The hug that changed me (Part 14)

After Swara and Sanskar kiss… They both are sitting in lawn and talking…
Sanskar holding Swara’s hand and playing with her fingers!!
Sanskar: Swara.. I’m very happy, I cannot believe.. I’m in love!! You know Swara.. When I’m in London.. I used to have many girl friends, for small fights I used to say breakup.. But I never felt bad for them.. But I don’t know why Swara, I became restless when I hurted you.. Later I understood I’m in love with you!! I will never leave you Swara!!

Swara gets happy… Nd her eyes filled with tears..She holds his hand and sleeps on his shoulder..

After some time..
RP calls sanskarrr
Sanskar: Yaa dad!!
RP: sanskar where are you! Come for dinner
Sanskar: I’m in lawn… Nd Yaa dad wait I’m coming..

He cuts the call…
Sanskar: Swara!! Dad is calling.. Come lets go for dinner!!
Swara: okay!!

They both go inside..
They all are having dinner!! Sanskar holds Swara’s hand and stares at her romantically… Swara signals him to leave!!

Shona: Swara help me in the kitchen!!
Swara: ha ma!! Coming!!
She leaves his hand and leaves..

Sanskar looks at her angrily!!
Swara smiles
They all are having dinner
Swara is in kitchen!!!

Shekar: sanskar today you need to shift ur room.. Actually tomorrow we have some work in ur room.. Nd I don’t want to disturb u early morning…
Sanskar: okay uncle fine!! No probs!! I will sleep with Laksh..
Ragini: but dad, Laksh room is small and it has single bed.. Do u think they can sleep happily on that bed??
Shekar: Yaa ur right!!
Ragini: dad let Sanskar use Swara’s room and Swara will sleep in my room!!
He winks at sanskar?

Sanskar smiles!!

Shekar: Yaa that’s a good one!

By the time Swara comes… The topic gets changed!!

After the dinner!!

All goes to their respective rooms!!
Swara is helping shomi to clean the kitchen!!
Sanskar shifts his belongings into Swara’s room!!
Ragini comes…
Ragini: sanskar.. Today spend some happy time with Swara… After many days you both confessed ur love.. So I won’t disturb you!!
Sanskar: Thankyou Ragini!!

Ragini leaves Sanskar looks at Swara’s room and smiles.. He goes to balcony … And sees the lawn place where he used to play guitar… And how Swara used to sign him from the balcony!!

He gets happy and smiles… At that time Swara comes… She is unaware of Sanskar presence!!

She closes the door..Nd goes to washroom and changes her dress!!
She comes out and starts folding her dresses and looks at Sanskar clothes!!

Swara: arey this is Sanskar’s shirt!! But what is it doing here??

Sanskar listens her words and hugs her from back…

Swara is shocked..

Sanskar: because I kept my belongings here!!
Swara: (shocked) sanskar!! What are you doing here?? What if papa sees you?
Sanskar: I don’t care…(saying this he lies on her bed)
Swara: sanskar get up plzz!! Leave the room immediately!!
Sanskar: teases… No I won’t!! He winks at her!!
Swara: sanskar plzz!!
Sanskar: okay give me one kiss!!?
Swara: sanskar!! This is the time for romance!! Plz Sanskar goo!!
Sanskar: (teasingly) No!!! First give me the kiss!!
Swara: hmm okay!! She kisses him on his cheeks!! Sanskar happy!! Now please leave!!
Sanskar: no!!!
Swara: sanskar!!!! (Swara gets worried and locks her room… Sanskar smiles at her)
Swara: sanskar please plz plz leave!!
Sanskar: Swara.. (He pulls her hand)
Come first sit!! First relax and listen!
Swaraa..(he cups her face) you don’t need to worry because your papa already knew it!!

Swara is shocked!!

Swara: what???
Sanskar: Yaa Swara!! I told your dad everything!! I even told him that today I will sleep in your daughters room!!
Swara: (worried) really??
Sanskar looks at her tensed face and smiles..

Sanskar: (teasingly) haa Swara!!
Swara: (worried) sanskar what did papa say?
Sanskar: (teasingly) he accepted!!
Swara: (wides her eyes) really???

Sanskar looks at her cute expressions and laughs!!!

Swara: (laughing) arey budhu!! Ur soo innocent!! How can you think ur papa will allow me to ur room at this time!!

Swara : sanskar!!! How can you scare me like this… She hits him with the pillows!!

Sanskar: arey swara!! Wait!! First listen to me!!

Sanskar goes towards her and hugs her from back… They both fall on bed..
Sanskar pins Swara on the bed.. Nd he looks at her romantically!!
He goes close to her…. Moves her hair to one side…Swara smiles and pushes him Nd hits with the pillows again and she

Sanskar: (looks at her childish behaviour) swara!! listen!!… Your papa told me to sleep here as he has some work in my room… Nd he told you to sleep with Ragini…
Swara: what??
Sanskar: (teasingly) but don’t worry Ragini will manage.. Nd today I want to spend some time with you…he winks at her?

Swara gets relieved..
They both share some time talking.. Swara keeps on laughing looking at Sanskar exoressions!!
Sanskar stares at her lovingly..
He goes near her and touches her lips romantically..
Swara is tensed… Nd closes her eyes!!
Sanskar holds her face and gives a peck on her lips!!

Sanskar: I love you Swara!!! I want you to smile like this forever!!
Swara: I love you too Sanskar and she hugs him….
Sanskar pulls Swara to the bed…
Sanskaar and swara were lying on the bed cuddling each other. Swara laid her head on his chest and hugged him tightly by his waist… They spent some light moments by talking Swara slept peacefully on his arms!!

Sanskar recollects all his time with Swara and his eyes are filled with water!!
He was feeling guilt for the pain he gave Swara by that bet!! Thinking more and more about it made him remember those painful days where she was depressed and literally broken from inside out. Remembering them he hugged her more tightly and kissed her… He slept peacefully hugging her in his arms!!

Next morning!!
Swara’s room
A sunrays hitting the wall, nd the paintings on the wall reflects it and that Rays hits Sanskar face…
He opened his eyes…nd gets surprised to see the beauty of the room…
He looks at Swara… Sleeping peacefully on his arms!!
Sanskar: Swara!! Ur so talented!! Oh god! Your room is so beautiful, I just love it!! Morning nature it’s awesome!!
Swara: opens her eyes!! And gives a cute smile..

Sanskar kisses her forehead!!
Sanskar: love you Swara!!
Swara hugs him more tightly… She looks at the watch and gets up hurriedly!!
Sanskar: Swara Kya hua??
Swara: sanskar it’s 6:00, get up na!! If any one watches me here with you.. It won’t be good!
Sanskar: Swara!! Don’t worry.. You can manage and tell that you came just now!! Don’t worry!!

At that time Ragini knocks the door!!

Swara opens it.
Ragini: (teasingly) arey Swara!! How was ur night with Sanskar!!?
Swara: (blushes) Di!! Plzz
Ragini: teases her!!

Sanskar, Ragini, Swara spends some time talking and Laksh joins them after sometime!! They all talk with each other

Swara: guys !! I forgot!! I need to go to college. I have to submit my project!!
(Saying this she goes to get ready..without looking at Sanskar)
Sanskar raises his eyebrows and looks at her..

Swara goes to get ready,
Ragini: okay guys!! Even il get ready and come!!
Laksh: wait Ragini even il come!!

Sanskar is alone in the room.. He his arranging his clothes!!

At that time Swara comes wearing white churidhar..
Sanskar stares at her lovingly!!

She hurriedly gets ready… Takes her bag.. Arranging her books,.
Sanskar goes towards her!!
Sanskar: hello madam?? What’s going on here??
Swara: sanskar! I’m late to my college!!
Sanskar: achaa!!! (He hugs her from back) sweetheart!! with whose permission ur going to college!!
Swara: (tensed) Sanskar!!

She looks at him worriedly

Sanskar: haa Swara!! I don’t like you to go now!!
Swara: (confused) but y?? Sanskar?
Sanskar: because il miss you Swara!! ( saying this he keeps his chin on her shoulder nd keeps a pout face)
Swara: sanskar! (She caresses his hair ) il come home soon! It’s very important for me to go… Please Sanskar..shall I?

Sanskar: Noo!! Swara!! Please!! I feel so bore here!! (He holds her hands)
Swara: sanskar!! Please!!
Sanskar: hmm!! Okay but come soon!!
Swara: (excited) Thankyou Sanskar…(she kisses him on his cheeks)
Sanskar gets happy and stares at her admiringly!!
When Swara was about to go Sanskar stops her!!
Sanskar: Swara.. Kiss me again..(he shows his other cheeks)?
Swara blushes and she kisses his other cheeks!

They both look at each other and smiles

Swara leaves to her college!!

after few hours!!
Lunch time!!
All gathered at dining table
Sanskar waiting for Swara.. He was looking outside!
Shomi: sanskar!! Do you want anything?
Sanskar: no aunty!! I’m fine!
He looks at Ragini.. And signals her about Swara..
Ragini looks at the time..
Ragini: after lunch I will go and pick her!!
Sanskar: okay!!

They all are having lunch!!
RP: Shekar next week we are going back to London..

All are shocked.. Specially Sanskar!!

Sanskar: what next week.. But papa we have still one month time! Why so soon!

Ragini: haa uncle!!

Shekar: actually We got a tender.. All credit goes to Sanskar.. He worked hard for it.. And we got the tender!!.. It’s his first project.. I’m going to introduce him to all my partners with this project..So we both need to go.. I’m very happy for Sanskar!!

Sanskar : but dad!!

Shekar: it’s okay RP… It’s Sanskar’s first
Project! Congrats Sanskar!! This trip we enjoyed a lot!!
By the way.. When will you again come back to India?

RP: may be after 3 years!!

Laksh, Ragini and Sanskar all are shocked!!

What?? 3 years??

They all get upset!! Sanskar angrily moves to his room!!
All elders are shocked to see his behaviour!!
Laksh and Ragini follows him!!

Sanskar goes to Swara’s room…
He looks at her pics and gets emotional.. He remembers all the moments spent with her!! He gets disturbed as he don’t know what to do!!

Ragini: sanskar I know ur very disturbed!! But what can we do now?
Sanskar: how Ragini?? How can I Stay without Swara for 3 years!! You know I couldn’t stay even 3 hours!! I was very lonely from morning when she went to colz!! Now I can’t even leave her for a sec!!!! But how can dad take such decisions without asking me!!

Laksh: now we need to plan a new thing to stop you from going!!

Sanskar thinks and tooks a decision!

Sanskar: guys!! I took a decision but I first I need to speak with Swara! Ragini I will go and pick her..

Ragini: but Sanskar what’s ur decision!
Laksh stops Ragini…
Laksh: Ragini first let him talk with Swara later if they are both okay with it then they can share it with us!! Sanskar!! Go!!

Sanskar leaves from there…nd he reaches Swara college!!
He sits in car and looks for Swara!! But she still in class!!

Swara’s class:
After the class… Swara is very happy that she’s going back to her house.. She keeps on smiling..
Her classmates gets shocked seeing her being so they all know Swara is very studious, she never talks with anyone.. She never smiles.. But today she is very happy..

One of her classmate (Uday) goes to her and asks her..
Uday : (tensed way.. As he don’t know whether she will reply or not) Swaraa!! Your so happy today?? What happened?

(All his friends are shocked, as he is talking with Swara.. Because they all know that Swara won’t even reply… But to their shock!!

Swara : Yaaa Uday!! I’m soo happy!! (She keeps on smiling..while all others are shocked)

All her classmates gathers her!!
Classmates: Swara!! Your talking to us? Wow this is awesome!!
Swara: I’m sorry for not talking to you guys!! I’ve realised that in lyf not only studies soem fun should also be there!!
Classmates: wowww they all clap for her!!
(All of them talks for sometime and they all really liked Swara, her smile, her soft nature)
Swara: (looks at the watch) ohh god!! Okay guys I need to go home!!sanskar will be waiting for me!
Classmates: sanskar!!! Ohooooo!!!! Swaraaaa?? who is Sanskar??? So this is the reason for ur happiness??

Swara: (blushes) haa guys!!
Classmates: Swara seriously u in love?? Wow.. So sweet.. What’s he doing now?
Swara: he stays in London!! He’s a singer and And an RJ too!!

One of the classmate: thinks for a minute!! Plz don’t say that he is RJ Sanky!!

Swara: (blushes) he is the same person!!

All are shocked… They cannot believe what Swara said..
Classmates:what??? Omg?? Swara please I want to see him.. He is my favourite RJ!!
Swara: sure!! But not now.. Hmmm but tomorrow!!
Classmates : woww!! Thankyou Swara..
Swara: okay shall we go now!!
(They all are walking… Suddenly Swara sees Sanskar car!!

Swara: sanskar?? What is he doing here??
Classmates are shocked!!
Classmates: where???
Swara gets happy seeing him and runs towards him.. All classmates runs back of her!!

Sanskar looks at Swara coming happily towards him.. He gets emotional.. Nd he gets down the car..

All her classmates are happy.. To see a rockstar and a grt RJ in front of them!! They all run towards him!!

Swara: sanskar?? What a surprise? You know today for the first time I’ve talked with my classmates.. They all are so sweet.. Nd you know what They want to see you..

Sanskar looks at her lovingly.. And hugs her tightly!!
Swara: sanskar Kya hua??
Sanskar: Swara I need to talk to you!! Please come with me!!

At that time classmates come.. Swara introduces them to Sanskar..
They all get happy seeing him..

Sanskar: okay guys!! I have some work with my girl frnd can I go?

Classmates smiles..

Sanskar holds Swara’s hand and makes her sit in the car.. They leave..

Classmates: wow they are soo cute couple!! Swara is very lucky!! They smile and they leave!

In car:
Swara: sanskar Where r we going?
Sanskar: shh! Swara I need to talk to u! It’s very important!
Swara: (tensed) Kya hua Sanskar?? Don’t scare me plz!

Sanskar stops the car at the lonely place..
Swara gets down…
They was a silence for few minutes
Swara: sanskar! Kya hua? Is everything fine!! (She looks at him tensedly)
Sanskar: Swara I’m going to London next week.. He tells her what all RP said
Swara is shocked… Tears falls from her eyes…
Sanskar looks at her… And hugs her!!
Sanskar: Swara please don’t cry.. I can’t see you breaking down like this!!
I love you Swara! I will miss you so much.. I don’t want to go!!

Swara:(crying) sanskar.. I love you too.. She holds him tightly.. And cries..
But you need to go Sanskar.. It’s ur first project.. But il miss you so much Sanskar, miss you soo much!!
(She hugs him more tightly)

Sanskar: Swara can u stay without me?
Swara: no Sanskar! I can’t stay! Ur my life!! How can you think that I will stay without u?

Sanskar smiles….
Sanskar: Swara I took a decision!!
Swara confused and looks at his face..
Swara: Kya decision Sanskar?
Sanskar: I took that decision because I love you Swara!!
Swara: what’s that?

Sanskar kneels down.. And takes out a rose from his pocket!!

Sanskar: Swara ‘WILL YOU MARRY ME’ ?

Swara is shocked.. She was happy, emotional.. All kind of expressions are seen on her face..

Sanskar: I can’t go alone Swara.. I want to take you with me!! I want to start a new life with u…Ur my lucky charm Swara!! I want you to be with me forever!

Swara couldn’t control her happiness by listening to his words..

Swara takes the rose from his hands!!
Swara: yes Sanskar!! I will marry you!!
She kneels down and hugs him tightly…
I’m very lucky to start my lyf with you..
She gives a peck on his lips…

Sanskar smiles.. And hugs her tightly!!

They share a beautiful hug!!
after some time

Sanskar: Swara come lets tell our decision to our family
Swara: but Sanskar will they accept? I mean I know they will accept.. But we have only one week time.. And Ragini is elder to me.. Do you think our decision will support us?
Sanskar: trust me Swara! Everything will be fine! First let’s try by telling our decision and after that let our elders take the decision..

(They both leave to house)

In d hall..
All elders are talking.. Raglak are very tensed about Sanskar decision.. As they don’t know what he decided!!

Swara and Sanskar reach home… All eskers look at them..
Shomi: Swara! It’s so late! I was so worried for you.. Come have ur lunch!!
Swara: ma il have it later!
Shomi: okay..(when she was about to go Sanskar stops her)
Sanskar: aunty 1 min I need to talk to u!

Shomi is shocked and all others..
Shomi: Kya hua Sanskar?
Sujatha: Kya hu?
Sanskar: ma I need to talk to everyone of u!!

Shekar: ha Sanskar Batao..
Sanskar: we both love each other so much.. Nd we want to get married..

All r shocked

RP: Kya??
Sanskar: ha papa.. We r in love.. I love Swara so much.. I can’t leave her alone in India and I can’t go to London!! She my life.i can’t be happy without her!!

Swara gets tensed and holds his hand!!

All elders get happy..
Sujatha: sanskar! I can’t believe This! I’m so happy.. To take Swara along with us..

Shomi: but Sujatha ji.. We have no time.. Only 1 week.. Nd whAt about Ragini.. She is elder.. How can we do younger daughter married first!!

Shekar: haa shomi..
Ragini: dad don’t worry about me! Swara and Sanskar love each other let them get married.. Again she should wait for 3 yrs!!
And you dont no need to think about me.. Laksh and I we both decided to get married after our settlement!!

All elders are again shocked.. Laksh pinches Ragini…for spitting the truth!!

Ragini realises what she said…

Shekar: Ragini what are you talking??
Laksh: uncle actually.. Even we both love each other so much!!

All elders are again happy..
AP: wow This is really great
Durga Prasad: then let both the couple get married at d same time!!
Ragini: We need some time for marriage!!

Shekar: but how can first Swara marry!! I won’t allow it!!

Swara and Sanskar looks at each other worriedly!

Episode ends!!

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