How long i shall wait for u (epi 8)


hellooooo dear friends…here is the episode 8……thanks for reading…special thanks to SWARA,NISHU,GEETHA,VARSHINI,AASHA,ANJALI,PRIYA KUMAR,KAVYA,MEERA…THANKS A LOT DEARS…

friends today is Priyas entry…i mentioned in intro that she is cute,inteligent topper girl..focuses on her carriar..he age is same as that of sunaina…and she is our 2nd lead…possitive

The episode starts with viraj talk to sunaina about studies and sunaina only answers her questions as she is not so talketive and with viraj she thinks that she didnt need word as she thinks her feeling is her word they talk to viraj…..
she enjoys viraj company so much..she only wanted to listen virajs talk and stare him lovingly….viraj countinewsly talk about study,carriar (viraj is not change in 2 years but his ego proud increasr in two years & also his habbit of giving lectures to others is also not changed) actually its toooo boring.
..but sunaina listen his each and every word carefully….this is the effect of love….yeah its love…
then someone calls viraj and viraj leaves…..
after some times all guest starts ariving..sunaina is wearing golden colour anarkali,she makes puff of her hair,and with light make up she looks like fairy……
Viraj & Rahul are busy in preparations,sometimes with guest and sunaina is happy to see the new shed of viraj.he beacomes so responcible…..
Now viraj and rahul are free…sunaina is talking with guests..and also looks at viraj lovingly…….and viraj find a girl entering in the…omgggggg she is soooo pretty…the girl wears pink anarkali,with silver coloured border her make up is light…her lips are like the rose petals…her brown eyes are so pretty her chiks are creamy white colors….she is sooo beautiful,viraj is compleatly mesmrise by seeing her…& ask rahul-who is she???i never see her before pointing towerds that girl
Rahul is seen her with surprise
RAHUL-omggg she is hear!!!!
Viraj- why u r so surprise& who is she
RAHUL- VIRAJ!she is “PRIYA”…she is our cousin
VIRAJ(SHOKINGLY)- our cousin????
RAHUL-not ur viraj!! our means mine,kayas& sunainas
viraj(with relif)-okkk
RAHUL-u know..she is toppen in her collage..she is in 12th,she always attain less or avoid the family i got shoked..u know she got 96% in 10th and i think now she plan to get 97% in 12th & starts laughing but seeing virajs angry face he stops
viraj(angry)- dont made joke on her
viraj in heart(she is soo pretty and topper like me…i think God have created her for me..yeah for me only!!…Every girl felt for me but today i felt for u Priya…i think this is LOVE @ FIRST SITE

guys plzzzz give me feedback

Credit to: TAMANNA

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  1. no viraj not love priya pls tamanna i beg you

  2. interesting

  3. feeling sad for sunaina

  4. my name is priya but i don’t like priya entry dr i love sunaina lot

  5. i don’t want second lead pls viraj fall only sunaina plzzzzz.

  6. nice

  7. pls update soon nice episode

  8. its very very nice yaar .

  9. episode was superb pls don’t break sunaina heart

  10. Hey swara dear..sorryy yaar but this is my story line…..but i promice i will do justice with sunaina….

  11. Plz update the next part iam waiting eagerly.

  12. Thank u nishu,geetha,priya…dont worry my friends i will do justice with sunaina

  13. nice twist

  14. Hey meera dear,soon viraj realises his true love…thank u varshini & sara dears…..

  15. Thank u kavya & Nishu

  16. iam your silent reader but today i really sad for sunaina plzzz tamanna don’t make viraj fall for priya plzzzzz this is humble request.

  17. Thank u rekha dear!!!!heyy vini ill update it soon thank u

  18. Thank u Aastha

  19. tamanna i have one doubt viraj love sunaina or not?pls tell me. plzzzzzz

  20. nice episode

  21. Noooooo viraj…what about sunaina now?..:( why guys love only outer beauty of girls? Nobody wants to see girls heart n their inner beauty, thoughts etc…loving this story very much, keep it up. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  22. Hey swara….viraj doesnt love sunaina now and also he is anware of sunainas feelings

  23. Thank u rishi,vidya,roma stay tuned dears

  24. tamanna in future viraj love sunaina or not pls tell me dear pls.otherwise my heart broken.

  25. hey swara dear! soon u will see the changing viraj….& his feelings towerds sunaina is also changed…stay tuned dear….

  26. plzzzzz update soon dear

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