The hug that changed me (Part 15)

Episodes starts with Durga Prasad …
DP thinks for a moments!
DP: we will do onething!! Let both Ragini and Swara get married at the same time.. Even il feel happy to take my daughter in law along with us!! Nd about Laksh.. He will look after our business.. Ragini will help him!! After 1 year we all will shift to India directly..

Laksh and Ragini gets happy hearing it!! They both agree!!
Swara and Sanskar are also soo happy!!

Shekar: but we have very less time! Can we manage it!!
RP: don’t worry Shekar.. We have 1 week time! We can manage!
Shekar: thinks for a moment.. Nd finally he accepts!!

All gets happy…Sanskar hugs Swara in excitement!

Sujatha starts to tease Sanskar!!

Someone said that we both r opposite, we can’t be together.. But what happened now?

Sanskar blushes.. While all other starts to laugh!!

Sanskar: okay okay I accept!! But Maa!! Stop teasing me!!

All gets happy and blessed them.. Shomi kisses both raglak and Swasan..

DP : so tomorrow will keep an engagement what do u say?

All accepts!!
RP: Laksh and Sanskar after the engagement you both should not meet Ragini and Swara..

Laksh and Sanskar are shocked
Sanskar: papa!! What is this fitting!
DP: ha Sanskar! This is the rule!!
They both look at each other…nd agrees!!

All blesses the couples and they leaves to their room..

Ragini room:
Ragini is doing some work… Swara comes to her room..
Looks at her and hugs her!!

Swara: Thankyou Di!! I love you soo much!! Your the best Di!!
Ragini: (teasingly) achaa Swara!! So tell me onething afternoon where did u guys go?
Swara blushes…Di!!
Ragini kisses Swara on her cheeks!!
Ragini: my sister started to blush!! Nd Yaa Swara I forgot.. Today we need to go for shopping.. We should do lots of shopping!!

Suddenly Swara gets sad.. She thinks of something.. Ragini notices it!

Ragini: Swara Kya hua?
Swara hugs Ragini.. Di I will miss u.. Next week I will go to London! I will miss u so much..
Ragini eyes are filled with tears thinking about her absence!
She hugs Swara tightly…
Ragini: don’t worry Swara! We all can meet! We have Skype, whatsapp.. Phones we can be in touch!! Now come on! Don’t cry!! We need to be happy!! She wipes her tears.. Challo get ready!! Let’s go for shopping!!

Swara: okay Di!!
(Swara leaves to her room)

All ladies are shopping on ladies side … All gents are are shopping on gents. side!!

Sanskar looks at Swara, but she doesn’t notice him!! She keeps on selecting her dresses!!
Laksh watches Sanskar expressions!!
Laksh: Kya hua Sanskar??
Sanskar: look at that girl!! She is not even looking at me!
Laksh: sanskar! Kya timing hai!! We r in shopping mall that too with girls!! How can you expect that our romance will work here!!

(Laksh and Sanskar look at each other and smiles)

Sanskar watches Swara coming towards trail room… He goes and hide inside the trail room..

As soon as Swara passes he pulls her inside.. Swara is shocked…Sanskar smiles looking at her and closes the door!!

Swara: sanskar? What r u doing?
Sanskar: Swara!! How many times should I look at you! Ur not even looking at me!
Swara: u saw me? When? I dint notice.. I’m sorry!!
Sanskar: okay listen! Keep one mobile with u!
Swara: y?
Sanskar: arey budhu!! Whenever I feel like kissing…I will message you! Nd u come out?
Swara blushes!!
Swara: sanskar Your becoming so stubborn day by day
Sanskar :?what?? I’m stubborn!! You mean me?
Swara: yes!!
Sanskar: oh really ( saying this he goes Close to Swara, pins her.. Looks at her romantically.. And comes close to Kiss her.. Swara interrupts him!!!
Swara: (teasingly) sanskar, what r u doing? This is a trail room, don’t you know how to behave in a trail room..
Sanskar: ohh really!!! ( he smiles and pulls her)
Swara: sanskar plz stop!! By d way tell me how r my dresses!!
Sanskar: okay! Show. Me??
Sanskar looks at the dresses and gets shocked!
Sanskar: yeh Sub Kya hai?? Western outfits?
Swara: (smiles) ha Sanskar!! You love these type of dresses na! After our marriage I will start wearing this dresses!! You know what I thought… ur a grt rockstar.. I heard ur show.. You said that you don’t like girls who wear spects and you also said that you like girls who follow d new trend!! So I’m changing!! All shouldn’t point out you that y u married such type of a girl!! Nd I promise I will never let anyone Pointing you!!

Sanskar is shocked to see, how d way Swara is thinking

Sanskar: (cups her face) Swara ur wrong! How can u think like that.. Swara ur not understanding yes I agree I like people who follow new trend!! But you need to understand one more thing is that
this old trend girl changed a new trend boy!!
Yess! Swara ur love changed me!! I can’t let anyone see you in these short dresses… I love d way you are… Be yourself!!
Nd all should tell that “arey Sanskar, your very lucky to get Swara in ur life!!! I really want that compliment from everyone!!

Swara eyes are filled with tears.. She gets happy!!
And hugs Sanskar tightly..

Swara: Thankyou Sanskar!! I love u soo much!
She gives a tight kiss on his cheeks..

Sanskar is shocked but happy..

Sanskar: (teasingly) Swara! How can you kiss me like this.. This is trail room yar.. Don’t you know how to behave in a trail room..
Swara: blushes.. And runs out!!

Sanskar smiles and comes out…after sometime

They both come out…

Ragini is selecting jewellery Laksh signals her through mirror..
They both share some lovely time looking at the each other
At that time Sanskar comes and sits beside Laksh!!
Laksh sees the lipstick mark on Sanskar’s face and starts teasing him!!

Laksh: arey woww! Sanskar I hope you had a grt time!!?
Sanskar: Noo yar!!
Laksh smiles.. Seeing his covering! But doesn’t say him about the mark!!

Ragini comes to that place and gives her mobile to kept it with him!! At that time even Ragini notices the lipstick mark on his face..

She smiles when she was about to say, Laksh signals her not to say!!

At that time pari comes seeing Laksh and Ragini smiling.
Pari: Kya hua guys? Why r u both smiling!!
(She starts teasing him)
Ragini signals her to look at Sanskar face..
Pari looks at him and starts laughing but hides her smile
Pari: sanskar! I guess ur enjoying!
Sanskar: come on Di…. Why all are bothering me! Look at Swara she is somewhere and look at me… What will I enjoy my face!!

They laugh looking at each other…

Ragini smiles and goes near and tease Swara
Ragini: Swara how was ur kiss??
Swara is shocked
Swara: kiss??
Ragini: (teasingly) haa Swara.. Now you kissed Sanskar on his cheeks na!
Swara: ? how do u know Di? Did Sanskar told you?
Ragini: actually I saw that lipstick mark on Sanskar face
Swara what?
Swara: who else saw?
Ragini: me, pari and Laksh.. Nd after sometime all will see..
Swara: (tensed) Kya?? Oh god!!
she runs and goes near him!!

Ragini smiles!

She sees Laksh and Sanskar talking.. Nd Laksh teasing him…Sanskar doesn’t know abt the lipstick mark

Swara goes near Him and holds his hand.. She signals him to come out..

Sanskar: (teasingly) arey Swara!! What r u doing? We r in shopping mall!! This is not the time for romance..

Laksh smiles

Swara shocked.. She don’t know what to do..she keeps her hands on his face but Sanskar jerks it..

Sanskar: ?(teasing) Swara!! We r in public…Stop it na!! Laksh look at her?

Laksh smiles..

Swara gets angry and she walks off looking at him angrily!!
Sanskar smiles seeing her anger and winks at her!!

She takes shomi mobile and messages him..

Swara: sanskar!! Plz come out!
Sanskar reads the message…

Sanskar: Swara!! How romantic u are?

Swara: sanskar!! Plz come out quickly..
Sanskar: (teasingly) Nooooo!!!
Swara: arey budhu!!! Lipstick mark on ur face wipe it!!!

Snaksar gets shocked reading the message…He immediately wipes the other side…
Laksh laughs looking at him!!!
Swara comes near him and wipes it…

Swara: this is what I’m trying to say.. But ur not giving me chance!! And ur teasing me!

Sanskar: ? I’m sorry Swara!! I just thought to overact bit infront of Laksh!!

Laksh starts teasing them again!!
Laksh: woww! Such a cute pair!
Swara blushes.. Nd Sanskar keeps his hand on her shoulder!!
Sanskar: Yaa! Laksh… We are cute? but Swara is more cute than me!!

He winks at her?

They both look at each other lovingly and smile…

Engagement day
Swara and Ragini both are getting ready for engagement..
Laksh and Sanskar wearing sherwani and they are excitedly waiting for their loved once..
Laksh: sanskar we are waiting here since 1 hour! But look at them, they r still getting ready.. These girls na.. Oh god we can’t change them.
Sanskar: (smiles) seriously Laksh!!
(They both smile talking about their lives once)

After 1 hour Ragini and Swara comes down wearing beautiful outfits!

Laksh and Sanskar gets mesmerised seeing Ragini and Swara!!

Ragini stands beside Laksh and Swara stands beside Sanskar… All elders appreciates the couples!!

Sanskar can’t control himself looking at her.. Seeing swara with diffrent look Sanskar was bowled over.the hot curls looked damn hot with her pink anarkali suit.he stood there speechless.They both just looked at each other.

He goes near her and whispers
Sanskar: ‘beautiful’
Swara looks at him and blushes..

Some elders come and blesses both the couples… Swara gets scared looking all the new guests and she holds Sanskar’s hand..

Sanskar understoods and holds her hands tightly…

Pandit tells Laksh and Ragini to change the rings..
Ap gives rings to Laksh and shomi gives ring to Ragini..
Laksh and Ragini smile looking at each other…
And both exchange their rings…

All claps for the couples…

Sanskar and Swara look at each other..
Sanskar: Swara I don’t understand one thing.. Why the couple changes the ring?
Do you trust these all..
Swara: sanskar!!!! the finger on which you will put the ring goes straight to my heart. So when you place the ring on my finger, I become yours!

Sanskar: smiles!! (Oh really!! But Swara you dint understand I have already became urs!!)?

Swara smiles…

Now pandit tells Swara and Sanskar to exchange their rings..

They both smile looking at each other..
Sanskar and Swara exchange their rings!!
All claps for the couples..
Kids congratulates Swara and Sanskar!! They r very happy for them!!

All the elders blesses them!!!

All guests are having their dinner..
While both the couples are taking photos…

After few hours.. Engagement completed!!

Shekar: Ragini and Swara.. Go to ur rooms and change ur dresses.. U might fell tired!

RP: Yaa and even Laksh and Sanskar.. Nd guys Remember.. From now onwards both the couples should not meet each other!

All went to their respective room..

Sanskar thinking about Swara.. He was totally lost In her beauty!! He thought to meet her.. But remembered RP words that after engagement they should not meet!!
He was very disturbed!!
He thought to call her but remembered that she doesn’t have a mobile with her!!

Laksh and Ragini room..
Both are very happy…
Laksh messages Ragini.. Nd they both have a good time speaking on mobile!!

Swara in her room…
She thinks about thier journey… Their engagement…she looks at her ring and smiles… She is Missing Sanskar badly..
She want to meet him.. But she can’t.. She don’t know what to do!! She gets an idea and takes out her violin!!

She plays the music..
In Sanskar room..
Sanskar gets happy hearing her music and he plays his guitar.. Swara gets happy and she runs to the balcony..
Sanskar is sitting near the window and smiles looking at her..

At that time shomi comes..
Shomi: Swara!! You don’t sleep yet??
She looks at Sanskar.. And smiles!!

Sanskar gets tensed and closes the curtain.. And switch offs the light

Shomi: Shona??? Are you happy? You got ur love back
Swara: haa ma! I’m very happy..
She hugs shomi..
Shomi: tommorow we need to go to twmple! Wear this half saree!!
Swara: okay Maa!!

Next day morning!!
All r getting ready for temple..
Sanskar looks at Swara.. She is wearing red and orange half saree.. Day by day he is loving the tradition outfit!! As it was perfectly suited for Swara!!

Near car..
All r getting seated.. Sanskar comes towards Swara..Swara looks at Shekar and gets scared and hides herself behind shomi..
Sanskar looks at her angrily..

RP: sanskar come lets go..
Sanskar looks at Swara and signals her to get in the car..
Shekar: Swara beta!!! Challo sit in Laksh car and Ragini you sit in Sansakr car..
Swara: okay papa!!
Sanskar gets angry!!!
While RP and Shekar smiles looking at each other!!

In temple:
Swara and Ragini in puja.. After the puja
While all r leaving, Sanskar near the stairs.. Swaraa and all others are coming down… While passing Sanskar keeps his legs front and stops Swara..
Swara is tensed to see all elders infront of them..
Swara looks at Sanskar tensedly.. Nd signals him not to do that!!
Sanskar smiles.. Nd signals her to come side..
Swara: (signals) Noo!!!
Sanskar stares at angrily while Swara smiles seeing his expressions!

They leave to their house..
Swara goes to her room…

Sanky slowly walks towards Swara’s room.. Nd enters the room through the window.. At that time Swara was about to change her clothes!! Sanskar gets angry and shouts!!
Sanskar: Swara!! Close the door yar!!
Swara was shocked… And turns back..
Swara: sanskar?? TUM? What r u doing here?
Sanskar comes inside the room… Nd he holds her arms..
Swara: why can’t you close the window Swaraa ! It’s a day time.. You should be careful na!!
Swara: I’m sorry!!..
Sanky looks at her innocent face..
Sanskar: (holds her hands) m sorry Swara!!
Swara: it’s okay! But what r u doing here Sanskar!
Sanskar: (hugs her from back) Swara! I’m missing you soo much!! What are these rules yar! (He keeps a pout face)
Swara: (turns towards him and cups his face) Sanskar! It’s only d matter of 2 days!! After that I will become urs completely!! I will be with u forever!

(At that time they hear a door knock)

Swara: sanskar! Plz go!!
Sanskar: okay! Fine… 2 days!! I will manage… Bye! Take care.. And close those windows.. When you change ur dress!
He kisses her cheeks and leaves!!!

Swara smiles seeing his care!!

It’s been 2 days since they met.. Both the couples dint meet each other.. As it was a strict rule!!
All others are preparing for marriage arrangement..


Their wedding day arrived finally. The sun was setting and the sky looked beautiful with a mixture of different colours: orange, pink, purple, blue.
The picture-perfect wedding!

Raglak and Swasan are on mandap…
It was a wonderful marriage!! A wonderful moment!!
Sanskar recollects all his memories with Swara and gets happy… While Swara looks at him and gets happy.. as she got Sanskar in her life!!

Marriage rituals started…
Laksh and Sanskar applied..lightly, a red powder, ‘sindoor’ on their partners head.

The moment they applied the sindoor…
Ragini and Swara eyes are filled with tears….
As It is a symbol of love.

Next step
They also tied a “mangalsutra” around their partners neck.
It’s a gold and black beaded necklace with a diamond pendant,
And the final step of marriage..

“saat phere” or the seven steps to marriage. This ritual involves the bride and groom circumambulating around the sacred fire seven times while the priest chants the holy mantras.

The marriage was complete!!!
They took blessings from elders…

Laksh and Ragini looks at each other and smile…
And Swara and Sanskar look at each other and smile..


Episode 21

Guys I’m just concentrating on Swasan…

After the marriage…
It was the first night for the couples..
Swara and Ragini are in their respective rooms waiting for their husbands!!

Swasan room:

Sanskar entered his room. It was decorated so nicely. Its aroma of the room was so nice that he was liking the view in front of him.

Swara Is very tensed….and shy…

After hearing the sound of door Swara got nervous that what will happen next.
Sanskar saw Swara sitting there in the middle of the bed with a veil on her face hiding it in her dupatta.

Sanskar smiles…

He moved towards her. He sits on the bed just in front of her.
She was breathing very very heavily. Sanskar pull her veil above her head.

Swara and Sanskar look at each other…

Sanskar : Bahut… Bahut pretty lag rahi hun*smiley*

Swara: (blushes) Thanks… Aap bhi bahut handsome lag rahe ho.

Sanskar: Thanx Mrs. Sanskar

Swara blushed on this….
She was very happy to hear that words… It’s like a dream for her… Her first crush, her first love… Now became her life partner… Eyes are filled with tears and hugs him….

Sanskar: hugs her back… Kya hua Swara? Why are you crying!!
Swara: I’m soo lucky Sanskar! I got u in my life… You know I never thought that this day will come into my life!! Thankyou Sanskar!!
(She hugs him more tightly)
Sanskar: Thankyou Swara! Because of u I learnt many things.. Nd I love you soo much…
He holds her face in between his palms and looks intensely in her eyes. He move towards her forehead and kisses her there.

Swara blushes!!!

Sanskar couldn’t control himself today and after seeing her blush he is very much uncontrollable.

Than he move towards her eyes and kisses her eyes one by one.
Swara had closed her eyes feeling his immense love for her.
He kisses her nose tip then her cheeks one by one.
He moves towards her earlobe and bits her there.
Swara: sanskar!!!
Sanskar: shh!! I liked it Swara!!
Saying this He kisses her cheeks…

Now he is staring at her lips which are parted inviting him to kiss them.

Sanskar closed his eyes and move towards her lips.
Swara blushes…
Sanskar smiles and kisses her lips.. They have a passionate kiss..

After sometime.. They broke the kiss!
Swara blushes and hugs Sanskar!!

Sanskar: I love you Swara!
Swara: I love too Sanskar!!

They look at each other lovingly!!

Sanskar: Swara!! tomorrow we r leaving to london! You know I’m very happy..
I want to show u to all my friends!! All will be very excited..
(He keeps on talking.. But Swara becomes sad)

Sanskar while talking looks at Swara who is very sad..
Sanskar: Swara Kya hua?
Swara: (hugs him) il miss everyone here.. I miss papa, mom and Di.. I never stayed alone without them.. Nd mainly il miss those kids.. This nature.. This room.. Everything!!
Nd my classmates.. How sweet they r.. I never talked with them.. Because of my studies.. You know I dint have minimum fun in my colz life.. Like bunking colz.. Hangouts with friends.. I thought that those r useless…
But being with you.. I got to know how to enjoy the life!!
Il miss my classmates too.. Il miss my college !

She cries hugging him…

Sanskar: Yaa Swara.. Even il miss everyone here… Ragini and Laksh, those kids!! They r soo sweet….and Swara I know.. This is a tough time for every girl!! But don’t worry.. We will be in touch with everyone!!

And tommorow will meet everyone of them.. And Will buy some gifts for the kids!! They all love you soo much!
Soo sweet of them Swara.. You know I hate kids.. But now I’m loving them..
That’s because of u Swara…

He looks at her lovingly.. A tear drop falls from his eyes… Thinking about his love, kids, Laksh and Ragini.. Their fun… This journey!!

He hugged her… And sleeps!!

Raglak room!!
Ragini and Laksh are talking to each other!!
Ragini: Laksh! It’s like a dream to me!!
We r married…(she gets excited)
Laksh: haa Ragini…(Nd hugs her from back) I’m so lucky to get such a beautiful wife in my life!!
Ragini: (teasingly)achaa!!!
By d way Laksh! I want to know onething… When did u started loving me?

Laksh: hmm do u want to know the truth??
Ragini: (excited) Yess!!!
Laksh: okay listen… He keeps his hands on her shoulder!!
Laksh: I just treated you like a friend… And sometimes I used to get angry on u when u used to scold Swara.. But when u said me about ur plan.. I felt I was wrong… I felt Swara is very lucky to get u!!
Being with u.. Ur fun, matured mind.. I started loving u..

Ragini gets happy and hugs him…
(They both keep on talking to each other and sleeps)

Next day:

It was 6:00 AM in d morning..the sun shined brightly,
Swara and Sanskar sleeping holding each other tightly… She was wrapped in the arms of her husband…
His eyes flickered due to d sudden loud noise of d alarm n d hasty attack of the sharp bright rays of the sun…

He opens his eyes.. And looks at Swara, who is sleeping peacefully.. He remembers their marriage…he smiles looking at her… Then hurriedly switched off the alarm n slowly placed his hand above her eyes so that she couldn’t feel the gaze of d sun n cud sleep peacefully…

Swara cuddled herself more firmly in his arms thanking him fr his gesture…he too wrapped his one arm around her waist, while his other arm was being used as a pillow by his beloved wife!
He smiled to himself thinking of what dis gul had done to him.

He smiles and places a small peck on her forehead!!
As soon as he touch her.. Swara opens her eyes!! She smiles..

Swara: good morning Sanskar!!
Sanskar: good morning princess!!

Swara gave a peck on his cheek and tells him dat she slept very peacefully in his arms last nite… They both were lost in each other’s eyes..still believing d fact dat it was all true n dey weren’t dreaming about their marriage…

Swara: (wakes up) Sansakr! Get ready.. We need to go down!!
Sanskar: not soo soon Swara!! (He pulls her)
Swara: sanskar.. Did u forgot.. We need to buy gifts.. We need to meet my friends..
Sanskar: Yaa.. I remembered.. Okay You get ready and come!

After some time they both get ready..
Sanskar near mirror.. At that time Swara goes near balcony…
He looks at Swara.. Going!!!

It’s been 10 mins she went to balcony.. But dint come yet..
Sanskar goes to check her..
Sanskar: Swara!!
He watches Swara looking at her birds in her cage..

Sanskar: Swara what r u doing?
Swara: sanskar you know.. I daily start my day with giving food to these birds..
I like them soo much!! Nd today I’m freeing them!! She looks at Sanskar and smiles!!

Sanskar hugs her…

They both frees the birds… Nd smiles looking at the birds..where they are flying in the air..

Sanskar: okay Swara! Shall we go down now!!
Swara: Yaa!!

They both go down… Wish everyone.. Take blessings from elder.. They did the Pooja…Nd had their breakfast!!
After the breakfast!!

Sanskar: papa! We r going for shopping!!will come at the time of lunch!!
RP: haa okay Sanskar!!’

Swara and Sanskar leaves for shopping!!
They both buy some gifts for kids…

After buying they go their houses.. Nd gives those gifts to the kids..

Kids hugs them and cries!!
They all spend some time with Swara and Sanskar!!

After that Swara and Sanskar goes to her college!!

Swara messages his friends to meet them at the gate…
All her classmates.. Meets Swara and Sanskar!
Classmate: woww!! The new couple… Very cute!!
Swara hugs them…
They all talk, teases them.. Take photographs!! They njoy for sometimes…
Sanskar had a get time talking with them..
Swara: plz be in touch with me!! I will miss u all!!

They all get emotional and have a group hug… Swara cries.. For missing them..

Swara and Sanskar reach home…

They spend some time talking with Laksh and Ragini..
Laksh: sanskar and Swara .. We will miss u guys..
Sanskar: we miss u guys too!
They talk for sometime..
They all remember their beautiful journey.. Of these 2 months!!
They share a beautiful hug…

After sometime:
Swara in her room.. Packing her luggage..
Sanskar comes and watches Swara lost in her thoughts!!
Sanskar: swaraaa!! (He places his hand on her shoulder) don’t be sad!! You need to be brave Swara.. If uncle and aunty watches u like this they will be sad.. If u be happy.. They will be happy..
If u cry.. They will cry… So don’t cry!! Be happy!!
Swara smiles!!

He kisses her cheeks!!! Nd gives support to her!!
At that shomi comes..
Shomi: Swara, did u pack this, did u pack that she keeps on telling her!!
Swara: haa ma!!
Swara watches shomi crying…but Shomi controls her tears…Swara goes near her..
Swara: ma!! Y are you hiding ur tears?

Sanskar looks at them..

Shomi hugs Swara..
Shomi: il miss u Swara!! Nd I’m worried for u!! Take care okay!! Be in touch with ur Ma okay?
Swara: haa Maa!! Daily I will talk to u.. Nd don’t worry ma.. My husband is with me.. He will take care of me!! Nd hugs her…

Sanskar smiles seeing their bond!! Nd joins the hug!!

Shomi smiles and blesses Sanskar!

After an hour!!
All reach airport…
Swara hugs Ragini… Nd bids her bye!!
They share a sister bond
Shekar blesses Swara…and cries!!
RP: don’t worry Shekar! Swara is my daughter too
Sujatha: haa Shekar ji..don’t worry about her at all!!

They all smile…

Swasan finally looks at everyone and bids bye!!

They leave to London!!

Episode ends!!

***************** happy ending*************************

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