The hug that changed me (Part 3)

Sanskar in room, thinks about Swara!!
Swaraa!! You seriously trusting me!! Such a idiotic u are!! Today is my day!! Get ready to get into my trap!!! He smirks seeing her pic!!

Swara and Sanskar are ready to go,
Shomi: Swara take care… No problem if you loose the game.. Take care of your self!!
Swara: don’t worry ma! Sanskar is there with me!!
Shomi smiles and blesses her!!

Sanskar gets ready, Ragini comes to his room:

Ragini: all the best Sanskar!!
Sanskar: this is too much ragini, how can I spend the full day with her.. It’s okay I should do it!! I will do it anything for bet!!
Ragini smiles

Swara and Sanskar, goes to a game place..captain tells them some tips!!

Captain: soo all the group members all the best!! Let’s see which groups wins the game.. And you all should remember one thing, at can find ur tent route in the map!! If you want you can use the tents!!! You can follow it…take care of ur self!! And just enjoy the game!!!

They take a chit… and follow the route in the chit and gets landed up in the jungle!!
No one around them!!

Swara: (worried) sanskar, what no one is here? Is this place safe?
Sanskar: Swara! Don’t worry!! It’s just a game! If it’s risky then they won’t conduct these games.. Just follow me and if your scared just hold my hand!
(He gives her hand to her… Swara holds his hand… Sanskar smiles)

After 1 hour
They both easily searching the chits.. Sanskar reading the clues and Swara telling the answers according to it and finding the chits very easily
Sanskar: (shocked) Swara!! We already searched 8 chits.. Only because of you!!
We need 2 more to search!! I think will complete the task today night itself.. How can you guess it soo easily yar!! Your really very intelligent!!

Swara: (smiles) these questions are easy Sanskar!! Come lets search for the other one!!
Sanskar: okay let’s goo!!

(At that time they hear another pair group searching for the chits…
Other group: hey come here we got the second chit!!

Sanskar: (smiles) Swara look at them!They still started searching for the third chit… And we got 8 chits!! So let’s enjoy for sometime!!!

(He pulls her hand..nd makes her sit )

Swara: sanskar, but we should win the game, we can’t take it easy, in this mean time they can get all the chits.. We should not waste our single minute!!

Sanskar: Swaraa plzz!! Stop ur lectures!!
I dint come here to play.. I just came here to spend some time with you…

(Swara gets happy listening to his answer)

I mean.. I’m 100% sure that we will the game.. So don’t worry!!
(He looks at Swara smiling)

Swara: okay fine!! She sits back leaning towards the tree!!
(At that time she hears a small puppy shouting)

Swara: sanskar, did you hear any puppy sound?
Sanskar: puppy?? Noo?
Swara: (confused) okay!!
Sanskar: why what happened?
Swara: I just heard puppy shouting!
Sanksar: do u like puppies??
Swara: haa Sanskar I love them!! They are soo cute! I just love animals..
Sanskar: hmm great..
(At that time he hears the puppy sound)
Sanskar: Swara Even I heard the sound!!

They look around… They go near the bushes.. Sanskar finds the puppy crying with pain.. As it got hurt in the leg!!

Sanksar: Swaraa!! Here it is!! I think it got hurt!
Swara: pick it up na!!
Sanskar looks at her worriedly..
Sanksar: what?? Plz don’t tell me to do that? I’m scared of animals!
Swara: (laughs) omg!! Sanksar, your scared of such a small puppy!! (She laughs loudly)
(Sanskar watches her smiling and looks at her lovingly)
Swara takes the puppy out.. And she treats the wound…
She cleans the wound and bandages it with her hanky)

(Sanksar just get shocked seeing her love towards animals…he keeps on staring at her lovingly)

After the puppy got wounded.. Swara plays with the puppy!!
Swara: sanskar! Do you want to hold it??
Sanskar: no no!! Please!! I’m scared!!
Swara: it won’t harm you Sanskar.. Just give a try..(she slowly places the puppy in his lap…Sanskar feels bit uncomfortable in the beginning but later gets comfortable playing with it)
Sanskar: woww!! Today I learned the new thing from you!! It’s interesting!!
(After some time puppy runs and leaves)

Swara: sanskar now come lets search for the next chit!!
(By that time it’s starts raining)

Sanskar: ohh god!! Swara it’s raining!!
(He hides under the tree) and he looks at Swara..
(Swara just looks at something and stays silent)

Sanskar: (shouts) Swara what are you doing?! Come back!!
Swara remains silent..

Sanskar thinks… Oh god!! How much more should I tolerate her!!

He goes towards Swara…
Sanskar: Swara!! Kya hua?? It’s raining.. Come with me!!

Swara: (smiles) Sanskar look there!! ??
Sanskar turns and gets shocked seeing the beautiful nature

(With trees in one side!!! And lake on other side…and beautiful rain and the light from the moon… It was picture perfect!!

Swara: it’s beautiful na Sanskar!!!
Sanskar: Yaaa!! It’s awesome!!… Amazing!!! loving it!!
Swara takes her iPad out… And takes a photo!!
Sanksar: Swara what are you doing?
Swara: I feel great to paint this lovely nature..
(She goes more front to taking pics… Suddenly she slips and was about to fall)

Sanskar: (shocked) Swara!!!! (He holds her hand pulls her towards him… With that force Swara falls on him…they were fully wet, Sanskar looks at Swara.. Eye lock for sometime!!… Sanskar watches her glasses full of drops!! He slowly removes the glasses from her face..

Swara is tensed to feel him soo close!!

He gets mesmerised seeing her without glasses!!
He was out of his control!!
He touches her face lovingly… And wipes the water on her eyes… And adjusts her hair…
Swara gets more tensed.. She slowly moves back.. Nd comes to the edge of the water and was again about to slip…

Sanskar holds her waist… Swara looks at his hand on waist and looks at Sanskar… Sanskar again pulls her towards him!!

Now Swara is more close to Sanskar, he holds her waist more tightly..
Sanskar can feel her change in her breathing!!

Sanskar: Swara!! You look so beautiful without glasses..
Swara looks at him.. Eye lock For sometime..
But your even more beautiful with ur glasses (he winks?)

Swara blushes… She turns back.. Her chain gets stuck in his shirt button!

Swara: sanskar!!!
Sanskar: shhh!! I will take it..
(He tries to take the chain out from his button.. But it’s not coming out)
Swara: (holds his hand) Sanskar wait!! Il try..
She bends down and touches his button with her teeth.. Nd in one hand she slowly takes her chain from the button..

(Sanskar feels like some current passing through his body)

Swara: (cutely ) Sanskar! I’m sorry!! Because of me ur wet!!

Sanskar comes out from his senses!!
Sanskar: haa Swaraa! No problem!! Challo lets go back to our tent!!

They both leave to their tents!! Sanskar notice Swara being uncomfortable…
He goes towards her and splashes water on her face!!

Swara shocked!!
Swara: sanskar!!! (She looks at him and Sanskar winks ? at her)
Swara: achaa!! (Now Swara takes rain drops and splashes on him)
Sanskar: Swaraa!! What are you doing??
(Swara laughs , Sanksar sees her laughing and he again splashes water on her… Both of them splashes water on each other spend some time and gets tired)

Swara: sanskar plz it’s enough!!
Sanskar: achaa!! Soo accept ur defeat!!
Swara: haa okay baba!! I accepted my defeat!! Okay…happy??
Sanksar: (laughs) Swaraa!! How can you accept your defeat soo fast… You should not get tired!!
Swara: sanskar I made you win!!!?
(Sanskar gets shocked hearing her answer..he gets lost in his thoughts looking at her eyes)

Swara: sanskar?? Kya hua?? Why are you looking at me like that?
Sanskar: some Spark is in your eyes!! I just loved it!!
Swara blushes… And she feels cold!!

Sanskar : (sees her shivering) Swara Kya hua?
Swara: I’m soo cold Sanskar!!
Sanksar : hmm 1 min!!
( he arranges the camp fire…)

Sanskar: Swara come warm your self..
Swara looks at him lovingly..
She goes beside him, and sits!

They both talk for sometime!!
Sanskar : Swara ur soo sweet!! Ur nature, ur friendliness.. Ur character everything is very good!! But you need to enjoy the world!! Your in still old trend.. Like seriously, look at everyone if ur age..
Just enjoy!!

Swara: (smiles) Sanskar, I don’t know why, I feel secured staying at home! I love to enjoy alone.. Nature, paintings, violin these will give my heart lots of happiness that is enough for me!!! And I’m scared of people, you know even I sometimes think to enjoy, but some fear stops me!!

Sanskar: (gets impressed)
But Swara.. What about those kids!! Don’t you have any friends other than them!!

Swara: (smiles) those kids have pure heart!! They don’t know the meaning of hatred, cheating!!
They always support me!! I love them soo much…

Sanskar: very nice!! (He laughs but hides it)
Swara watches him smiling but he covers her by asking another question..

Sanskar: Swara!! What do you hate so much!!
Swara: I hate cheaters!!
Sanskar shocked!!
Sanskar: cheaters??
Swara: yes!! I always give lots of love to everyone!! But if I feel they are cheating me, I feel sad.. I just can’t forgive them in my life!!

( Sanskar gets some fear in his heart.. But he doesn’t understand it)

While talking, Swara sleeps on the floor!!
Sanskar sleeps beside her..
They both talk for sometime looking at Sky..
Sanskar: Swara I’m getting sleep yar.. Lets search other 2 chits tomorrow..
Swara: (smiles) okay Sanskar!! Good night!!
They both sleep..
Middle of the night
Suddenly Swara hears some thunders sound!!!
She wakes up.. She gets afraid!!
She looks at Sanskar sleeping peacefully!!
She remembers the word Sanskar telling her to hold his hand whenever she’s afraid..
SHe holds his hand.. Nd sleeps peacefully!!

Sanskar looks at her holding his hands!!
He stares at her with lots of love.. Smiles..And sleeps

(He was unaware about his feelings for her)

Next day: morning 4:00

Sanskar wakes up!! And looks at Swara.. But finds her missing!!
He gets worried.. He shouts swaraa!!
He searches for her!!
He was very worried for her!!!
He keeps shouting her name
Sanskar: Swara???? Swara??

He hears her sound

Swara: sanskar???

He gets more worried..and runs!!

Suddenly he sees Swara running towards him!!
Swara: sanskar!!!!
Sanskar: swaraaa!!! Kya hua??
( he holds her face, he caresses her)
Swara stays silent for sometime.. She was shocked to see His caring)

Sanskar: Swara!! Bolo na??

Swara laughs loudly.. Sanskar!!’ We won the match!! See I found those 2 chits!!! I’ve easily found it!! She gets happy.. And jumps with happiness!!

Sanskar shocked for a minute!!!

Sanskar: swara are you mad?? How can you go alone? What if something happens to you!! You know how much I was scared?? Never do that to me Swara!! I can’t see you in pain!!

Swara is shocked

Swara: (tears in her eyes!! ) I’m sorry Sanskar!!

Sanskar notices her tears… He comes to his senses.. And feels bad for scolding her…
He keeps his hand on her shoulder…
Sanskar: I’m sorry!! I’m very sorry!!
Swara: dats k Sanskar.. You don’t need to tell sorry!!
Sanskar: Come lets go..

While they were walking.. Sanskar thinks
Why am I worried for her?? What’s happening to me?? Sanskar be strong!!! You need to win ur bet?

Episode ends!!

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