The hug that changed me (Part 6)

Sanskar leaves the place angrily, Swara is broken to hear such words from Sanskar

She fells on her knees and cries.. She don’t know what to do…
She keeps on crying!!!

Next day..

Breakfast table
All greeted each other, Swara looks at Sanskar, but he ignores her..she feels sad..
She goes towards him.. And holds his hand.. He jerks his hand and leaves without staring at her..

The full day he avoids her..

Ragz, Laksh and Sanskar are talking to each other
Sanskar : guys lets go somewhere out.. It’s so boring!!
Ragz : Yess.. It’s so boring
Laksh: shall we go out for a long ride??
Ragz: Yess lets go!

At that Swara comes
Laksh: hey Swara!!
(Sanskar looks at her angrily)
Laksh: y can’t you join us? Let’s all go together?
Swara: haa Laksh I would love to!
Sanskar looks at Swara angrily!!
Sanskar : guys you carry on! I’m not interested!
Swara gets sad, Laksh and Ragz are shocked!
Ragz: but Sanskar, it was ur plan.. What happened Suddenly?
Sanskar: Actually I forgot I have an other work.. I need to go out!! You people carry on!
Laksh: are you sure?
Sanskar: Yess!! 100% sure!!
Laksh: okay fine! Swara and Ragini get ready!!
Swara : I’m sorry guys, you carry on!
Laksh: (shocked) Swara what happend to you!!
Ragini: wo Laksh actually I forgot, Swara can’t come with us.. She has some work with the kids!!
(She don’t want Swara to come)
Swara: ha Laksh! I’m sorry (looking at Ragini)
Laksh: (strange) okay fine!!
Ragini gets happy.. And she leaves to get ready!!

After some time Laksh and Ragini leaveszz

Swara looks at Sanskar room.. She goes inside.. At that time sanskar is talking to his friend.. The mobile is on speaker

Sanskar: haa ya..listen! Il wait near that hill top!comes soon,
She hears The conversation between him and his friend!
Friend: but Sanskar that place is soo risky,
Sanskar: I don’t care yar.. Just come soon!! It’s been many days since we drank!!
Friend: okay I’m coming!!

Swara gets worried.. She thinks
I can’t let him go, what if something happens to him.. I should do something to stop him)

She goes inside his room.
Swara: sanskar, Please don’t go!! Please don’t go ! That place is really risky!!

Sanskar: it’s non of ur business Swara!
Please leave me alone!
Swara: but Sanksar I’m sorry.. Please Once listen to me
Sanskar: Swara please leave me!! By d way why do u care about me! I’m nothing to u!
(He takes the car keys and when he was about to leave)
Swara: sanskar! Plz listen!
(He looks at her angrily and leaves)
Swara is worried

After 2 hours
Swasan room,
Swara is waiting for sanskar.. She was very worried for him,
A car comes..
Swara gets happy runs out to the balcony, but it was Laksh and Ragini..
She cries and goes inside..
She thinks about him and takes a nap!!

After 2 hours,
Swara gets up and looks at the time, it was 1:00 in d night
She looks out.. Couldn’t find his car!
She gets more tensed.. She on the tv and gets shocked seeing the news..
She rings him.. But it was switched off!!
Swara gets more worried.. She goes to Laksh room.. But notices him sleeping..
She don’t know what to do.. She can’t disturb anyone at that time.. If she says this to elders they will get worried… She herself decided to go to that place..

She comes out of the house.. She was very scared, she finds no one on the road.. She runs to reach the place.. At some place she finds some Drunken people, she gets more scared.. She finds a taxi man
Swara: uncle , plz can you take me to the hill top..
Taxi uncle : but beta..we r not allowed to go to that place.. A car met with an accident… That person was dead.. Nd that road was blocked..
Swara: Kya?? She was more tensed and starts crying..Sanskar!!!!
Taxi uncle : beta Kya hua! Why are you crying?
Swara: (crying) Sanskar went to that place in the evening.. He dint come home until now.. I’m very worried.. Nothing happened to him ryt??
Uncle: dead body was shifted to nearby hospital.. Come with me.. Just check whether it is ur Sanskar or not!
Swara: Noo, I won’t come.. I’m scared.. Nothing happened to him..(she cries loudly)
Uncle: beta!! But where can you find him now? Once just check it! If he is not that person then we can search for him.
Swara nodes yes!!

(They went to a nearby hospital..
Taxi uncle talks to the police, and he allows them to look at the dead body)

Swara gets tensed while entering into the mortuary… Uncle holds her and gives her the strength to face it..
The nurse opens the cloth from the dead body…

Swara cries seeing the body but gets relieved… Because it is not Sanskar…
She sits on knees and tells uncle that it is not Sanskar..

Uncle gets relieved.. He holds her and takes her out..
Uncle: beta! Nothing happened to happy!! Now come il drop you home!
Swara: Noo uncle.. I need to find him.. Where did he go?
Uncle: may be after knowing the hilltop is closed.. He might have went to an other place..don’t worry he will come home soon… And it’s not good for you to be on roads.. Come il drop you..
Swara: cries.. Okay!! Thankyou uncle!!

Meanwhile on the road..
Sanskar is returning back home.. Suddenly his tire gets punctured!!
Sanskar: ohh god!! What should I do now? He looks at his phone but no charge.. Switched off..
He stands and waits for the lift!!

In taxi:
Swara keeps on crying and gets worried for every second..
Driver watches a person standing near the car.. He drives slowly watching him..

Driver: beta!! How does ur Sanksar look?
Swara: (smiles) he is very handsome!! He is so fair, tall.. (She keeps on telling his detail)
Suddenly the driver stops the car.. Sanskar looks at the taxi.. Nd gets happy and runs towards the taxi…

Swara: uncle Kya hua?
Uncle: is he ur Sanskar? (Nd points his finger towards Sanskar)

Swara looks back from the window.. And watches Sanskar who is coming towards them!!

Swara was shocked, surprised, happy…
Mixture of all emotions are on her face!!

She gets down calling sanskar…

Sanskar is shocked to see Swara…nd stops.. He looks at the time it was 3:00… He gets very angry!! And when he was about to runs towards her!!

Swara comes and hugs him tightly crying loudly…

Sanskar is shocked!!! Completely mute!!!

Swara: sanskar!!! Are you fyn?? (She caresses his face, where did you go Sanskar.. I was so worried for you.. Thankgod I’ve seen you!!
(She hugs him more tightly).. And Plz don’t leave me like this…I can’t stay without you Sanskar
Sanksar is speechless to see her caring towards him..
He was happy..he was very happy, when Swara said those words!! He don’t know why he was happy.. But he was angry at the same time..

He breaks the hug,
Sanskar: Swara!! Are you mad?? What are you doing here at this time?? Are you fine? Why did you come out.. Nd when did you come out??

Swara: sanskar, I came for you..
Sanskar: what???
Swara: (cries loudly) news They said that, an accident taken place at hill top.. So I was worried!! I called ur number many times but it was switched off!! So I came searching for you..

Sanskar is more shocked..
Sanskar: Swara!!
(He looks at her face…nd cups her face..
Sanskar: why did you do this? What if something happens to you..
(He was completely worried thinking about the situation and hugs Her very tightly)
Sanskar: why Swara?? Why did you do this?? You could have wait for me at home itself.. Why did you do this Swara??
Swara: coz I LOVE YOU SANSKAR, I love you soo much!!
(She caresses his face)
Never do this Sanskar, I can’t see you in pain!!
Never ever leave me plzz!!

Sanskar gets happy and hugs her… A tear falls from Sanskar eyes!!! They have a long hug.. They were completely lost in their hug!!

Taxi driver watches them and gets happy.. His eyes are filled with tears..He claps for them…
Swara and Sanskar comes out of their senses!!
Swara gets shy..

Driver: beta I’m so happy for you!! Such a love for your husband, I dint see any girl like This!! God bless you both!!

Swara and Sanskar look at each other and smiles hearing the word husband)

Driver: sanskar beta! Your very lucky to get her.. You know for 2 hours.. She is searching for you.. She even went to the mortuary thinking its you..
She literally cried before seeing the body.. I felt very bad for her.. I even prayed Allah.

Sanskar is shocked!!

Sanksar: Swara! How can you go to the mortuary alone that too at this time!
He keeps yelling at her..
Why Swara? See I’m fine! I’m perfectly fine! Never go alone like this!! Okay?? Is that clear to you?!

Swara: okay!! I’m sorry.. (She holds her ears)
Sanksar looks at her innocent face and gets more worried… Hugs her tightly..
I’m worried for you Swara… How will you live alone, with my absence..

Swara stops him..
Swara: never tell like that Sanskar.. I won’t let you go anywhere.. I love you soo much!!
She kisses him on his forehead.. Nd hugs him!!
Sanskar smiles and hugs her back..

Driver: beta!! I’m going home? Shall I drop you both?
Sanskar: haa uncle.. Sure!!
They both sit in the car.. Look at each other.. Nd Sanskar signals Swara to sleep on his shoulder.. Swara smiles and sleeps on him..holding him tightly!!

They reach home!!
They thank the driver.. Nd Sanksar gives some extra money for taking care of Swara at this time!!

He blesses them and leaves

Swara:(shy) bye Sanskar.. Good night!!
Sanskar: (stops her) he looks at her… a peck on her cheeks.. Good night Swara!!

Swara: sanskar ur not angry on me ryt??

Sanskar (smiles at her cute face) never
Swara!! Nd I’m really sorry for everything..
Swara: (stops him) don’t say sorry Sanskar plz!!
Sanskar smiles…nd tells her good night)
(she leaves to her room)

Next day
Morning 7:00..

Sanskar is In his room.. He dint sleep whole night! As he was thinking about Swara..
He comes out for jogging, he watches Ragini and Laksh .. Trio wishes each other Sanskar looks for Swara..But he can’t find her..
Ragini watches Sanskar looking for Swara!!
Ragini: sanskar are you searching for Swara?
Sanskar: no!! Ahh..Yaaa!! She used to wake up so early at 5:00 itself but it’s too late today!! Did she went out?
Ragini: hmm.. What do I know Sanskar? Leave about her.. Challo lets go now!!

After the jog!!
Trio comes home laughing.. Shomi and Annapurna watches them and goes to talk to them!

Shomi: Ragini, Laksh and Sanskar get ready.. We need to go out.. Hurry up
Trio: (shocked and confused) where r we going?
Annapurna: Laksh did you forgot, Aman has invited everyone for Lunch part!! We need to go..
Laksh: ohh Yaa! I forgot.. He will kill us if we go late.. Guys get ready..
Sanskar: hmm okay Laksh.. But aunty where is Swara?
Shomi: she went to attend her classmate wedding ,
Sanskar: so early?
Shomi: ha Sanskar,
Sanskar: ohkk!!! But is she not coming to Aman’s house??
Shomi: she will come directly for the lunch!!
Ragz: but mom how can she come alone?
Shomi: we can send the driver at that time!
Sanskar : okay aunty fine!

After some time all gets ready, and they all left for Aman house!!
Aman is waiting for everyone especially Swara!

All reaches Aman’s house, but Aman gets sad with the absence of Swara.
Aman: Laksh where is Swara?
Laksh: oh ya actually she went to attend her friends reception ..but don’t worry she will come at the time of lunch!
Aman feels happy hearing Laksh words
Aman: that’s good! Challo lets go inside.

All will be having fun at Aman’s house! Laksh, Sanskar, Ragini and Aman talking to each other…and Aman eagerly waiting for Swara..

At that time Swara comes wearing grey and red colour churidhar, removed her spects.. Nd with small eye make up.. Which highlighted her eyes… Hair leave and curls giving her a perfect hairstyle.. Red lipstick on her lips which made her look more pretty!! She’s soo cute and beautiful with her attire!

Aman and Sanskar both are shocked to see Swara…
Sanskar is stunned to see her beautiful face, he cannot let his eye off from her!! He just loved her without her spects!!

Sujatha: arey Swara!! You looking soo cute!! Nd first time im seeing you without ur spects!! Nd blesses her
Swara: (smiles) Thankyou aunty!!
AP and shomi also blesses her..

Aman: hello Swara..(he was very happy to see Swara
Swara: hello Aman!! How r u?
Aman : I’m gud.. Please come in!
(Swara searches for Sanskar)

Sanskar was just admiring her beauty seeing her from a distance.. He was dazzled by her charm.. He was completely out of his control)

When Swara was walking she slips and at that time Aman holds Swara..
Aman: Swara careful!!
Swara: (tensed) Thankyou Aman!
Aman: no thanks in between friends!
(They both smile looking at each other)

Sanskar is fuming with anger..

Swara and Aman comes near Laksh, sanskar and ragini..
Swara gets happy seeing Sanskar.. Nd blushes remembering yesterday’s confession..

Laksh: hey Swara!! Woww you looking soo cute yar!
Aman smiles looking at her..
Sanskar watches him smiling seeing Swara and gets more angry!
At that time Aman mom comes..
Aunty: Swara beta!! When did you come?
(She hugs her.) come everyone lets all have lunch together..
(They talk, have fun and have lunch together)

After the lunch…
Aunty: Aman! Show them ur room?
Aman: ha mom! (He takes laksh, Ragz, Sanky and Swara to his room)
His room is very neat… With books..clothes etc!!
Ragz: wow Aman.. Ur room looks like Swara room.. Very neat!!
Sanskar gives an attitude look towards Ragini..
Swara: (excited) haa Aman!! Ur room is very nice I just loved it!! (And she looked at the walls)
And these walls.. I just feel like painting on it!
(She keeps on telling him tips how to decorate his room)
(Aman stares at her lovingly)
Ragz: Swara!! Please will u stop ur nonsense!!
Swara becomes silent…nd looks at Aman with a cute face..
Aman: (laughs looking at her expressions) Swara!! You are so cute with this expression.. And ur eyes!! Some spark!! It’s soo cute!! And why are you afraid of Ragini yar,
don’t worry I will be with you?.. and Yaa If you want to paint you can paint it!! I will be the lucky person if you do that!!

Swara: (excited) really??

Aman: Yaa Swara!! This is ur room!! Just decorate it as you like it!!
Swara: Thankyou soo much Aman!!

Laksh is shocked hearing his words but smiles thinking that something is happening with Aman..nd smiles looking at both Swara and Aman!!

Sanskar is also shocked and gets very angry hearing his words!!

Swara: woww Aman! Then I will paint a beautiful scenery!! I wil just change ur room!
Aman: wow!! I’m soo excited!!
Swara: wait il get my paints.. It’s in the car
(She excitedly runs from there)

Sanskar very angry at her!
Aman : guys lets go the lawn!!
Sanskar: guys u carry on! Il come within a short time!!
Aman: sure Sanskar!!
(They all leave to the lawn, but Sanskar stays outside waiting for Swara)

Swara comes to Aman room!! She adjusted her Paints and herself in the room! At that time Sanskar comes inside the room and pulls her to a side!!

Swara: (happy) Sanskar!! What are you doing here? Okay leave all that Tell me what should I paint?
Sanskar: (angry) holds her waist and pulls her closer!!
Swara is tensed..
Swara: sanskar? Kya hua?
Sanskar: (angry) what are you trying to do Swara?
How can you decorate his room!!
Swara: why Sanskar, did I do anything wrong?
Sanskar: (he yells at her) yes!!! I don’t like you to paint in his room!! I already told you that I don’t like him.. Nd just ask me before you say yes for anything!!And why the hell are you talking to him.. Nd where r ur spects? Just put it on.. Damn it!!

Swara is shocked to see his rude behaviour.. Her eyes are filled with tears..
He looks at her watery eyes and realise what he had done!!

He hugs her…

Sanskar: Swara I’m sorry!! I’m really sorry for hurting you.. He kisses her forehead!
With lots of care!!

Swara: it’s okay Sanskar? But Kya hua? Are you fine! You feel so restless and why are you sweating soo much?
(She cups his face and wipes his sweat)
Sanskar gets happy seeing her care..
He goes more close to her..

Sanskar: Swara!! Your only mine! I don’t know why, I can’t see you with anyone else!! And your eyes, I love them soo much! Only I have that right too see them.. Don’t take ur spects when everyone is around.. These are only mine Swara!! put on ur glasses..
(Saying this he kisses her eyes)
Swara gets emotional.. She hugs him..

Swara: I’m always urs Sanskar.. (She takes out her spects from her bag and puts it on) I’m so happy to see ur love towards me!
I’m very blessed to get you.. I love you soo much!!
Sanskar hugs her!!

Sanskar: (smiles) by the way Swara!! Your soo Pretty today! Show me ur dress..
(He looks at her from top to bottom)
Very nice.. You know I always used to hate this churidhars and all.. But now I’m liking them soo much!
(Saying this He holds her tightly)
Swara: blushes..
Swara: sanskar plz leave me!! What if someone sees us?
Sanskar: I don’t care..
Swara: blushes and tries to escape from him!!
Sanskar: arey!! Where do You want to go?
Swara: sanskar, leave me!!
Sanskar: one condition!! Give me a kiss then I will leave you!!
Swara is shocked!!
Swara: (blushes) sanskar!! Noo!! Plzz!!
Sanskar nodes a big no!!!
Sanskar: your not giving me that chance Swara!! Today ur soo beautiful! I can’t stop my self!! (He leans to kiss her)
Swara gets nervous And runs..
Sanskar: (smiles) Swaraa!! This is cheating.. Come back!!
Swara: (smiles) Noo!!!
Sanskar: Okay fine!! Now see what I’m going to do
Swara stops hearing his words
Swara: (laughs) what will you do Sanskar?
Sanskar: (smiles) if you won’t come back now!! You gonna pay for it??
Swara: achaa!! I’m not scared of you!!
Sanskar: achaa!!! ohkk fine!! Now listen.. By today night.. I will kiss you 3 times in front of everyone!!
Swara is shocked
Swara: Kya???
Sanskar: (teases) Yess!! I can kiss anywhere.. Wherever I want!! That too In front of everyone!! So if you don’t want that to happen.. Come back to me.. I will leave you with one kiss!!
Swara: achaa!! All the best Sanskar! By the way I won’t give that chance to you!!
(Shaying this she runs from that place)
Sanskar smiles seeing her shyness!!

Swara goes to the lawn..
Laksh, Aman and Ragini are playing with cards!!
Laksh: Swara!! Soo soon you completed the painting?
Swara: (tensed) wo actually, I left some paints at home.. So I dint start yet.. I’m sorry Aman.. Some other day I will do that!!
Aman: no problem Swara!! Come sit with us.. Join us in this game!!
Swara: but I don’t know how to play!!
Laksh: just try it Swara!!
At that Sanskar come
Sanskar: I will help Swara to play!!
Swara tensed and looks at him.. He gives a naughty smile..
He sits beside her..
Laksh gives her some cards… Sanskar places his hand on her shoulder..
Sanskar: (whispers) Swara..get ready!!
(Swara gets tensed and Nodding a big no to him)
All are sitting around and were playing…
Suddenly, Swara opened her eyes wide, feeling a kiss on her cheek. She turned around and glared at Sanskar who was sitting next to her, his eyes closed, his hands were around her waist, with a wide smile on his face. She looked around; no one else had seen him kiss her. She had an annoyed look on her face.

Sanksar: first one is done!! Get ready for other 2 kisses!!
Swara blushes!!

(Ragini notices Sanskar kissing Swara.. Nd smiles)

After sometime..
Shekar calls everyone down.. As its time for leaving..
All bids bye to Aman!!

Swara: bye Aman!! I really had a great time!
Aman gets sad when Swara is leaving..
Aman: take care Swara and keep smiling always..
Sanskar comes towards them..
Sanskar: bye Aman!! Take care dude!! Swara lets go!!
He places his hand on her shoulder and takes her..

They all reach home

All gets fresh up
After some time..
Swara in kitchen helping shomi, Sujatha and Annapurna!!
Sanskar watches her and goes to kitchen!!

Sanskar: hello ladies!!! What’s menu today??
Swara gets tensed hearing his voice!!
Sujatha: sanskar is this true? You came inside the kitchen? Oh god I can’t believe this!!
Shomi and Annapurna smiles

Sanskar: come on mom! Don’t embarrass me!!
They all keep on talking..
He slowly moves towards Swara and smiles looking at her.. Swara gets tensed.. She tries to go from him.. But he holds her hands!!
Swara: sanskar please leave me!!
Sanskar: this is my spot for second kisss!! Swara: (tensed) no!! Not here plzz!!
Sanskar smiles.. Noo Swara!! I won’t leave you today!!
He goes close to her!!
Swara : Sanskar plzz!! Okay fine! I accepted my defeat! Plz plz leave me!!
Sanskar: ohh really!! Dats good!! Then come out!! (He winks?)
Saying this he moves out..
Swara smiles but she won’t move… Sanskar looks back!!
He signals her to come.. But she winks..
He gets angry and comes inside.. Swara gets tensed…
Swara: u need any help..(she goes towards shomi)
Sanskar gets angry.. Nd Swara smiles looking at his anger!!

Dinner time..
All gathers at dining table!!
Sanskar gets a plan and acts as he is angry..
At dinner time Sanskar rejecting every dish.. Swara looks at him… He acts as he is angry..
Shomi: Sanskar..Kya hua? Why are you not eating!!
Sanskar: I don’t feel like eating anything!!
Swara: (whispers) Sanskar?? Plz eat something
Sanskar: no!!
Swara: sanskar plzz!!
Sanskar: nodes a big Noo!
Swara: I’m sorry Sanskar.. Okay after the dinner.. Il do whatever you say… Okay??
Sanskar: (smiles thinking his plan had worked but hides it) really?? Promise on me!!
Swara: haaa Sanskar.. But please eat first!!
Sanskar smiles at her..
Sanskar: good girl!! He winks at her..
( he starts having dinner)
Swara stares at him lovingly….

Episode ends!!

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