In The Hue Of Moon (Teaser)


Hello Everyone. Sorry can’t post a episode but thought to give a teaser so Here it goes. Hope you like it and will post a big part soon but now enjoy with this.


Elena’s POV

I was sitting alone lost in my thoughts of past and I could feel that again. The presence of him and his smell again which was really tempting but also a lot strong and then I felt his hands holding me tender but as I turned back he wasn’t there and there was a beep on my mobile.

Hello beautiful. You may not know me but I do. You thought about me and here I am. Always with you and you can feel. Aa Don’t be shocked I am unique one \*A Slow Chuckle*\ And made for you like you made for me.\* My Cutest Smile*\. So beautiful talk later.
Your dear Lover.

And here the text ended. Who was he. Just a mystery. And a really big one.

Elena’s POV Ends

Scene 2

A new day as always to say and her was the Queen Elena again looking gorgeous in a casual beautiful knee length peach dress hugging her tight making her look hott. And there was a lust in the eyes of every boy but an eyes had care but a devil in it. They admired her.

Unknown guy: Shona

And Elena turned back sensing him again and there he stood long, handsome and charming. His hair were messy but still his charming smile and bold attitude made him look hot.

Unknown guy: I think you didn’t recognise me but I do. A meet before was enough for me to know you.

Elena: I do recognized who you are.

So here was again a teaser Is it but will post an episode soon. So share your views guys.

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    intersting…!!! waiting for your episode..!!

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