How’s your reaction to Jodha Akbar coming to an end?


Jodha Akbar starring – Rajat Tokas and Paridhi Sharma in lead roles, is finally coming to an end after a successful run for two years. Jodha Akbar is a sixteenth century love story about a political marriage of convenience saga between a Mughal emperor, Akbar, and a Rajput princess, Jodhaa. Paridhi Sharma and Rajat Tokas, were the most favorite onscreen jodi on television, becoming an instant hit for their sizzling chemistry and acting. The show has focused on Salim and Anarkali’s love story. Salim’s with courtesan Anarkali and neglecting the affection of his fiancée Maan Bai was shown before, however Salim would leave Anarkali to marry Maan Bai.

The show went on to become a chart-topper and one of the highest sources of revenue for Zee tv. The channel has decided to pull off the show due to bad TRP. The fans of Jodha Akbar won’t be able to watch their favorite show. The show is ending on a happy note. The team has done with wrapping shoot, and will show Salim and Maan Bai’s marriage and leaving for Kashmir, whereas Jodha will manage the responsibilities. This will make the fans really sad, as the show is leaving them disappointed by its sudden end. All the actors have done a good job in the show, and have won many fan accolades. The show has explored many unseen secrets of Jodha and Akbar’s lives. It was an iconic love story which was liked by huge audience. How’s your reaction to Jodha Akbar coming to an end? Let us know in this poll.

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  1. can any body say that which show is replacing jodha akbar

    1. cuteness overload

      Either of Radha Krishna or Tashan wala ishq will replace JA as the promos of both of them is given in zee tv

    2. Tashan wala ishq

  2. May b radha Krishna 🙂 . Its better to end rather than showing shit and dragging unlike other ekta soaps. I lost interest on JA wen Dey started showing salikali. So happy ending.

  3. yes better to end
    than dragging

  4. 7 August is the last date for the show. Everything has an end, it assumed that the show will end with the tragic demise of shahanshah but now it has happy ending of the pair with a settled life and leaving option for part 2 of JA.

  5. Iam very sad about this no it should continue .

  6. Happy!! too many twisted things hurting historical sentiments.. never watched it once it turned ugly and unrealistic.. glad to hear it’s going off the air

  7. Going to miss it badly

  8. Thank god

  9. plz dnt end this pro. Every one wants to see this serial, only the thing is dnt tk it in wrong track….like fight between jalal and salim…that’s it…..but don’t end up the pro. like this….This won’t be a very good ending…..

  10. Really feeling bad for the show end.This was the only having maximum fandom not only in India but outside the country too,i personally feel that much could have been by appointing good cvs..There were many historical events which are left..the main problem was fast leap n introduction of sanar n weak acting of sanar…the lifeline of the show is paridhi n rajat..akdha…trps fell so badly cz of salim,anar n weak direction n goofups in showing some history…however show is loved n always remain in our heart n memories….feeling bad for the end:,(:,(

  11. Really I will miss JA’s romance.. I like to see same historical series related to salim and anarkali only….

  12. idiot show full of mistake its better to end this show make fool to audience really bad idiot serial jodha is extremely wise n dominant than akbar she always tooks right decision infact akbar also seems fool before her hahaha nonsense
    onething more its was heerkuwar not jodha ok and she was daughter of servant she is not royal rajput. this serial is stigma and insult of royal rajput so its good to end this super stupid serial huhhhhhhhhhhh

  13. priyanka kumari

    Really i will miss jodha akbar badly please don’t end

  14. The should not end.

  15. acha hua it became crap now

  16. Happy!! This show is going to be end

  17. I don’t know the history…. I would have liked to know how closely it related to history. Also, I think the writers went off the grid with the ‘witch’ storyline. That is when I lost interest completely. Also, I wanted to see Salim a& Anarkali marry. However, I understand if that was not true to history. I really enjoyed the 2 main characters. I wish them all the best, & hope to see them in other shows.

  18. In the begining,i used to watch this regularly as a fan of jodha akbar(movie)…but as the tym past,i lost interest in this and had stopped watching!!!got to know show is ending,,it would b gud if they had not used some witches (unnecessary) track…but i like jodha for her charmfull acting,all the bst evryone…

  19. This show was so good that when I found out I was pg I wanted to name our baby jodha thank god I didn’t cause after the witch story I stopped watching and I would of felt wired calling my dd jodha. The serial just took a dive after the leap.wasn’t the same anymore. Good luck to the actors

  20. Salims exile after anarkalis death and drift between jalal and salim
    Maharana prataps death could have been shown
    Detoriating health of of jalal which will lead to salims arrival and ruks opinion to make salim the next along with jalals death and thus leading to salim the next shehensha and jodha maintaining the other responsibilities and then demise of jodha could have been shown and show must end with showing the reality rather than this sudden end

  21. ja story is superb in starting but now it is turning just like another tv serials ….eitherwise becoming so bore..better to stop it

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