The hug that changed me (Part 13)

Sanskar, Swara and kids go to an ice cream parlour..

All are having Ice cream.. Swara is having her favourite chocolate ice cream..
Sanskar watches the way she’s having her icecream and stares at her lovingly..

Swara feels uncomfortable and gets angry when Sanskar looks at her..
She turns the other side…
Sanskar smiles seeing her behaviour..
He tries to talk but Swara ignores and changes the topic.. Nd talks to the kid!!

Kids feels some fishy going on between 2

After sometime they start to leave..

Kids: Thankyou Swara di for the treat and Thankyou Sanskar bhai for ur ride!!
Sanskar: it’s my pleasure!!

When Swara was going Sanskar stops her!!

Sanskar: Swara where r u going? Did u forgot about the task!! This is my day!! This full day you need to do wt I say!!

Swara: ?never!!
Sanskar: ohh really!! Then you know abt me ryt!! He winks at her!
Swara gets tensed looking at his expressions!
Kids: Di!! Please do what ever boss says or else we feel bad!! ?
Swara: ohkk fine!! ?what’s the task and what should I do now?
Sanskar: super!! He slowly walks towards her and seeing him Swara walks back!!sanskar smiles and holds her hands!!!

Sanskar: Swara!! Hug me infront of everyone!! ?
Swara: (angrily) Noo way!!
Kids: (claps) Woww!! Di!! You need to do this!!
Swara looks at Sanskar..
Swara: (angrily) Sanskar what are you upto?? Don’t try to take advantage by using these kids!!! I will never forgive you Sanskar I will never forgive u in my life!! I hate you!!!

(Swaraa cries and leaves… SAnskar feels bad seeing her hatred!!

Kids: sanskar bhai Kya hua? Why didi is angry at u?
Sanskar: I’ve hurted her when she loved me.. But now she’s hating me when I’m in love with her..
Kids looks at each other…and gets happy!!
Kids: what?? That means you love Di??
Sanskar: haaa kiddos!! I love her.. I love her soo much!! But ur Di is angry at me.. I don’t know how to convince her!!

Kids get happy…. They hug Sanskar!!
Kids: woww bhai!! We are very happy!! Nd bhai don’t worry We all are with you..

Sanskar gets happy…
Chintu: but how can we convince Swara Di?
Shanu: idea!!! We can use Swara Di secret box..
Sanskar: secret box??
Chintu: but that’s personal…Swara Di doesn’t like someone touching it..
Shanu: ohh ya I forgot!! Then what shall we do now..

Sanskar thinks for a moment and gets happy..
Sanskar: guys!! What’s there in that box.. Can u please show it me? Don’t worry I won’t tell ur Di.. May be I can get some ideas..)
(Kids look each other.. They discuss and finally agrees)

Kids: okay!! We will show it!! It’s in Swara Di room.. Come lets go..
Shanu and Sunu went near Swara.. And they involve Swara with her talks.. So that she won’t go to her room..

Chintu and Sanskar goes inside Swara room..
Chintu shows him the box.. And he opens it and gets shocked to see the stuffs in the box..

The box contains the paintings of Sanskar and radio show photos.. childhood photos… her diary filled with poems on his name…
He was completely shocked!!

Sanskar eyes are filled with tears…
Sanskar: Chintu what’s all this?
Chintu: haa bhai.. Swara Di loves you soo much… She daily used to listen to ur show in the net..
She was very happy when shomi aunty said about the match.. But deeply hurted when you rejected her..
We felt so sad for her..
(Chintu hugs Sanskar.)
Chintu: don’t leave her bhai.. Di is very good.. She loves you so much..

Sanskar: (he was so emotional to see Swara’s love.) Noo!chintu… I will never leave her.. My love for her is increasing day by day!!

Chintu gets happy… Nd he smiles!!

Sanskar spends some time looking at the stuffs.. Nd reads her every poems.. Nd gets happy!!

Nd he thinks..
Swara!! Why did you love me so much Swara!! This much of love?? I always used to hate you.. But y did u love me?? I’m very sorry for hurting you!! I love you Swara..

He gets a plan and smiles….

He hears the sound of Swara… He sends Chintu out and he hides behind the door..

Swara comes to the room and gets shocked to see the box is half opened… She goes near it and when she was about to close it.. She opens the box and cries remembering all the things wch happened between them..

Sanskar looks at her… He suddenly opens the door…

Swara is shocked!!! And she hides the photos back of her hands!!

Sanskar: (acts as if he don’t know anything) Swara darling!! What are you doing??
Swara: (tensed) Sanskar??? Tum??? What are you doing here??? Go out?? Nd I’m not ur darling!!

Sanskar: ohhhokkk!!! Cool down!!! But wait a min why are you so tensed!!! (And looks at her hands) Nd what are you hiding??

Swara: (angry) sanskar!! That’s non of ur business!! Just go out of my room!! By the way why did you come to my room??

(Suddenly pics falls from her hands… Swara is shocked… She looks at Sanskar tensedly…. Nd they both run towards the pic… But Swara immediately picks up the pics..

Sanskar goes to help her..
Swaraa: stop it!!! Don’t dare to come near to me!! Just go!!
Sanskar: achaa!! Y shouldn’t I come close to u?
(He goes near her… Swara gets up and gets tensed and she walks backwards)

Swara: (tensed) sanskar?? What do u want?
(He just walks towards her and pins her to the wall… Blocking the way..)

He sees her sweating and blows air on her face..
Swara closes her eyes… Sanskar smiles looking at her expressions..

He goes close to her and holds her waist!!
Swara: sanskar what are you doing??
Sanskar: (whispers) where is my hug??
Swara: ? what hug Sanskar??
Sanskar: (smiles) Swara according to the task you should hug me…so where is my hug!!
Swara: don’t dream Sanskar!!
Sanskar: I always dream about you Swara!! I just want that to happen in real!!
(Saying this he goes more close to her
Swara: sanskar!! Leave me!! I’m not afraid of ur tasks..
Sanskar: ohh really!! Ur not afraid?? Achaa then see, what I will do now!!
Saying this he goes more close towards her and stares at her lips… Swara gets tensed And she pushes him… Nd runs)

Sanskar smiles…and thinks
I know Swara that You love me so much!! You may act in front of me but you can’t hide ur love!!

He leaves…


Swara is keeping rangoli infront of her house..
All elders going to the lawn and when they are passing they watches her..
Pari: Swara!! Woww it’s soo beautiful..
Sujatha: haa Swara, it’s soo nice..

(They all praises her)

Swara: (smiles) Thankyou aunty!!
(At that time Sanskar comes…
Sanskar: woww!! This is soo nice…(He goes towards her)

Sanskar: Swara!! Can you please teach me??
Swara: (angry) No!!
Shekar: Swara beta!! You shouldn’t say like that!! Teach him!

Swara : okay papa!! (She looks at sanskar angrily)
Sujatha: sanskar, why do u want to learn rangoli.. It’s a girl thing..
Sanskar: ma!! This is too much, we can learn anything!! What’s wrong in this..
Shekar: beta.. Nothing is wrong!! Guys let him do whatever he wants!!

(Saying this they sit near the lawn)

Sanskar : so Swara shall we start??
Swara: ? okay!!
(She tells him how to apply… While Sanskar stares at her lovingly… He looks around and slowly moves towards her and kisses her cheeks!!

Swara is shocked.. While Sanskar smiles looking at other side…
Swara: ?sanskar? How dare you!!
Sanskar: Swara.. What did I do? I kissed my girl friend!! By d way., it’s my wish.. Today full day I can do whatever I want!!

(Saying this he comes more close to her and places his hand on her shoulder..)
Swara: ?sanskar What are you doing? Leave me!! What if someone sees us!!
Sanskar: I don’t care..
Swara gets angry and applies colours on his face…
Sanskar is shocked!!

Sanskar: Swaraaaaaaaa!!!How can you do this? Now see what il do…
(He takes more colours in his hand..
Seeing the colours Swara runs… Sanskar runs back of her!!

Sanskar: Swara?? Stop or else you gonna pay for it!!
Swara: (laughs….she forgot abt the fight and runs) Sanskar…Noo way.. You can’t get me!!
Sanskar: ohh really!!! Fine!!!
(He runs towards her.. All elders watches them and smiles seeing their childish behaviour)

Sanskar holds her and twists her hand back!!
Swara: sanskar leave me!!
Sanskar: no!!
Swara: sanskar please!!
Sanskar applies colours on her face… … Placing his hands on her face he romantically touches her…

Swara closes her eyes!!
Sanskar goes towards her and whispers…
Swara.. I love you!!

Swara opens her eyes!!

Swara: I don’t trust you love Sanskar..
Sanskar gets angry and pulls her more closer..

Sanskar: Swara!! I know I did wrong to you.. But I realised my love Swara!! I want you to be with me forever!! Nd don’t you love me Swara??

Swara: Noo!! I don’t love you..(saying this she tries to escape but he pulls her closer)

Sanskar: if you don’t love me, then why did you collected my photos, y did you write poems.

Swara is shocked
Sanskar: (tensed) what?? Nd how diddd youuu know?

Sanskar: I’ve seen your box Swara.. I’ve read everything!!
Why Swara?? Why do U love me so much!!

Swara in tears eyes…

Swara: that was past Sanskar… U killed my feelings….

Sanskar: (he cups her face) I’m sorry Swara.. I’m really very sorry!!
You know I’m changed!! I’m not old Sanskar… I became ur Sanskar now!!

Swara: (cries) I don’t trust you and I don’t love you Sanskar please leave me!!

At that time they hear someone coming… Nd they look back..

And a car stops in front of them.. It was Aman!!

Swara runs and goes to Aman!!

Swara: Aman!! How is your health??
Aman: hello Swara… Come on yar.. I’m perfect!!

Sanskar gets angry

Swara: dats good yar!!! What are you doing here??
Aman: Swara !! I already told you that today I’m going to surprise you!!
Swara: ohh ya I forgot!! But Aman where are we going?

Aman: (smiles…he pulls Swara bit close to him…Sanskar is shocked)

Aman: Swara it’s a surprise but don’t ask me anything!!

Sanskar gets Angry he goes behind them..

Sanskar: (angrily) hello Aman!! I guess ur going somewhere?
Aman: Yaa Sanskar.. Actually Im taking Swara out..
Sanskar: ohh really!! ?But where?? (He looks at Swara)

(Swara can see his worry and jealous in his eyes)

Aman: it’s a surprise!! ?
Sanskar : oh really!!! Wow I love surprises!! Challo even il come.. Actually even im very bored!!

Aman: wo Sanskar!!
Sanskar: is it personal!! Then it’s okay!! Fyn il drop!!!
Aman: Noo Sanskar!! No problem!! You can come with us!! Wait il go and call Laksh and Ragini too.. Nd Swara get ready!!

(Aman smiles looking at his hatred on him.. He was very excited to share with raglak!!!

Sanskar smiles looking at Swara… And Swara goes to her room!!

Sanskar smiles and walks towards raglak room..

Raglak room:
Laksh : Aman!! When did u come?
Aman: just now!! Nd guys do U know onething!! (He tells them how Sanskar felt jealous.. Nd how he said that he will come with them… He laughs out loudly)
Ragini: (excited) Woww!! That’s super!! Our plan is working!!! She gives hifi to each other
Laksh: guys this is really good!! Sanskar is Jealous!! Our plan is working!! I don’t know still how much we need to act!!

Suddenly they hear a clap!!
They look back and gets shocked to see Sanskar!!

Sanskar: woww!! What a plan! Mind blowing! Seriously guys, it’s awesome! Just hatsoff ! But Like seriously, how could you all do this to me!! Yaaa I’m jealous, Yaa Im angry at Aman.. Because he proposed my Swara! I can’t see her with anyone!
But what’s all this?? What is the necessity to act?

The trio look each other tensedly!!

Laksh: actually Sanskar..
(He interrupts them..)
Sanskar: (angry) Noo! Laksh please don’t talk to me!!
Ragini: we are very sorry Sanskar, actually i know you hate my sister, but she’s in deep love with you.. Nd the match by our parents gave more hope for her… But it was shuttered when u rejected.. I felt so sad for my sis, she’s really innocent.. When I used to tease her, I never seen that pain in her…. but when she’s crying for you I can feel her pain and couldn’t bare it!! I know I’m somewhat jealous for my sister, but I want her to be happy in her life Sanskar..

Sanskar: very nice!! soo guys even the bet was ur plan ryt?? Damn it man!!! (He hits the wall)

Ragini: ha Sanskar it was my plan!! I don’t have any idea except this.. I know you do anything for the bet.. So I just tried in this way so that you both can be together…you can talk to each other.. and you can know more about her!!
Sanskar is angry..
Laksh, Ragini and Aman are tensed to see his expressions…

Aman: sanskar we r sorry… But we all know that you love Swara.. So we took Swara’s help just to make you realise!!

Suddenly Sanskar interrupts!!
Sanskar: what Swara knows about the plan??
Laksh: (tensed) Yaaa but….
Sanskar: Please guys please leave me alone!! I don’t want to talk to anyone!! Please me!! How could Swara do that?? I thought I’ve hurted her..but today you all used me!!

The trio shocked!!!

Ragini: sanskar… Listen!!

Sanskar leaves..

He goes out and wipes his tears… He was broken!!
How can Swara do such things to make me jealous!! I know I’ve did wrong…
He gets angry… Recollecting her acting like how she used to be with Aman to make him jealous!!

He was very angry and walks out from that place… He stops watching Swara, she looks at him… He stares at her angrily, she looks at his watery eyes and gets worried!!

He just avoids her and leaves..

Swara is confused… At that time trio comes..
Laksh: sanskar… Sanskar please wait
Swara: Laksh what happened?
Ragini tells her what all happened..
Swara is shocked…

Aman : Swara he is hurt to know that you were in our plan.. He was angry!!

Swara: Di!! I’m so worried, I know I did a big mistake.. I was very afraid when you told me to act.. I know this will happen..Today it was true!! He hates me now!! He won’t talk to me..
(She cries)

Ragini: Swara listen!! He loves you soo much!! Now leave about what all happened.. Don’t break this relation with ur ego…

Laksh: ha Swara!! Sanskar did wrong by hurting you… But he did for the bet… Because of that today he is loving you so much… If he doesn’t agree for the bet.. Do u think he will speak with you?

(Swara remembers his hatred on her at time of childhood.. Nd rejecting the marriage proposal)

Swara: ha Laksh, ur right!! I dint think In this way!! He loves me soo much! I got his love back…

Aman: so Swara, everything is in ur hands.. Only u can make him normal… Just tell me do u love Sanskar or not??

Swara: I love him so much Aman! He is my life!!
Ragini: then Swara, don’t waste ur time.. Make him normal.. Go fast!! Forget everything and start a new relation wth him..

Swara smiles, Swara eyes are filled with tears… She runs to his room..

She watches Sanskar standing facing the window and crying!!!

Swara recollects all the moments with Sanskar and runs towards him… And hugs him from back…

Sanskar is shocked…. But he doesn’t look back!!

Swara: sanskar I’m so sorry!! I dint do this intentionally…. They all told me to do this… I’m sorry Sanskar!! I promise I will never repeat this!! I love you Sanskar!!
(She cries hugging tightly)

Sanskar breaks the hug… Swara is shocked… She goes towards the window facing him…

Her eyes are filled with tears…
Swara: sanskar!! Please forgive me!!
(Sanskar doesn’t look at her, and cries)
Swara cups his face and kisses his cheeks)
Nd hugs him.. I’m sorry Sanskar… Please talk to me!! I can’t see you hating me!! I love you Sanskar!! I love you soo much!!

She hugs him more tightly…Nd cries…

Sanskar gives a small smile and hugs her tightly….
I love you too Swara!!

Swara gets happy…
Swar: sanskar did you forgive me??
Sanskar: haa Swara!!! (He kisses her forehead) did you forgive me?
Swara: (happy) haaa Sanskar!! Nd I love you soo much!!!
Sanskar: (happy) I love you too Swara!!
Swara: hug me Sanskar!!

They smile and Sanskar hugs her tightly… They had a long hug!!
They were involved in the hug… Both are very happy to get they love back!!

They hear someone clapping!!

They break the hug!!
It was Laksh, Aman and Ragini

Ragini: ahem!! Ahem!! So guys both are patched up!!
Laksh: let’s have an hifi now!
The trio had gives hifi to each other…
Sanskar: guys did u forgot the credit goes to me!! You know I tried hard to be angry… Because of that now Swara confessed her love or else she would have showed her anger on me….Now let me join too.. He winks?

Swara is confused…
Swara: what Sanskar? I dint understand!!
Sanskar: arey buddu darling!! You all planned to trick me but now we all planned to trick you!!

All of them laughs loudly..
Swara: what???

When Sanskar got to know the truth

Sanskar: Please guys please leave me alone!! I don’t want to talk to anyone!! Please me!! How could Swara do that?? I thought I’ve hurted her..but today you all used me!!

The trio shocked!!!

Ragini: sanskar… Listen!!

(She looks at Sanskar who was very serious.. He was just closing his eyes and recollecting everything… Ragini bet, moments with Swara, Aman confession..)

He suddenly hugs Ragini…

Ragini: sanskar??
Sanskar: Thankyou Ragini!! Thankyou so much!! !! Because of that bet my life was changed,
I was really very closed to Swara, because of that bet
I could see her love because of that bet..
Nd now she became my life because of that bet!!
I love her Ragini, she’s my heartbeat, she’s my life!!
And Thankyou for making me realise it!!

All are very happy… Laksh and Aman joins the hug!
Laksh: dude!! You scared us!!! And we know that you love her!! That’s why we took Aman’s help!!
Aman: yes Sanskar!! By d way Swara is urs!
Sanskar:But guys did u think about Swara..she’s already heart broken, now wt if she knows that ur acting.. She will deeply hurt… I’m so worried for her.

The trio laughs looking at each other..

Ragini: come on Sanskar!! Swara already knew about it!!

Sanskar: what??
Laksh: ha Sanskar, just few days back she got to know.. She reacted same like you.. But now it’s fyn! Nd in fact she know about Aman’s plan!! ?

Sanskar: ohh god!! So guys you’ve hided so much.. Nd Swara.. How could she act?
(He gets happy..) so that means she forgives me!! Woww I’m so happy!!

Ragini: no Sanskar, she dint forgive you.. She told us clearly..she’s still angry on you.. But don’t worry everything will be fine!!

Sanskar: okay guys!! Now leave this to me!! I will take care of her!!il give the finishing touch!! nd plz don’t tell her anything!! Nd just follow me.. Atleast this time please support me!!

Laksh: okay bro!!!
Sanskar tells them the plan… They all accept!!

Flashback ends!!

Swara is shocked..
Swara: (angry) Sanskar, how could you act?! You know, I was very tensed!!
(She starts beating him and keeps a pout face)

Sanskar: ohh no!! Now again I can’t see her angry!! I’m sorry guys.. Please don’t mind and please leave us alone!!
(Saying this he goes near Swara and lifts her in his arms)

Laksh, Ragini and Aman laughs

Swara: (laughs) sanskar what are you doing? Please leave me!!
Sanskar takes her near the pool..Nd places her down.. And looks at her romantically… Swara is tensed to see his this side and tries to escape..
Sanskar: Swara!! Please atleast not now!! I’m so happy to get back ur love!! You know sweetheart!! I became mad these days… I love you Swara.. I want you to be with me forever!!
Nd he goes near her…
Swara: (tensed and blushes) Sanskar what are you doing??
Sanskar: (smiles) Swara according to the task.. You already gave me the hug, now I want ………
Swara: (tensed) what Sanskar?
Sanskar walks more close to her
Sanskar: Swara I want a kiss, I should remember that until my last breathe..
Swara: (blushes) she cups his face and gives a tight kiss on his cheeks..,
Sanskar: Swara!! I’m not a kid to kiss me on my cheeks.. He keeps a pout face..

Swara smiles and She looks at him, she stands on his feet, Sanskar smiles and holds her waist tightly… They both stare at each other romantically and Sanskar cupped her face n took her lips in his n started kissing her. they kiss…
They broke when they were breathless.. Before she could come into her senses Sanskar again pulled her and he kisses her again…they were so lost in themselves
Swara closed her eyes in pleasure n she responded back with same enthusiasm. Both were lost in d kiss n slowly it turned to passionate kiss.. it was more passionate den d previous one …they kissed n kissed n broke the kiss as both were out of breathe
Sanskar: (in low husky voice): Swara u taste so good. N winked

Swara blushes and hugs him tightly!!
They have passionate hug!!!


Swara and Sanskar love starts!!!

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