The hug that changed me (Part 5)

He looks at her staring.. And places a peck on her forehead!!
Swara is shocked!!! She pushes him.. And runs from there!!

Sanskar realises what he has done and feels guilty!!

Swara room:
Swara is shocked.. But gets happy thinking about Sanskar kiss..
She blushes…

Next day
Early morning
Swara is sitting on the lawn and painting.. Sanskar wakes up and watches Swara..
He comes towards her..
Sanskar: good morning Swara!
Swara: (shy and uncomfortable) good morning Sanskar!! (She keeps on painting)
(He stares at Swara, she looks at him staring but keeps on painting)

Swara: sanskar!! Why are you staring at me?
Sanskar: Swara!! Though I’m staring at you.. You were very busy can you Swara!!
Swara: (smiles) this is dedication Sanskar.. You dint understand me completely…If I start a work I won’t get disturbed until I complete it.. This is called Dedication towards work!!?
Snaksar: (teasingly) ohh really??? Swara!! Even you dint understand me completely, i love to disturb everyone!! ?
Swara: achaa!! Good but Sanskar, I’m not like others.. No one can divert me..
Sanskar: achaa!! Fyn!! (He rubs his hands)
Now I’m going to disturb you.. Show me ur talent!! You should complete this painting as quick as possible.. And il keep on disturbing you okay??
Swara: ok done!!

(She started painting again)

Sanskar looks at her, he slowly goes to her… Smiles at her… He takes a paint brush.. and dips it into a pink colour..
Swara gets tensed when he takes the paint brush..

He smiles looking at her… Nd bring the brush close to her.. Swara closes her eyes!! He paints her cheeks.. Swara just ignores it and starts doing her work!!

Sanskar smiles…
He goes more close to her… And opens her hair..

Swara tensed and stops for a sec.. Nd closes her eyes.. And thinks..
Swara you need to win..
She opens her eyes.. And again starts painting it!!

Sanskar looks at her expressions and was dazzled by her cute looks.. He was staring at her completely… He was lost in her thoughts!!
Sanskar: Swaraa look at me!!
(Swara keeps on painting without listening)
Sanskar: oh I see!! Now you can’t stop me!! Saying this he goes back of her and
Holds her waist!!

Swara get tensed.. He holds her waist tightly..
(She stops painting it.. Sanskar goes close to her and whispers in her ears)
Sanskar: Swara, look at me..
(But she won’t)
He turns her towards him.. Closes his eyes!! And leans on her to kiss..
Swara: sanskar??
Sanskar: haa Swara!!
Swara: (shivers) I..I acceeepttted my defeat!!
Sanskar realise what he was doing and opens her eyes..nd notice her being uncomfortable..he takes his hand on her..

Swara runs to her room as soon as he leaves her…
Sanskar smiles at her and get shocked noticing the painting!!!
She has completed the painting!! He was speechless!! He was stunned to see her talent!

Arey how can she completed!! It’s awesome!!
I don’t know why I’m just liking her day by day!!
(He blushes thinking about her)

Laksh is in call with Aman
Laksh: Hey dude!! Come home yaar, dad will be happy seeing you!!
Aman: but my mom is with me yaar..
Laksh: woww dats so great, bring her too!!
Aman: hmm Yaa Kk!! Il come within 1 hour!!
Laksh: okay dude!! Bye yar!!

He tells his dad and mom about Aman!!
DP: aman!! That’s a great news Laksh.. Let him come..
AP: haa Laksh it’s been many years since I saw him!!

In the mean time, Sanskar goes out with Ragini..

After 1 hour,
Aman comes..
He greets everyone!! Nd he searches for Swara!!
At that time Swara comes down.. Aman he’s happy seeing her..
Swara: hello Aman!! How r u??
Aman: hi Swara, (he introduces Swara to his mom)
Aunty: hello Swara beta!! Ur saree selection is very nice..I just loved it!
Swara: Thankyou aunty!!

Swara and aunty becomes very close.. Aman looks both of them and gets happy.. Shomi looks at aman Watching Swara and gets some hope.. Nd smiles!!

All are having lunch..
Aunty, Sujatha, AP and shomi keeps on talking and they spend some good time..

Meantime Laksh gets some message..
He tells Aman that he will come just now and he leaves the house..

Aman sits alone, and spends time staring at Swara..

Shomi: Swara? Why don’t you spend some time with Aman!! Go and show ur room to him!!
Swara: haa mom!! And she takes Aman..

Swara takes him to his room..
Aman madly loves her room soo much!!
Aman: Swara this is really beautiful!! How can you just decorate like this.. Amazing yar!!
Swara: Thankyou Aman!!
They both spend some time talking to each other..
Swara takes him to the balcony and plays with birds..

Aman was completely lost staring her beauty! He loves her smile, her character, her innocence.. He just loved the time spending with her..

At that time Sanskar and Ragini reach home…
Ragini goes to her room and Sanskar goes to his room..
Suddenly he looks at Swara balcony.. And gets shocked seeing Aman in her room!!

He gets angry seeing him..

Laksh comes… They all spend some time together.. Sanskar joins them.. He watches Aman making Swara laugh… He feels bit angry.. But hides it!!

After some time Aman leaves…

In the night!!

Swara is very busy preparing something, with the kids and she’s in confused state!! She tells kids something and they slowly follows her..
Sanskar notices her and comes towards her..
Sanskar: hello guys!! What are you doing? You look so tensed and confused!! Are you all trying to do any robbery??
Swara: sanskarstop joking!! tomorrow is Chintu bday.. I need to wish him.. We have many plans to make him happy!!
We decorated the place with cake.. And she shows the declaration and All.. Now I should go and bring him..
I have an idea.. You be with kids il go and bring him okay??

Sanskar: birthday party?? Omg!! Ooff fine!!

Swara brings the sleeping Chintu.. And at 12:00 they all wish him.. And they Celebrate his bday with lots of fun.. He hugs Swara and thanks her… Swara kisses him!!

Sanksar laughs at her childish nature..and he just gets happy seeing the kids smiling, he just started to love them!!
And he takes photos to them

Sanksar: happy birthday Chintu!!
Chintu: Thankyou by the way where is my gift??
Sanksar : kisses him.. This is my gift!!
Chintu smiles and hugs him..

They all spend some time!! And they leave to their home..
Swara: Thankyou Sanskar, for being with us!! By the way show me the photos!!

Sanksar takes out his mobile and shows her the pics.. Sanksar keeps his hand on her shoulder…nd Swara goes more close to Sanskar while seeing the pics..she enjoys watching the videos and excitedly holds his shoulder…
Sanskar: Swara come lets take a selfiee?
Swara: okay!!
They both get involved in taking selfless and they just forgot abt their closeness between them..
Sanskar feels her soo close.. And stares at her with lots of love..
He holds her waist tightly which brought Swara to her senses.. She looks At him..

When she was about to go.. He holds her hand..
Sanskar: Swara why do u always wanted to go far from me?
Swara: (tensed) Sanskar, leave me!!
Sanskar holds her more tightly.. And whispers
Sanskar: Swara u have done some magic to me!!
Swara blushes.. Sanksar comes more close to kiss her.. But she stops him!!

Swara: sanskar this is not right!! You can’t do like this every time!!
Sanskar:(shocked) swara I don’t know what’s this feeling!! But I want you to be with me always! I think I’m in love with you!!

Swara is shocked, her eyes are filled with tears.. But something is stopping her!!

Swara: (pushes) sanskar!! This is not right!! If you love me, why did you reject me.. Nd now how can you love me again..
We think differently Sanksar, I’m not suitable for u.. We can’t get into this relation..

Sanksar gets angry… He pulls her Closer

Sanskar: Swara don’t you trust me?? And yes I rejected you.. Coz I don’t know anything about you!! Now I know everything!!
Nd don’t you know how much I care for you.. And when you went with that Aman!! I felt like slapping him.. Can’t you understand my love Swara!!
Okay… When there is no trust there is no love!! I’m sorry for loving you and sorry for troubling you!! Bye.. I won’t disturb you again..
saying this he leaves

Swara broken to hear such words…

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