In The Hue Of Moon (Prologue)


Hello to everyone. Thought to write a fan fic. A story inspired from The Vampire Diaries. Hope you like my work. And it is a Swasan FF


In The Hue Of Moon

Unknown POV

shade of red the colour of blood and threre we are diving within. Blood is our thirst or our you may say as need. We live for and we neeed to. Who we are we can never say who they are we very well know. Life is what they say, Hell is what I feel.

Unkown POV Ends


new day at school, a new day of life and a new day of light and there is she Elena Gilbert. The queen of the Robert E Lee High School. Ad Then she dashed with someone unknown. His Fragnance was Tempting and then their eyes locked.

Guy : (Forwarding Hand ) Myself Stefan Salvatore

Elena’s POV
I could hear his thoughts, could feel his feelings. Desire connected us and deeper our emotions sank. He holded me safe and I felt like home. I wish My Life is Joined with his Forever but It can’t.

Elena’s POV ends

Scene 2

She felt a tender pressure of his lis on hers. She was going weak. She can’t bear the sweetness. They were drowning in it. His love bathed on her. His love lighted her dark heart. She trembled with pleasure, love and longing.

A lot of Questions and the Answers are within me so if Less Response then I would be disheartened and no further post. So please do comment

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  1. Sumeeta

    Nice.but who is the vampire?but ples dont avoid swasan name

    1. Zaru

      You would be getting them soon and enjoy the story

  2. Aahna


    1. Zaru

      Thank you

  3. AnuAnn

    Awesome dear.. Bt plzz try yo keep swasan name

    1. Zaru

      You would get it soon until re cherish our vampire diaries couple

    1. Zaru

      Thank you

  4. Omg omg… im vampire diaries freak.. waiting for sumthng lyk diz… waiting for my hero entry damon ♥ and suprb start zaru.. bt y dont u give names of swasan instead of elena stefan???? I feel lik joyous.. b regular zaru..

    1. Zaru

      Thank you and you would be getting them soon and I am sorry to say Damon has no character in my FF as I don’t wish to make him as a Grey shade and main villian

  5. Awsome…plzz keep writing…don’t worry about comments’s a request I really loved it

    1. Zaru

      It’s my pleasure you liked and I would be continuing it soon

  6. Zaru

    The link of a teaser is given above do read

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