The hug that changed me (Part 7)

After the dinner..
All having fun talking to each other in the lawn..
Sanskar looks at Swara.. Swara is very busy I helping shomi..
He looks at her.. But she’s not all looking at him..
Sanskar gets angry..
He goes beside her and takes her to the side..
Swara: sanskar?? Kya hua?
Sanskar: Swara.. Ur not at all looking at me.. So busy in ur work!
Swara: sorry Sanskar! I dint notice!!
Sanskar: okay leave al that.. Exactly at 12:00 il wait for you.. Near the pool.. Okay!! Come soon!! Il wait for you!
Swara: (tensed) okay!!
Sanskar: good girl!! Bye.. (He smiles and leaves)

Aman and Laksh on call..
Laksh: Thankyou Aman!! For ur yummy lunch!!
Aman: it’s my pleasure dude!!
Laksh: (tensed) Aman! I want to ask you something!
Aman: Yaa sure!!
Laksh: what’s happening to you aman! I feel something wrong with you.. I mean I’m speaking about Swara! Do u love her??

Aman: (smiles) laksh!! I just like her.. She’s a good friend to me!! I just want her to be happy!! Na I can do anything for her to make her happy!!

Laksh: Aman!! I need ur help dude!!
(He tells something to Aman)
Aman: (happy) really?? Omg! I’m so happy for Swara!! She’s really damn sweet!! Did you tell her about it??
Laksh: no Aman !! Not yet!! But I need ur help for that!!
Aman: sure Laksh! ! I’m really really very happy for u all!! I promise you, A new love story is gonna happen at ur house!! Don’t worry about it.. I will manage!
Laksh : (smiles) Thankyou so much!!
Aman: okay Laksh ! Tomorrow I will let you know what to do.. Okay bye! Good night

Around 11:30
Sanskar comes to lawn!!
He sits and takes out his guitar..and
He is waiting for Swara.. He looks towards Swara’s balcony and starts playing the guitar..

Swara room
As soon as she heard guitar music.. She goes to the balcony.. She looks at Sanskar who is playing the guitar.. She stares at him.. But he doesn’t notice her presence.. Swara signals him but he don’t look at her!!
Swara goes inside her room and she takes out her violin and plays a music…
Sanskar smiles and looks at her balcony..

He gets happy seeing Swara that too with violin..
(He remembers the first day, where he was lost In her music)
He forwards his hand and signals her to come…
Swara gets happy..excited.. And runs to the lawn.. With her violin)

Swara: (breathing heavily) Sanskar! You came here soo soon!! That too with the guitar !!
Sanskar: (smiles) haa ya I’m bored!! Just thinking a tune for my new album!!
Nd Yaa Swara that day, ur tune was amazing.. Can you play for me?? Plz?
Swara: ha sure Sanskar..
She plays a new tune.. Where Sanskar plays the same tune in guitar..
They both share some super time with music!
Sanskar: Swara woww!! I just loved it!! And my next song will be on this same tune!
Swara: really??
Sanskar: (teasingly) haa.. I wil even add ‘Thankyou my Jaan!! ‘ in the lyrics!!
Swara burst out laughing…
Swara: sanskar! Please stop it! (She laughs more loudly)
Sanskar stares at her smiling… He loved her smile.. He places his guitar to a side.. Nd He slowly goes near her.. Swara stops laughing.. And looks at him tensedly!!

Sanskar: Swara! Ur laugh is making me crazy Swara!!
He comes closer to her..and touches her hands… Nd entangled his hands into her hands.. He slowly starts kissing her hand.. Swara is more tensed… Nd closes her eyes!!
Sanskar was definitely not in his senses anymore. He couldn’t push her off of him. In fact he loved her being there.

Swara on the other hand didn’t know why she wasn’t moving away from him. They stayed gazing at each other for what seemed forever.
They were even closer to each other than they already had been.
Sanskar eyes fell on Swara’s luscious lips. They looked so enticing.
Swara stared at his eyes and noticed him staring at her lips. Her heart began to race like never before and she could hear his heart racing too since she was on top of him. She closes her eyes

Sanskar smiles seeing her nervousness!! He slowly lifted his face while pressing on her waist to get her closer to him.
A shiver went up her spine.
Sanskar leaned slowly yet seductively closed his eyes and kisses on her lips!!
They have a passionate kiss!!

His strong arms were wrapped around her waist holding her close to him…
She was lost in the arms of this guy. It was stunning, better than anything she has ever felt before. Slowly their lips began to move apart. Both panting heavily and gasping for air. They gazed at each other’s eyes.

Just then reality struck him . Sanskar couldn’t believe what he just did it!!

He gets up immediately… He felt soo sorry for kissing her!!
Sanskar: Swara I’m sorry!! I was out of my control!!
He thinks In his mind)
(Ohh!! God..wham am I doing? Sanskar what are you doing? it’s a bet!! You don’t have that right to kiss her!! He was very worried… Suddenly he feels a back hug.. It was Swara..
Swara: (smiles) Sanskar! You don’t need to feel sorry… I’m always urs.. And I trust you soo much!!
Sanskar is shocked to hear the trust word from her mouth… He breaks the hug and turns towards her….
He was surprised to see Swaraa blushing..
Swara hugs him tightly… He doesn’t hugs back..
He was confused…
Swara: I’m so happy today Sanskar!! I never expected that you will be my life!! You know This was my first kiss.. (She blushes) I want this love forever Sanskar!!
(She hugs him tightly…. Sanskar doesn’t know why, but he gets very happy hearing her words… He hugs her more tightly.. It was a bigg hug.. They were lost in each other embrace… He hugged her passionately in the fear of loosing her..

Sanskar thinks about the moments he spent with her, the first hug, where Swara proposed him.. Gives a smile on his face…

(He holds her soo tightly)

He remembers Swara words on the road!!
Swara: I love you Sanskar!!
He smiles with happiness…

Sanskar: (while hugging) Swara!!!
(He looks at her face and cups it..)
I love you Swara!! I love you soo much!!
(His eyes are filled with tears)

He hugs her tightly!!
Swara: I love you too Sanskar!!
(They hug again)

Suddenly they get interrupted by Ragini…

Ragini: (laughing) ohh god!!! Sanskar!!!

Sanskar realises the hug, he remembers about the bet.. And laughs loudly seeing Ragini…

Swara gets scared seeing her sister in front of her and hides behind Sanskar..

Ragini: sanskar!! I can’t believe this!! Finally you won!!
Ragini gives hifi to Sanskar!!
They both laugh continuously!!

Swara is confused!!

Ragini: but Sanskar you don’t know abt me completely.. Though you won.. I can’t be your slave!! I’m quit!! She laughs looking at him!

Sanskar: Ragini this is cheating!! You don’t know how difficult it is to act as a lover to whom I don’t love!!

Swara is shocked!!

Swara: what’s happening Sanskar?
Ragini: (laughs) Swara!! My dumbo Sister!! Are you are thinking this love and this hug is true??
(She again laughs)
Swara: (confused) Kya?
Ragini: haa it was a bet!.. Which I gave to Sanskar! What do you think?? Do u think he really loved you? Noo way Swara!! He won’t even love you in his dreams!!

Swara: Noo Di!! Ur mistaken!! He loves me soo much!! My Sanskar won’t do such things!!
(She goes towards Sanskar.. And hugs him)
Swara: (crying) sanskar! Please make her understand! She’s speaking something.. I’m not at all understanding!!

Sanskar is shocked to see her trust in him!!
He closes his eyes… Takes a long breathe..
He breaks the hug… Nd pushes her!!

Sanskar: (angrily) yes Swara!! This is all a part of a bet!! I don’t love you.. Nd I will never love a girl like you!!

Swara is heart broken!! She feels on her knees!! Nd cries…

Ragini: swara come on!! It’s just a game!! Chill!!!

Sanskar looks at her crying.. He goes towards her.. Ragini stops him..

Ragz: Challo Sanskar!! Leave her alone!! Don’t worry about her!! She will be fine!!
(Saying this she takes him)

Sanskar room
Ragz : woww sanskar! I’m soo happy!! Finally u won!!
Sanskar is silent.. He was thinking about the incident..
Ragz notices his face..
Ragini: sanskar are you fine??wait a min!! I have a doubt.. Do u started loving Swara or what???

Sanskar: (laughs) no Ragini.. Ur mistaken!! You know about me ryt!! I was just thinking about tomorrow plan!!

Ragz: oofff thankgod!! For a sec!! I felt that ur loving her…. Oofff anyways tomorrow get ready soon.. We need to go out!!

Sanskar: okay fine!!
Ragz: bye good night…

(She goes out of the room… But looks back at Sanskar room)

Sanskar is looking at Swara.. Who was completely broken!! Tear falls from his face..

Ragini smiles thinking her plan has worked!!!
Ohh god!! Now I should tell this to Laksh!!
She runs to Laksh room..

Episode ends!!

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