The hug that changed me (Part 4)

Swasan gets the chits and they go back to the starting point…
While they were walking Sanskar sees Swara hand which is bleeding!!
Sanskar gets worried and stops her!!

Sanskar: Swara ur hand is bleeding? Kya hua??
Swara looks at her hand..
Swara: ohh!! Yaa actually the last chit was kept on the branch hole of a tree.. So when I was climbing it, I fell down..may be at that time I got this wound!!

Sanskar: (worried) what?? You fell down?
Did you get hurt in any other place??? He gets worried… And He checks the wound, which was deeply cut, he takes out his hanky and ties her…
Sanskar: Swara you could have wake me, why did you go alone?? See, how u hurted urself?
Swara: sanskar! You were sleeping, so I dint feel like disturbing you!! So I went alone!! And anyways I’m fyn, seriously I’m fyn..
Sanskar: Pakka??
Swara: haaa!!!
Sanskar: okay Challo lets go!!

They reached the starting place.. Captain congratulates them for being the winner, and he gives them a prize..

Swara: sanskar we won!!! (She jumps with excitement)
Sanskar: great!!! Congrats yar!! Without you.. Defntly we won’t win this!!

(They both smile and leaves… They reach home)

Every one congratulates them for winning!!
Laksh: hello Swara congrats!!
Swara: Thankyou Laksh!!
Laksh: are you free today??
Swara: Yaa!! But y?
Laksh: actually I’m going out to meet my friends, will you come with me!!
Swara: me?? That too with ur friends?? I’m scared Laksh!!
Laksh: Swara I’m there na don’t worry.. I told my friends about you.. They r eagerly waiting to see you..
Swara: about me???
Laksh: Yaa I told my friends that our Swara is cute and sweet…he smiles and winks at her)
Swara: (teasingly) ohh really??
Laksh smiles.. Plz Swara!! Come na!!
Swara: okay Laksh I will come!!

Ragini and Sanskar are talking to each other
Ragini: (whispers) Sanskar!! Are you going to win or loose??
Sanskar: just wait and watch (?)
Ragini: achaa lets see!!
Sanskar: but Ragini.. Ur sis is not so bored as you told!! I seriously dint knew the time!! It was fun being with her!!
Ragini: really???
Sanskar: yes!!! (He smiles at her)

Sanskar in shower, he thinks about the rain scene.. Her smile…
(He thinks of her and smiles..)

Laksh room:
He is in call with his friend… And ends it .. Suddenly Ragini comes..
Ragini: hi Laksh!! Good morning!!
Laksh: hi Ragini!!
Ragz: are you going anywhere??
Laksh: Yaa Ragz.. I’m going to meet my friends!!
Ragz: are you going alone?
Laksh: no Ragz I’m talking Swara with me!!

Ragini shocked: what Swara??
Laksh: Kya any problem?
Ragini: no no!! Anyways come soon okay!!
Laksh: Ragini if ur free even u can come
Ragini: (happy) Yaa Laksh sure even il Come!!
Laksh: (smiles) okay then Get ready and Come down!!

Laksh is standing near the car.. Sanskar is in call.. And suddenly he looks at Swara, she wore pink floral dress.. She keeps adjusting her hair!! And runs towards Laksh!! She looks adorable!!
Sanskar smiles at her.. And looks at Laksh!!

Laksh: Swara!! Woww you looking soo cute!!
Swara: Thankyou Laksh!!
Ragini comes at that time!!
Ragini: Laksh then how am I looking?
Laksh: Ragini your soo stylish yar.. Ragini and Swara smiles…
Anyways Challo lets go!!
When Swara was about to open the front door Ragini signals her to sit back!!

Swara sits at back.. She listens to the music and closes her eyes!!

Sanskar comes at that time!!

Sanskar: guys are you all going anywhere??
Laksh: hey dude!! You told that ur going out?
Sanskar: no actually!! I cancelled the program!!
Laksh: then come with us! We can enjoy!!
Sanskar: sure!!!
(He sits back.. He watches Swara involved in her music)

He slowly touches her hand.. Swara jerks!! and opens her eyes!! He smiles looking at her..

Swara is in shock!! She removes her hand

Sanskar: Kya hua?? (He signals her through his eyes)

Swara: (tensed) Sanksar what are you doing? (She signals him through her eyes)

(Sanskar smiles and holds her hands tightly)

Swara looks at him tensedly
Sanskar: (smiles) signals her to remove it!!
(Saying this he holds her hands more tightly)

Swara holds his hands, and tries to remove her hand from him…

Mean time Laksh looks her tensed face in the mirror!!

Laksh: Swara Kya hua? Any problem??
Swara: noo….haaa Laksh!! Vo actually Sanskar is teasing me!!

Sanskar shocked…he removes her hand and looks at Swara angrily!!

Laksh: (laughs) dude!!! Why are you teasing her!!
Sanksar: Noo!! Im not teasing her yaar..
Swara: what? Your not teasing me, then why did you hold my hand?

(He looks at her face angrily)
Laksh and Ragini laughs…
Laksh: okay okay cool down guys!! Don’t fight!!
Ragini laughs seeing Sanskar through mirror

After some time they reach the place..
(Laksh and Sanskar gets down..)
Ragini: guys you carry on.. Nd give us just 2 mins time!!
Laksh: sure fine.. (Laksh and Sanksar leaves)
Ragini: Swara, am I looking cute?? (She asks her worriedly)
Swara: (smiles) haa Di!! Your looking soo cute!!
Ragini: Pakka na??
Swara: she touches her cheeks.. Yes Di!! You are soo beautiful..
Ragini smiles….
Okay let’s go inside!!

Meantime Laksh friends are waiting for him..
AMAN, Diya, Nihal and Keerti

(Aman… imp character.. Lead Character from itti si Khushi.. I don’t know him, but as by a request I added his character.. Hope you all will like it)

Nihal: (hugs Laksh) hi dude!! After a long time! How r u??
Laksh: I’m fine!! And Hii Aman
(He hugs Aman)
He introduces Sanskar to all his friends..
Laksh: Sanksar, Aman and Nihal are my school friends..
Meantime Ragini and Swara comes inside..
Ragini: hello guys?
Laksh and Sanskar looks at both Swara and Ragini..
Laksh: guys.. This is Ragini and she is Swara.. My family friends!!
Ragini and Swara they r my friends..(he introduces everyone)

Aman gets mesmerised seeing Swara..
He looks at Her, Swara gets bit scared seeing all his friends and hides back of Ragini…

Aman smiles seeing her innocence..

Diya: hey Swara!! Why r u scared!!
Ragz: (laugh) my sis always gets scared seeing new people..
Keerthi: Swara!! Come here!! She pulls her cheeks.. Wow ur so cute!!
They talk with her.. And Swara slowly starts feeling comfortable with them!!

Sanskr keeps staring at Swara.. But when Swara notice him, he looks at her angrily..

She goes towards him.. But he ignores her..and talks to Diya.
Swara feels sad seeing Sanskar anger on her!!

After lunch ..
Aman: okay guys I have some small shopping to do for my mom!! You carry on il be back within short time!!
Sanskar: Okay!! Come fast yar!!
Laksh: but Aman what are you going to buy for ur mom?
Aman: I don’t know, il take some help from the salesperson!
Swara: why can’t you buy a saree!!
All looks at her..
Swara: I mean.. All mothers are comfortable wearing sarees, nd if you gift her d saree..She will be happy!!

Aman: smiles.. Yes!! Nice idea.. But I’m very poor in selection!!
Ragz: take Swara with you!! She has a good taste in traditional attires!!

Swara is shocked!!
Swara: me!! But..
Aman: plzz Swara.. Can you come with me!!
Sanskar looks at Aman seriously..
Swara: hmm k fyn!!
(Aman and Swara leaves for shopping)

Laksh, Ragini and Sanskar and other friends are taking to each other..
Keerthi was so close to Laksh.. Nd she keeps her hand in his shoulder, laughing and falling in him!! Laksh being friendly with her, he shows her some pics from his phone!!

Ragini feels jealous!!

After 1 hour!!
Same thing happens with Sanskar

Sanskar gets very angry.. He don’t know why!! He was very disturbed to feel her absence!!

Aman and Swara in shopping
Swara selects some sarees and she keeps on herself…
Aman smiles looking at her childish behaviour..

Aman: Swara do u love sarees?
Swara: haa Aman! I love sarees, but I don’t like it wearing regularly but I can wear for any parties and all!!
Aman: good!! I love girls who wear sarees..he winks?
(They spend some time together doing shopping… )

After sometime time… They reach!!
Laksh: they r back!!
Sanskar looks at them immediately.. He looks at them laughing…. This make him more angry!!
Ragini: so Aman!! How was ur shopping with my sis? I think she ate ur brain!! Aman: not at all!! I enjoyed her company a lot.. She’s soo sweet yar!! (He stares at her)
Swara smiles at him… And looks at Sanskar… Sanskar ignores her looks!!!

Swara confused!!!

Laksh: okay guys!! We need to go home,
Aman: bye Swara!! Take care!!

(They leave the place and reaches home)

Ragini: I’m so tired!! Il get fresh up!!
Laksh: even in tired!! Bye guys!!

Swara: sanskarrr??
Sanskar just ignores her..
Swara runs to him!!
Swara: sanskar!! Wait!! Why are you angry at me?? Plz talk to me!!
Sanskar leaves her and just walks in!!

Swara gets cry seeing his ignorance!!

The full day he keeps on staring her.. But when see looks at her.. He acts as if he is angry!!


Swara is restless…
Why is Sanskar angry at me?? I will ask him.. (She goes to outhouse)
She goes inside his room.. She watches Sanskar, going for bath..
She knocks the door..
Sanskar looks at her.. But he turns his face.

Swara: sanskar what happens to you.. Why are you not talking to me.. I’m sorry if I hurt you!! Please talk to me!!

Sanskar: Swara! I’m not in the mood to talk to you.. Please leave me alone!!

Swara: Noo I won’t leave until you tell me the reason!!

Sanskar: (shouts) Swara!! Don’t irritate me, I said leave!! Just goo.. Just goo away!!

Swara with tears… Gets sad and she slowly leaves the place..

Sanskar realises that he scolded her.. He gets sad and thinks..
Why did I react like that!! What did she do yar!! Oofff!! Sanskar!! Go and tel sorry to her… He talks to himself…

He goes out and he watches Swara sitting on the lawn and crying!!

Sanskar feels sad for her.. He goes towards her!!
Swara feels his presence and looks back!!

Swara: sanskar!!
(At that time Sanskar watches shomi in her balcony)

Sanskar: shh!!! He pulls her to his room!!
Swaara: sanskar..what r u doing?
Sanskar: I’m sorry for hurting you Swara! You can give me any punishment! I’m really sorry!! (He places his hand on his ears)
Swara: sanskar.. Plzz don’t do that!! (She cups his face) you don’t need to say sorry!! Actually I should say sorry.. But I don’t understand why were u angry at me!!
Sanskar: (teasingly) dint u understand??
Swara : Noo!
He slowly goes to her.. Swara gets tensed and moves back.. He pins her to the wall..
And he holds her waist tightly..

Sanskar: Swara!! With whose permission you went for shopping with Aman?? Did you asked me?? How can you go with him like that?

Swara is confused

Swara: but Sanskar!! Di told me to go!!
Sanskar: (quickly) don’t listen to her!! Next time whenever your going anywhere you need to tell me okay??

Swara still in confused and nodes yes!!
Swara is sweating with fear….Sanskar sees her sweating.. He goes more closely to her.. Removes her glasses, and wipes the sweat from her face.. He slowly touches her cheeks romantically..
Swara is more tensed seeing his change towards her..
He looks at her staring.. And places a peck on her forehead!!
Swara is shocked!!! She pushes him.. And runs from there!!

Sanskar realises what he has done and feels guilty!!

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