m blessed to have a sister like you!! Your such a loving person.. But Sanskar doesn’t know that Swara.. But he will know that soon!!

Ragini takes Sanskar to her college and at that time she will tell Sanskar about Swara.. She notices that he doesn’t have minimum interest on Swara..
That’s the reason she kept a bet.. So that he can spend some time with Swara and will get to know about her!!

Flashback ends!

Shomi: is this true Ragini??
Laksh: haa aunty!! The next day when I came, Ragini told me everything!!
Nd you know today.. The bet was completed.. Sanskar started loving Swara..
They had a serious confession…just few min ago!!

Ragini: haa mom!! If I don’t interrupt at that time.. Sanskar wouldn’t have leave her!! But I did that because he should completely realise that he loves her wholeheartedly!! Nd Swara should know abt the bet.. She should hate him.. Sanskar should know her importance when Swara hates him!

Shomi is shocked!!
Shomi: what’s all this Ragini?? If he don’t like Swara, leave it we can see another person for her..
Laksh: but aunty!! Swara loves Sanskar!! This one month she is soo happy!! Nd even Sanskar!! They both are made for each other.. Nd Sanskar is in love aunty!! Today afternoon when Aman is speaking with Swara.. I saw Sanskar face..
Ohh god!! He was fuming with anger!!
Lol!!! I can’t stop myself laughing!!!
(He gives hifi to ragini)

Shomi:(looks at them laughing) Ragini!! I’m sorry beta! I’ve misunderstood u.. I’m very sorry!! (She kisses her)

Ragini: Noo Maa! Don’t say sorry to me!!
But ma!! I’m helping Swara, but that doesn’t mean I will stop scolding her.. She is my sister!! I can scold her anytime!!
Swara should cry when I scold her..
Only I have that right for those tears…
(I always tease her but I never took that seriously)
But Maa I can’t see her in pain when someone breaks her heart!!
She is my sister.. I want her to be happy!
(She cries saying those words)
Shomi gets happy and hugs her!!

Laksh too joins the hug!!

Laksh: aunty!! Now leave everything for us! Nd I bet… Before Sanskar leave to London!! He will take Swara along with him!!
Shomi: laughs.. Now I don’t fear for anything!! My Ragini is with Swara!! Nd if you need any help you can ask me too!!
Ragini: wow mom!!! Thankyou soo much!!

All leaves to their room..

Next day:

Shomi enters Swara room.. Nd watches Swara lying on the floor !! .. She gets worried and goes near her!!
Shomi: swara! Swara!
(She touches her head and finds that she had fever)
Shona!! She got fever!!… Hey Bagwan!! Ye Sab Kya hai??
(She wakes her)
Swara wakes up…
Shomi: (worried) Swara are you fine?? You look soo sad.. And why are lying here on the ground?? Kya hua beta??
Swara doesn’t speak anything but just closes her eyes!
Shomi: Swaraa!! Il inform ur papa!!
Swara holds her hand..
Swara: Maa plz don’t leave me!! Stay with me ma!!

Shomi gets emotional hearing her words

Shomi: I’m not going anywhere Swara..Il call the doctor… You sleep for sometime!!
She places her on the bed!! And makes her sleep…

Shomi when leaving the room.. Looks back at Swara and cries seeing her condition!!

She goes down and inform Shekar about Swara fever.. Shekar gets worried and he informs doctor!!

Sanskar room:
Sanskar wakes up.. He was very disturbed with yesterday’s situation!
He was still confused as he doesn’t understand what’s happening to him!
He thinks
Sanskar!! Just free yourself!! You don’t need to act anymore! It was just a game!! Nd you won it Sanskar!! Leave all that!! It’s a party time!! Go Nd enjoy ur self!!

He goes out…
Laksh: hey Sanskar good morning!!
Sanskar: good morning dude!!
Laksh: Challo lets have breakfast…
Sanskar: haa Challo!!

Breakfast table:
All gathered… Except Swara!!
Sujatha: shomi.. Where is Swara?? She is missing?
Sanskar looks up hearing the word Swara…
Shekar: wo actually…
(At that time doctor comes)
Shekar: ha doctor please come.. Let’s go to Swara’s room
(He takes doctor to Swara’s room)

Snaksar gets shocked… He gets worried!!

Sanskar: Kya?? What happened to Swara?
Shomi: (looks at his worried face) don’t know Sanskar, morning when I went to her room she was lying on the ground..she got high fever!! Don’t worry she will be fine!

Saying this she looks at Ragini..

Laksh and Ragini smiles looking at his concern!! Shomi smiles seeing them!!

After some time doctor comes down!!
Doctor: nothing to worry!! She was worrying about something!! This is just because of stress!! I think she dint sleep the whole night!! Let her take rest.. She will be fine!!

Sanskar gets worried!!
Ragini: Maa take care of Swara! We have some work!!
Shomi: okay take care!!
Laksh: sanskar done with ur breakfast!!
Sanskar: (comes out of his Sense) haa Laksh!
Ragini: Challo guys lets go!!

They go outside!!
In car:
Laksh and Ragini sitting at front!! Snaksar at back..
He remembers the moment with Swara where he holded her hands and teased her!!
He gets disturbed while thinking!!

Sanskar: Laksh where are we going now??
Laksh: I should tell you both an important matter
Ragini: what’s that Laksh?
Laksh: surprise.. But don’t worry it’s a good news!
Sanskar: hmm okay!!

THey reach a place… Coffee day!!
Sanskar: Laksh are you crazy!! Just now you had beak fast and how can you again come to a coffee day!
Laksh: sanskar chill yar!! We just came for talking not for eating dude!!
Ragini: will you plz both stop fighting!!

They all sat..
Ragini: Laksh now tell us wt ur gonna to say?
Laksh: wo actually!! I brought a best match for Swara?
Sanskar and Ragini are shocked
Ragini: Kya?? But who is he?
Laksh: ha you all know him so much.. He is Aman!
Sanskar is shocked again!!
Sanskar: kyaaa?? Aman??
Laksh: haa Yaa Aman.. Actually he is in love with her!
Sanskar: what rubbish yar??
Ragini: no Sanskar!! This is a great news! Swara needs that love now!! After breakup with you she needs to move on ryt?
Laksh: what?? Break up? What are you talking?
Ragini: nothing wo actually.. It’s a big story!! Leave all that!!
At that time Aman comes!!
Laksh: hi Aman!!
(Sanskar gets angry seeing him)
Ragini: congrats and all the best yar!! Just now Laksh told about you!!
Aman: blushes..
Laksh: so Aman when are you coming to speak with elders?
Sanskar: speak with elders? But for what?
Aman: for marriage proposal!

Sanskar is double shocked!
Sanskar: marriage??
Laksh: ha Sanskar any problem?
Sanksar: no not at all.. But if you now bring marriage topic now in front of family.. Will you think they will accept?
Ragini: haa ya of course!!
Sanskar: but Ragini.. I heard elders should first gets married.. So they will first concentrate on ur marriage!! Coz ur elder ryt??

Laksh, Aman, Ragini are shocked.. They dint think in this way.. Nd thinks that they plan had flopped!!

Ragini: oofff yaa!! Snaksar is right!!
Aman: Now what should we do?
Ragini: I have an idea!! Aman! First confess ur love to Swara! Have some love moments together.. Later you can talk to elders!!
Laksh: wow That’s a great plan!!

Sanskar looks angrily at both Laksh and Ragini

Aman: but will Swara accept me?

Ragini: (laughs) come on Aman!! She accepted the person who acted infront of her!! But ur love is true.. Defntly she will accept..

Hearing her words Sanskar becomes mute!!
He remembers yesterday night kiss!! And those words where he confessed her!!

Laksh: what Ragini?? What are you saying?
Ragini: I mean I’m giving a clue to Aman!! Nd Aman don’t worry.. Tomorrow evening you confess ur love to Swara!! That’s it!!

Aman: Thankyou guys!! Once Swara will enter into my life!! I will give her lots of happiness..

Sanskar gets angry and gets up!!
Sanskar: I’m getting a call.. Il wait outside! He angrily goes out

Aman, Laksh and Ragini laughs loudly as soon as he goes out!!

After sometime they all leave home!!

Sanskar is in the room..
He is thinking about Swara..
He was worried because he dint see her the whole day)

Sanskar thinks::
Is she fine? I want to see her!!
But no Sanskar! Control yourself!! When you don’t love her you can’t go to her room!! Enough of teasing her!! Nd this is final.. Ur not going to her room now!!
(He controls himself)

Episode ends
Sanskar goes to Swara’s room as he was feeling restless!!

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