The hug that changed me (Part 10)

Laksh, Sanskar and Ragini are talking..
Laksh: so guys get ready for the evening!! Today is a special day for Swara!!
Sanskar: but Laksh.. I think it’s better if we leave Swara at home.. Like she’s not used to pubs and all.. Nd she’s not even feeling well.. What do u say?
Ragini: but Sanskar.. This is very important day for Aman.. He wants to confess his love.. We promised him that we will help him!!
Laksh: haa Sanskar.. How can we leave Swara.. She is main na!!
Ragini: sanskar why are you behaving strange?
Sanskar: come on Ragini… I don’t care about everyone!! Nd I’m not interested to come for the party you guys carry on..

(Saying this he leaves the place)

Ragini is shocked!!
Ragini: Laksh, but he is main na..
Laksh: don’t worry Ragini.. He will come.. That too for Swara.. Nd Ragini give Swara a new western look!! ?

Ragini: Yaa Kk smiles!!

All are sitting..

Laksh: Swara are you ready?
Swara: haa Laksh!!
Ragini : Swara!! Please don’t tell me that your gonna come with this churidhar!
Swara is according to plan she should not talk with Ragini

Ragini goes near Swara, she acts as if she is rude

Ragini: Swara!! Like seriously!! What are you thinking of ur self.. How can you come to pub with this churidhar!! Anyways!! Come with me!!

Swara doesn’t move as Sanskar is watching them!!

Ragini holds her hand and drags her to the room..

Sanskar gets angry on Ragini for hurting Swara.. But he controls it!!

Ragini room:
Swara: Di what are you trying to do?
Ragini: my cute baby sis!! Today I’m gonna change ur look!!
Swara shocked: Kya??
Ragini: haa Swara!! (And she takes out white prom dress) now go and change it!!
Swara: but Di!! It’s so short!! Plzzz give me an other dress!
Ragini: Swaraa!! Don’t argue with me!! We are doing this for you.. Can’t you wear this for ur love??
Swara closes her eyes.. And thinks about Sanskar.. She takes a long breathe!!

Swara: okay Di!! I will wear it..

Ragini: woww Swara!! Very good!! Now come on be quick!!

After some time

Laksh is waiting for Ragini and Swara and he sees Sanskar.. Who was going out..

Laksh:(tensed) Sanskar where r u going?
Sanskar: I said ryt.. I’m having work!!
Laksh: but Sanskar.. It will be good if you come!!
At that time Swara comes down wearing white short one piece prom dress!!
Sanskar gets mesmerised seeing her!! But gets seeing her in short dress!! As he can see her feeling uncomfortable

Laksh: wow Swara.. Soo hot yaar!! And soo cute!!
If Aman sees you like this ohh god!! He will be stunned!!

Sanskar thinks that he can’t let Swara meet Aman alone in this dress..

Swara: Kya?? Aman? I dint understand!!
Laksh: nothing Swara.. Come lets go now!!
Okay Sanskar!! Bye dude!! Have a great time!!

Sanskar: actually even I’m coming
Laksh are Ragini gets happy!!
Laksh: wow dats great!! Come lets goo!!

In car
As usual raglak in front and Swasan at back..

Swara feels uncomfortable sitting with that dress.. She keeps on pulling her dress down…
Sanskar looks at her and takes out his coat and gives her..
She doesn’t take it..
Sanskar gets angry!!

They reach the place…
Aman is waiting for them.. Before Laksh giving signal
Aman comes near Swara and gives his hand..
Laksh confused…

Swara holds his hand and gets down..

As soon as she gets down Aman gets shocked seeing her dress.. As he dint expect Swara in such attire!!

Aman: woww Swara!! Very pretty!! He looks lovingly at Swara..
Swara: Thankyou Aman!! But I’m bit uncomfortable!!
Aman: no problem! I’m with you.. Come lets go in!! (He keeps his hand on her shoulder and takes her in)

Sanskar jealously is increasing more!!!

Inside the party…
They all talk for sometime at that time Sanskar Facebook friend Sakshi comes at that place and hugs him..

Sakshi: sanksar?? Omg!! Is this true?? A rockstar in front of me!! I can’t believe it!!
Sanskar : hey Sakshi!! Woww ur soo nice to see you yar?
He becomes old Sanskar again and just keeps on talking with her..

Swara feels sad seeing her closeness with Sanskar.. Tear falls from her eyes..
Suddenly he notices Swara watching… He looks at her but at that time she turns her face…

Laksh, Ragini are shocked and angry on Sakshi as she’s spoiling their plan!! But Aman is happy!!

Ragini gets an idea.. Nd she goes to her friend DJ.. Nd tells him her plan.. He nodes yes!!

DJ announces the game..
Guys good evening!! Today’s we are arranging a game.. There are so many pretty girls and boys.. This torch light moves on every girl and boy and the torch will choose the hot girl and handsome guy for today.. And that pair should Dance together.. It’s just a game.. Enjoy guys!!

Everyone shouts wowwww!!!

Ragini laughs…
Sanskar: Ragini why are you laughing?
Ragini: guys it’s my plan.. Now see Swara and Aman will dance together romantically!! ?
Sanskar: Kya??
Laksh: wow Ragini awesome!!

Sanskar is tensed… His heart is not allowing Swara and Aman to dance

The torch starts moving on everyone… And stops on Swara… All claps!!
Swara is tensed.. Nd next it stops on Aman!!
Aman gets happy!!

Laksh and Ragini gives hifi… Sanksar fumes seeing Laksh and Ragini..

Aman brings Swara to the dance floor..
(Shayad yahi yeh pyaar… Background song)

He holds her hand.. Nd brings her closer.. And holds her waist!! He looks at her face with lots of love….
Swara looks at Sanskar helplessly..

Aman: (comes close to Swara and whispers) Swara!! Look at me!!
Swara looks at him..
And both dance… Aman gets more involved in the dance

Sanskar feels like someone is snatching his life from him!!

After the dance… All will clap for them!!
When Swara was about to go, Aman holds her hands… Swara confused….He kneels down…nd gives a rose to her!!

There was complete silence on the hall….

Aman: Swaraa… I love you…. Will you marry me?

Snaksar, Laksh and Ragini all are shocked…

The audience who are watching them started clapping… Nd shouts…. Telling Swara to accept….

Ragini : (whispers to Laksh) Laksh!! Whats all this?? We dint plan like this?? Don’t you think he is over reacting??
Laksh : haaa Ragini!! even I’m confused
He’s behaving so strangely today!!

(Both look at each other worriedly)

Thinking that it’s a plan… Swara takes the rose.. And when she was about to leave…
Audience tells Swara to say the answer and leave…

Aman: Swara!! Will you marry me???
Swara: (tensed) nd nodes Yess!!!

(Everyone appreciate the pair)

Aman gets happy… Nd kisses her hand…. Sanskar is shocked… Laksh and Ragini confused at Aman’s behaviour!!


What’s in Aman’s mind??
What is he upto??
Do he really loves Swara???

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