How long i shall wait for u (epi 24)


lets start epi 24
viraj cries in his his dreams are destroyed.he wants to live his life with sunaina but now sunaina cant live with him as she love some1 else..viraj convienced himself to forget about sunaina,about ur dreams with her but virajs heart doesnt understand it n not ready to forget sunaina..
He decide that as he love sunaina he alwsys wanted see her happy!! he call karan n fixed their meeting tommorow

Next day
sunaina wakes up n send GOOD MORNING msg to viraj & as usual viraj doesnt replay her….sunaina is sad now a days beacause of virajs behiviour changes suddenly….
priya planned to go outside with sunaina n sunaina also agreed she always gives fake smile as she is very sad n misses viraj badly…so the girls are going to shopping

here viraj called karan….n karan also come to meet viraj
KARAN-hey viraj,whats matter?? y u called me here???
viraj-u dont know whats matter????
viraj-about sunaina
(karan acts as he is shock)
karan-how u know about this?? sunaina told u?
viraj-shut up! u realised me my feeling,my love then how can u love her? u know about my feeling then?
karan again acts n said- sorry! viraj!..i know about ur feeling..but i didnt know when i fall for really sorry but viraj i really love her.i cant live without her n she also cant live without me…..

viraj gets angry n seeing that karan smirks n again start his act then viraj.shouted

viraj-stop it!! i dont belive u r my best friend..u changed so much..i hate u ….but u know i love sunaina more than that,so for sunainas sake i leave u!!….but dont come in
front of me again.
karan-of course! but one more fever viraj! plzz move on in ur life i cant see ur pain…pain of losing ur love..if ur not happy in ur life then how can i & sunaina gets happy???
now virajs anger increases he stand up n hold karans collar n says-get out from here,dont show ur face again from now our friendship is ended…Sunaina n priya also come in that hotel they see karan viraj fighting..they go to stop them n karan act as innocent priya stops karan while sunaina stops viraj but viraj jerk her hand sunaina is in shock….viraj angrily leaves from there
karan also leave with his.evil smile the girls r confused ….

7 days passed now sunaina priya does theire job in office n live in hostel…sunaina is still sad,now priyas family searches groom for her…
oneday sunaina priya meera come out n meera ask priya…
meera- priya u really wanted to do arrange mearage??
priya- yes!
meera- but why not love mearrage?
priya- no yar love! is the thing which is only suitable in books or films but in real life there is no love! be practical yar”
meera-hmmm be practical! is ladki ka kuchh nahi ho sakta
(sunaina,meera smiles)

days are passed..viraj now doesnt come to hostel.he never called sunaina n never msg her……now its sunday.beautiful morning…..
sunaina hears cars horn n she recognised its viraj car…she open the cirtens of window n find viraj comes out of his car removes his sun glasses n enters in hostel….
sunaina is happy as.she saw viraj after many days.

viraj enters n priya sunaina greets him …priya is talking to viraj,sunaina is silent n viraj is also silent…after so much time viraj brock his silence n says
viraj- priya! im here to give u good news
priya- which???
viraj- priya ur groom is ready…i wanted to marry with u!!
sunaina n priya shocked
fb shows
virajs family invite priyas family in mumbai…so priyas dad ask about priya virajs relation…every1 is happy as both viraj priya best friends so they ask about this relation to viraj..( viraj reacalls karans word that move on so sunaina gets happiness) so for sunainas happiness viraj said yes for the relation every1 is happy n viraj also gives fake smile….FB ENDS

now viraj ask priya to say something priya is happy n says
priya-U know what viraj! i thought dad will chose some unknown boy for me! but look they chose u im happy..(she doesnt love viraj she doesnt belive in love but she belive that best friends should turn into best couple)….sunaina is in shock n her eyes filled with tears

but she hides it…priya is happy n hug sunaina…sunaina controlls her emotions n says-congratulations!! both of u!
viraj feeds mithai to priya….n said
viraj- ur right priya!! love is only thing suitable in movies or books in real life love is not existed(seeing at sunaina)….
priya goes out to talk with her dad on mobile…
viraj goes towerds sunaina n feed her mitai. n says-HOPE! UR HAPPY NOW…n smiles..sunaina is confused n shock..viraj leaves from there…priya saw sunaina confused n shock…..

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Credit to: TAMANNA

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  1. what the nonsense is this pls make vina confession.

  2. what a heartbreaking epii yr
    plzz unite vina soon

  3. U write really and and have inspired me to write my own ff thanks a lot. Plz get vina back together

  4. So sad of sunaina wat next yaar jaldi postkaro yaar

  5. So emotional, heart melting episode. .plzzzz get vina together soon. ..eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

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