The hug that changed me (Part 11)

Aman gets happy… Nd kisses her hand…. Sanskar is shocked… Laksh and Ragini confused at Aman’s behaviour!!

All others claps for their pair… And they come towards Swara and aman.. Nd wishes them!! Swara is uncomfortable..

Laksh and Ragini angrily looks at Aman!!
Laksh: Aman what’s all this??
Aman: just signals with his eyes that don’t worry… And he winks at them?
Laksh and Ragini feel bit relieved!!
Laksh: arey sally!! U scared us!!
Aman smiles and teases him!!

Laksh watches Sanskar coming towards them!!
Laksh: arey Woww!! Aman!! You both look so good!! Very cute pair!! Both r made for each other!!
Aman: Thankyou soo much!! (He looks at Swara) I’m soo happy today!! Swara accepted my proposal!! Ohh god!! I can’t believe Is this true??
He asks Swara…
Aman: Swara I’m serious?? Will you marry me?
Swara: haa Aman!! I’m blessed to have you!! My mom used to tell me that marry a person who loves you soo much… Instead of crying for a person who cheated you!!..

She looks at Sanskar… Sanskar gets sad!!!

Aman gets happy!!
He hugs Swara… Laksh and Ragini claps for them!!

Sanskar is shocked to hear Swara’s decision…
He don’t know what to do!!
He simply stares at Swara.. She ignores him.. He can see her hatred towards him in her eyes!! He was restless

After the dinner.. They r about to go home.
Aman: guys actually I want to spend some time with Swara! Can I take her out?

Sanskar is angry!!

Laksh: haa but it’s already 10:00pm..
Aman: don’t worry Laksh!! I will drop her soon!!

Sanskar who is beside Swara… Holds her hand… Swara looks at him.. He holds her tightly.. Swara looks at him angrily and removes her hand..
Swara: Aman shall we move?
Aman: (smiles) haa Swara come lets go..
Laksh: okay dude!! Take care!!

Sanskar is angry on Swara!!
They reach home.. Ragini and Laksh leaves to their rooms…
Sanskar is sting in lawn and was very restless thinking about Aman proposal… Swara accepting..

Aman car:
He stops the car in some lonely place…
Swara is sitting and crying thinking how she hurted Sanskar..
She feels bad..
Aman brings chai for both… Nd sits beside Swara..
Aman: Swara!! Have this chai!!
Swara: Thankyou Aman!!
Aman: Swara why are you crying? Don’t worry everything will be fine!!
He gives her the side hug…
He diverts her mind by showing her some scenario and all…
Swara: Aman shall we go now? It’s already too late!!
Aman: ya ya sure come il drop you!!

When he was about to go.. Aman feels like he is fainting.. Suddenly Swara holds him..

Swara: Aman!! Are you fine?? Kya hua??
Aman: haa Swara!! I’m fine!! Nd I’m sorry… Come il drop you!!
Swara: Aman! First sit!! She brings a water bottle from the car… She gives water to drink Nd cleans his face..
He looks at her lovingly..
Swara: are you fine now??
Aman: Swara!! Your soo sweet!!! Sanskar is really lucky!!
Swara blushes..
Aman: okay now shall we go??
Swara : haa sure!!

In lawn:
Sanskar is waiting for Swara.. He was very worried…
At that time Aman car comes..
Sanskar gets happy…
Swara gets down, she goes near Aman..
Swara: Thankyou soo much Aman!! And please take care of yourself… Go home and have some tablets.. And sleep early..

Aman watches Sanskar…nd smiles..

Aman: arey baba!! Please stop it na!! We r not yet married.. There time for that..nd blushes..

Swara confused but laughs at him!! (Swara doesn’t know about Sanskar presence)

Aman: (holds Swara’s hand) take care Swara.. Tomorrow I will give a surprise for you!! Get ready soon!!
Swara: achaa!! Okay!!

They both wishes each other good night!!

Sanskar is full angry!! He was broken completely to see them close…

When Swara was about to go… Sanskar stops her..
Sanskar: (angry) Swara I need to talk to you..
Swara doesn’t speak a word.. Nd looks down
Sanskar: Swaraa look at me!! Damn it!!
But Swara doesn’t look at him..

Sanskar holds her face…
Snaksar: Swaraa please!! Talk to me!!
(Swara with tears eyes… Jerks his hand and She tries to escape… And walks out.. Sanskar follows her and stops her again… He looks at her angrily… And pulls her to the corner of the wall..

He blocked her.. Swara tries to walk but he holds her waist tightly.. So that she can’t move!!

Sanskar: Swara please talk to me??
Swara closes her eyes!!
Sanskar: Swara I know u hate me.. I know ur angry.. But talk to me please.. Atleast scold me.. You wanna beat me.. Fine!! Beat me.. But do something Swara!! Please!!! Ur silence is killing me inside!!

Swara closes her eyes and cries.. Remembering their confession…kiss… Betraying..

Sanskar holds her face with lots of love…
Sanskar: I know Swara you love me so much!! Ur tears are telling me…why are you hiding it!!! I want my old Swara.. This dress Nd all I dint like
You don’t need to wear it Swara!!

(She still doesn’t look at his face)

Sanskar gets more close to Swara.. He touches his head to her head..
Sanskar: (his eyes are filled with tears) please Swara!!! Talk to me…its been 2days u called my name!!

Swara tries to free herself.. But he holds her more tightly..
Sanskar: Swara!! Tell me onething… Do u really don’t want to talk to me??
Swara: (sad voice) haaa Sanskar!!
(Sanskar gets happy hearing Swara calling him Sanskar)
He becomes emotional… He don’t know why.. Tears rolls down from his eyes!!

He hugs her tightly….. Swara tries to free herself.. He hugged her more tightly… Swara thinking about his care and love towards her.. Hugged him back… Sanskar was very happy when she hugged him back… He holded her waist tightly.. Swara holded his shirt tightly with her two hands It was passionate and big hug!!
They were lost in each other embrace!!

Sanskar: Swara please don’t ignore me!! I can’t bare it Swara!!
(Saying this he hugs her more tightly)

Swara realised what she’s was doing… She pushed him.. And she went to her room!!

Sanskar is very happy…coz finally Swara gave a hug to him!! He was relieved!!!
He don’t know what’s this feeling.. But he liked it!!!

Episode ends!!!
Sanskar cousin sister Parineetha comes to shekars house!!
She tells him the importance of love!!!
Nd our hero realises his love for Swara!!

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