The hug that changed me (Part 2)

(They both became best friends and share some best time) 

The reach home,
Shomi sees Sanskar and Swara talking.. Swara goes back to her room, shomi follows her..

Shomi: Swara you said that your not comfortable with Sanskar, and now ur talking to him.
Swara: haa mom!! I thought he don’t like me, but he don’t have any problem to be as my friend.. So I agreed!! Now we r just friends!! 
Shomi: but Swara you love him ryt?
Swara: ha ma I love him!! But I respect his decision too.. Don’t worry abt me.. I’m happy with his friendship! I don’t want to hurt him with my love and I can’t even loose this friendship too.. 
Shomi: (smiles) you have such a loving heart Swara.. Today I’m telling you.. You will get a good husband, who will love you whole heartedly.. I will get the best match for you.. 
Swara: (smiles) Maa plz stop looking matches for me!! I’m happy like this..I’m still so young!! 
Shomi: achaa!!! (She hugs her and kisses her) 
(Shomi leaves… Swara looks at Sanskar pic and smiles) 

Dinner time: 

All gathered in lawn place… 
Shekar,DP and RP gathered in one place with drinks.. 
Shomi AP and Sujatha sat opposite to them!! 
Shomi: look at them how they settled with drinks 
AP and Sujatha laughs!! 
Sanskar: uncle this is too much!! How can you all drink alone without calling us!! 
Sujatha: sanskar I will beat you if you join ur papa!! 
Sanskar: Maa chill!!! 
Laksh: haha lol!! Today even I will join u papa!! 

All gents looks at each other and gives hifi!! 

Sanskar and Laksh started talking about their life’s..
Laksh: Sanky!! So do U have any girl friend? 
Sanky: I have many!!! 
Laksh: I’m asking about lover yar!!
Sanky: lol!! I’m saying about that only dude!! I have many love stories!! Many breakups also!! Present I’m single.. 
Laksh: (shocked) Kya?? How can u love those many girls yar!! 
Sanky: (smiles) I love short and sweet relationships!! Infact I’m very scared of long relations!! See we can’t love one person until our last breath!! We may get fights in between and our love can vanish with that fights!! So I’m happy like this..
So what about you dude?? 

Laksh: I have lots of fan following.. You know about me ryt!! I never spoke with anyone!! I don’t know why, I don’t feel like talking to them!!

Sanky: achaa!! So what type of girl do you want?? 
Laksh: I want a simple girl Sanskar.. She should love my family.. She should take care of them.. Example.. look at Swara, such a sweet girl!! Morning when Ragini slapped her I felt bad.. But she only said that Ragini is my sister, she has that right!! I liked her answer.. I got to know her character, very adjustable, I won’t this type of girl Sanskar!! 

Sanskar feels bit uncomfortable with that answer.. But he is unaware of it!! 

Sanskar: wow Laksh!! Do u love Swara??
Laksh: haha lol!! I just gave u an example.. And ya if at all I get a proposal with Swara, defintly I will accept her!! He winks at him!!
At that time Swara comes wearing red churidhar.. Leaving her hair.. And with her glasses. 

Sanskar looks at her and smiles..and thinks about Laksh words…Laksh stares at her.. 

Laksh: so Sanky tell me about ur hobbies?? 
Sanky: hobbies? Well i love betting.. I can do anything for that
(Saying that he looks at Swara and smirks) 
Laksh: what kind of betting yar??
Sanskar: anything dude!! Like betting on cricket, horse riding and even on girls!!! 
(He stares at Swara) 
Laksh: strange!!! 
They both get involved in talking..

Sujatha: Swara come sit with me!! 
Swara smiles looking at her and sits beside her)
They all talk together and spends some time!! 

Shomi calls Ragini on phone: 
Shomi: Ragini beta where r u?? 
Ragini: ma tomorrow I have to submit the project..I’m in my friends house.. Il come home late.. Plz don’t wait for me!! 
Shomi: okay Ragini.. Take care!! 

Laksh and Sanskar both are talking to each other, Laksh keeps on staring Swara.. 

Laksh: swaraaaa?
Sanskar looks at Laksh, wondering why is he calling her!! 
Swara looks at Laksh!! 
Laksh: Swara come here!! 
Swara goes near Laksh and sits beside him!! 

Swara: ha Laksh bolo??
Laksh: nothing yar!!spend some time with us!! 
Swara smiles: achaa okay fine!! 
Sanskar: Swara!! Why can’t you play violin now!!
Swara: violin? Now? No no plzz not now!
Sanskar: okay fine!! 
Laksh, Swara and Sanskar talk for sometime!! 
Suddenly watchmen comes and gives a pamphlet to Swara!!

Laksh: Swara what’s that?? 
Swara: woww!! Great news, tomorrow the colony president is conducting some games for the youth!! Everyone one of us can participate!! 
Sanskar: game?? What game yar? 
Swara reads the pamphlet to know what game they r conducting!! 

Swara: it’s adventure game!! That too with partners!! 
Laksh: partners??? 
Swara: yes!! 2 members should play.. They should search for the key, nd the clues will be given by the chits, each pair will get one place they will give us one full night to search.. Tomorrow evening at 8:00 0pm the game starts and By morning 5:00am we need to get back to starting point.. Those who will give the key first.. They will be the winners!!
So guys it will be fun! You all can participate!! 
(At that time Ragini comes) 
Ragini : woww it’s amazing!! Ohh but tomorrow evening I have lots of work!! 
Sanskar: what?? Okay no problem Laksh is with me!! 
Laksh: I’m sorry Sanky!! even I have to meet my friends tomorrow!! 

Sanskar: then I will take Swara with me!! What u say Swara? 
Swara: (shocked) me?? No no!! I’m scared!! I never played that game.. 
Sanskar: no problem Swara! I’m with you.. Plzz play for me!! Plzzzz
(He asks her so cutely)

Swara looks at Ragini…. Ragini signals Swara to accept 

Swara: (smiles looking at the way he is asking) okay fine!! I will..
Sanskar: woww!! That’s great!! 

Sanksar looks at Ragini…signals her something and smiles..

Next day: 

Laksh and Ragini tells some time tips to Sanskar and Swara!!
Ragini: Sanky!! I trust you.. You should be the winner okay?? And Swara don’t irritate Sanskar, if you don’t win I will kill you!!
Swara gets worried
Sanskar: Ragz..this is too much!! Don’t scare her!! 
Ragini: (whispers) Sanky!! By d way I hope you will be on ur words!! (She smiles at him) 
Sanskar: (whispers) I know what I am!! You just wait and see!! 
Ragini: achaa!! Let’s see.. 

The first day when Sanksar and Ragini went out 
In car:
Sanky: ragz I enjoyed a lot!! It’s like routine to me!! You do the same thing I do.. We r very equal in our thoughts!! 
Ragz: ha Sanky!! I love to follow new trends and all!! You know my sister Swara, she’s still in old trend.. Very traditional (she laughs) 
She’s very innocent.. You know she don’t even know how to cross the road, very bad!! I hate such kind of people!!

Sanky: you hate ur sister?? 
Ragz: ya Sanskar.. I don’t hate her, but I don’t like her.. Everyone compares her with me.. I don’t like such comparison.
Sanky smiles: achaa!! I don’t know anything about ur sister.. I never talked to her..
Ragz: no need to talk to her Sanky!! I bet you will feel very bored if you talk to her.. 
If at all we rage her to a pub, she takes her book and starts reading it..(laughs loudly) 
She hates new trends!! 
Sanskar: ohh god!! Such a boring life Swara is leading!! 

Ragini: yes!! She’s soo dumbo!! I hate her completely.. The things she do that irritates me a lot!! I just want to hurt her always!! 

Sanskar: achaa good!! Even I don’t like Swara from childhood!! I don’t know why I hate her.. Nd you know what I got a marriage proposal for Swara.. How could they think that I will accept her!! 

Ragini: loll!! Seriously!! Hahaha this is soo funny!! I can’t even imagine ur position if u Marry her!! 

Sanskar: shut up yar!! 

Ragini: you love betting ryt?
Sanksar: yes!! 
Ragini: then I will give a bet for you.. If you loose you have to do what ever I say!! 
If I loose I will be ur slave.. 
Your gonna be here for 2 months!! I will give you 1 month time, by that time you need to complete the task.. And if you wink will be ur slave for other 1 month!! If u loose for you should be my slave!! 
Sanskar: woww interesting!! Done!! Tell me what’s the bet!!
Rags: you should love Swara!! 
Sanksar: what????? 
Ragz: Just act… You should make her love you, she should madly love you.. She should tell those 3 magical words to you, and you should make her like.. Without you she can’t live.. She should trust you soo much… Bring that situation to her!!! 
By this month ending!! She should propose you!! 
I think now she’s already in love with you!! It will be easy for you to win!!! 

Sanskar thinks for a moment…
Sanky: it’s very impossible to love such a girl!! But okay!! I will do it!! It’s just a game!! DONE!! Be ready to be my slave!! 
And ya tell me about her friends!! Her habits.. 

Ragz: friends lol!! She has 4 best friends!! They are studying 5th class!! Nd she loves paintings.. And she plays that stupid violin.. 

Sanskar: what lol!!! This is too much!! Ragz this is very irritating bet u gave me!! How can I act with that girl!! I can’t even think of her in my dreams!! 

Ragini: but Sanskar you need to do it!! 
Sanky: well okay?? 
Sanky and Ragini look at each other and smiles.. 

Flash back ends!! 

Sanskar in room, thinks about Swara!! 
Swaraa!! You seriously trusted me!! Such a idiot u are!! Tomorrow is my day!! Get ready to get into my trap!!! He smirks seeing her pic!! 

Precap : same as before.

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