The hug that changed me (Part 12)

sanskar gets happy and goes to his room

swara in her room thinks about the hug and cries….
i hate you sanskar.. how can you bet on me?
i can never forgive you in my life
she talks to herself and sleeps

next day
sanskar is sleeping in his room…
suddenly he feels sunlight on his face… he gets disturbed and opens his eyes.. he was shocked to see a person in front of him..

sanskar: diii???? (excited) ohh wow!!! when did u come? is this true?
parineetha: good morning sanskar!! how r u?
he hugs her
sanskar: good morning di! by d way when did u come?
pari: i came today.. by d way I’m so angry with u sanskar.. you came to india but you dint come to delhi to meet ur sister..

sanskar: I’m sorry di!! dad dint tell me about anything!
pari: (smiles) its okay sanskar.. now come on get up! get ready

sanskar: okay di!!! (he turns and looks towards swara balcony… swara is watering her plants…he smiles at her thinking about the last night hug)

pari watches him and smiles thinking that something thing is happening with sanskar..
pari: sanskar?? who is that girl?
sanskar: (lost in his thoughts) my swara!!
pari: (smiles)achaa?? but who is swara?
sanskar: shekar uncle younger daughter
pari: ohh i see!!
sanskar: di! will u please stop ur stupid questions??
pari: achaa!! okay!! anyways get ready!!

(she leaves the room…nd looks at swara and smiles)

breakfast table:

all greet each other, all r happy to see pari!! at that time swara comes… he smiles at her but swara looks at him angrily)

pari looks at them..and finds out that swara is angry at sanskar!

after the breakfast… swara goes to her room without talking anything.. sanskar also leaves to his room!!!

after some time pari comes to his room and sees sanskar is very restless and gets disturbed…
pari: sanskar kya hua??? are you fine?
sanskar: im not fine di!! im acting like an happy guy but I’m not happy di!! i feel so restless

pari: sanskar but kya hua?
sanskar : di!! you know ryt that i love bets!! ragini gave a bet to me i did that successfully.. but i don’t understand why swara is hating me, ya i can understand I’ve hurted her, it was just a game…why is she nt forgiving me?

pari: sanskar but I’m not understanding? kya bet? why swara is not taking to u for that bet?

sanskar tells her everything… pari is shocked

sanskar: i know what i did is wrong… but di, i have many girl friends in the past, i broke up with them, but di i never fell like this anytime.. swara is not scolding me, she’s not eve talking to me, her silence is killing me the most!! and i don’t know why, i get angry when that Aman talks with swara… i feel like hitting him..

pari smiles hearing his words!!

sanskar: di! what soo funny? why r u laughing?

pari : sanskar i understood onething..

sanskar: what??

pari: that my bro is in love

sanskar: what? love? No way dii..

pari: .. i know.. this is love sanskar… ur madly in love with that swara!! ur feeling jealous when that aman is talking with her… ur feeling restless because swara is not talking to u.. I’m observing you since morning… when swara is around you..your feeling so happy but when when she’s not around ur feeling restless!! nd ya you had many girl friends in past but you dint love them sanskar… but today ur in love with swara…
don’t miss her sanskar…I’m so happy because… her love changed you… u changed sanska! ur attitude, everything is changed… she hugs him.. seeing a sudden change!!!

sanskar is shocked!!!

sanskar: di!! is this love??

pari: ha sanskar!! if u love someone.. you will never think of loosing them… that love should be long lasting!!! a very long relationship…until ur last breathe! that is called true love!!!!
sanskar gets happy listening to her words

pari: just ask this question to ur heart… it will give the best answer…

i hope my brother will chose the best answer!!

she kisses his forehead and leaves

sansakr is shocked!!!! he was very happy inside…

he closes his eyes and thinks about the time he spends with swara.. he suddenly remembers aman taking swara away from him… he opens his eyes!!!

sansakr: (angry and shouts) nooo!!! aman i will kill you man!!!! sanskar!!!!! cool down!! just ask your heart whats there inside which is bothering you these many days!!

he closes his eyes… this time he can only see swara… her smile, her paintings, her music… her confession, her hug, finally their kiss… he has a smile on his lips…
he opens her eyes… and gets happy that he got the answer… he laughs!!!!

ohhh god!!!!! Is this love!!!!! i can’t believe it…. swaraaaa!!! you changed me!!!!! (he remembers their first hug) your hug that changed me swara!!!! I’m in love!…… I LOVE YOU SWARA!!!… i know you won’t forgive me… but Il try my best to gain my love… i will try in my way!! he smiles and winks ?

he is very happy to get back his love….

he goes out and he watches swara playing with kids…
He gets an Idea
chintu tells them the game
di lets play hide an seek.. the person who gets out first should give us an cream treat!!! nd what ever the boss says you need to do that the whole day…If you don’t follow that then boss has full right on you.. He can do whatever he wants to

swara laughs… achaa!!!! okay nd accepted!!

sanskar stares at her lovingly

chintu is counting numbers.. swara helps other children to hide.. nd she runs to hide herself…
chintu: 90…91…92…93…

swara is tensed.. she don’t know where to hide… chintu is front of her… if he opens his eyes…swara will be out…
chintu: 94….95…

swara is tensed…and closes her eyes….suddenly someone pulls swara.. nd hides back of the big tree…where chintu is counting the numbers..

it was sanksar..

swara is shocked…
she tries to escape…
sanskar: swara… shhhhhh… he signals her,

chintu: 99, 100…
I’m coming….chintu is in that same place…nd looking around!!!

sanskar looks at swara, swara tries her best to free herself from him..

sanskar: pulls her close… swaraa!! if you again try to escape.. i will tell chintu that ur hiding here…
swara looks at him angrily…
Swara looks at Chintu… When Chintu comes nearby.. Swara holds his shirt and closes her eyes…
Sanskar staring at her expressions…
sanskar: (teasingly) swara i want a hug!!
swara looks at him angrily!!
sanskar holds her tightly… she again tries to free herself..
Sanskar: Swara where do want to go.. I will not leave you..
He blocks her way and smiles at her..

sanskar : swaraaa!!! again u started!!! okay then i will call chintu now!
swara: im not scared sanskar… its better to give an ice-cream treat instead of being with u..
sanskar: ohh really??? okay fine!!
(he comes out… nd calls chintu….)
chintu: sanskar bhai?? what are you doing here?

sanskar signals him something… swara is angry as he told chintu… chintu comes and outs swara….

chintu: yeahhhhhhh….. i won… swara dii will give us the treat now!!!!

swara: sure sweetheart!!! (and she looks angrily at sanskar)

when there were about to go… sanskar stops them…
sasnkar: chintu!! you forgot one thing! according to the game the person who gets out should give an ice-cream treat… nd they should listen to their boss!!
kids: yes yes!!! swara di!! you should follow the boss rule or else boss will do whatever he wants !!

swara : okay chintu…tell me what should i do?
chintu: di im not the boss!
swara: then?
kids shout: sanksar bhai!!

swara is shocked…
swara: what?? this is cheating… I’m quit

sanskar: swara you forgot!! if u don’t do what boss says!! i can do Wtever i want…later I’m not responsible for what I end up doing..

swara is again shocked

swara: this is cheating!!! you should tell me before about the boss…

sanskar: u need to ask that before…

swara looks at him angrily… kids compels her to accept… swara agrees!!!

sanskar: very good!!! as of now lets go the ice-cream party!!! he winks at her ?

Episode ends

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