The hug that changed me (intro)

Introduction with promo. Promo and part 1 are almost similar.

RP: business man, husband of Sujatha and he has only one son Sanskar 
He lives in London with his family 

Shekar: business man, husband of Sharmistha and he has 2 daughters Ragini and Swara 
He lives in India with his family 

DP : business man, husband of Annapurna and he has only one son Laksh 
He lives in Australia with his family 

Lead actors: 
Ragini: very stylish, she’s college diva.. She’s very beautiful every boy tries to flirt with her.. She has childhood friend Sanskar… She like friends, hangouts and all freaking things which all girl in today’s generation does…She loves her step mom shomi coz she cares for her soo much… But hates her step sister Swara, because she always feel that her parents love Swara more than her.. 
She always leads swara in her own ways.. She should follow her rules at any cost!! 

(Ragini will be negative but later her character will be positive) 

Swara: girl with spects, she’s is very calm and innocent.. She is multi talented! She’s a topper, violinist, singer and painter..
She don’t have friends in her colz..and indeed all her classmates used to tease her because she’s very studious..
She is very scared of her sister Ragini, she should always follow her rules! 
She has 5best friends… They all are school going children, Swara likes kids so much she’s very comfortable talking and playing with them.
(5 kids loves Swara soo much) 

Sanskar: a rock star in his college… All are crazy for his voice and his songs!! He is also a RJ in London!! He has many fans for his programs!! He hate girls who are traditional!! 
He likes Ragini 

Laksh:very handsome, he love to flirt with girls! He is very famous in his college!! He is very attitude..but loving person!! 
(His character will be shown after few episodes) 


DP, RP and Shekar are childhood friends!! 
Every year they used to spend time with each other..
After 10yrs DP and RP are coming to India with his families

All parents decided Laksh and Ragini to get married and Swara and Sanskar to get married 
Shomi loves Swara so much Becz she’s always worried for her younger daughter.. 
As she is innocent!! 
She tells Swara about The match with Sanskar!! Swara gets happy and she starts loving Sanskar without seeing him.. She used to listen to his radio shows… And she madly falls for him

Sanskar and Ragini are very happy to meet each other..they were unaware about the marriage..

When they reach India, Sanskar gets another shock with Laksh presence…Ragini and Laksh becomes more close with each other! 
In that frustration… Sanskar gets to know about the marriage proposal, he clearly tells them that he don’t love Swara, I came India meet Only Ragini..

Swara silently hears the conversation and was completely broken!! 
She decided, not to show her face to Sanskar!! As she know that Sanskar hates her since childhood and she can’t see him hating her even now!

Seeing Swara in such state, Swara friends those 5 children plans to unite Swara and Sanskar without her knowledge!! 

Will they succeed in uniting them?
When Will Sanskar sees Swara’s face, 
Will Sanskar falls in love with Swara?? 
Then what about Ragini and Laksh??

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  1. please make it swaragini as soon as possible , please and your ff is cool!!!!!!!

  2. Nooooo I don’t want ragini in a negative role why does she always have to be negative??please unite swaragini it’s a request

  3. Please post ellaborated episode 1

  4. Dis concept is nice plzzz update d next part nd make it long plzzzz

  5. very nice

  6. Nice intro…
    make sanskar fall for swara without saw her face, then the story will be more intresting…

  7. Ur concept is very nice…but plz don’t show ragini as negative… Fed up of cing rags as negative… Give her equal importance… Ragsan makes a good pair

  8. Hey guys. The first part has been updates by me on her behalf. So check it out.
    True love never dies (swasan) and endless love swasan are 2 more ff’s by neha pls check them out I’m sure u will like them…

  9. Its nice concept …

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