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It is lovely morning….as usual sunaina wake up early..but at that time she has wide smile on her face as today viraj will come…she last saw her before 2 months…..she is very egar to see him…
its summer vacation so she thinks that she might come for 1
month she gets very happy…
she take bath& dress her best in her red full slives kurta with white border and white leggins with dupatta…she makes pony tail of her long hair ,matching earring…she looks pretty(guys i told u naa she is traditional girl)…she remembar about home work but she thinks badme karenge yaar…she goes to her guitar & as usual starts playing it…SOYE SOYE PALAKO PE CHALKE MERE SAPANO KI KHIDAKI PE AGAYA..ATE JATE PHIR MERE DIL KE INN HATOME WO KHAT PAKADA GAYA PYARKA…LABSOME RANG HAI PYARKA BAHARA BAHARA HUA DILL PAHELI BAR VE………….& she again lost in thoughts of viraj,this time she is interpted by RAHUL “band kar aj to sone de…aj chhutti hai tu bhi soja sunaina” rahul says this while knoking sunainas brdrooms door…sunaina again comes in the world & sorry bhai’……she says what happen to me????? in her mind
its already 8am sunaina goes to living room where her mom started cleaning it…
her mom says to her dada-whenever my nanand comes she finds mistakes in my work but today ill not give chance her to complain…they sees sunaina & her dad says-sunaina im watching u u r not doing study well…her mom says but now plz let her enjoy
her dad-kkk…but priya to hollidays me bhi study karti hai…sunaina listen all silently
now 11am
some1 knock the door…rahul opens the door& find viraj,arati bua& fufaji…he greets them
VIRAJ with his attitude& prowdy smile-hellowwww rahul
sunaina is in kitchan she heard virajs voice…& her heart beating fast…her mom ask her to give water to every1…she goes with tray & gives water…when she givrs water to viraj her hand slightly touch to virajs hand….then after some time she look at viraj& smiles..viraj also smiles at her….after so much time elders are going to somewhere….archana& kaya went to her friends house…so in sunainas house there is only her bhai,viraj& sunaina….rahul& viraj talks in living room while sunaina is working @kitchen….during her working sunaina sees him…whene she comes to living room she seats on one sofa…but they both didnt notice her……she sees her bhais irriteted face& understands he gets irritated by virajs question…then viraj again start& again ask rahul questions & again & again rahuls answer is same “I DONT KNOW”….then viraj tells him answer & also explain him…..rahul gets iritated..& thinks in mind-pagal…samjata kya hai apane apko istaine hai kya…sheher ke pagal ladake…suddenly rahul look @sunaina who listen them silently…rahul says-viraj…i have to go to my friends home…its urjent….u can talk to sunaiana
rahul in heart thank god me bach gaya…….viraj looks @ sunaina& says
viraj-how r u?????? how is ur study going on?????
sunaina-im fine..& u?????
viraj-im also fine
sunaina in heart- plzzzz dont ask me any questions…i have to talk to u alot….but viraj is habitual & starts again….


viraj as usuall started him questions list….(guys i told u naa he is oversmart & akadu guy…he knows that rahul& sunaina cannot anwer his questions & they r nt that much talented..)
viraj started asking questions 2 sunaina
Viraj-do u know 7 wonders of world??????
sunaina- yeah i know
viraj-then tell me
sunaina-taj mahal
viraj- & another 6???????
sunaina-i didnt know about them…then viraj again started to explain sunaina about another 6 wonders..& sunaina with her smiling face listening all….she enjoys his company a lot….he again ask her many questions….sunaina knows answer of few of them but she didnt tell him as she knows he have habit to win but not lose…many a times he laugh a sunaina that she doesnt knows the common things & the miracle was that sunaina is also laugh with him……
after some time archana& kaya comes…they have lots of chats then all 4 plays badminton..& watch movie…..sunaina wanted to stop the time…this is the most beautiful time of her life…she enjoys alot…whenever viraj look @ her,her heart beats fast…she doesnt know why????????
sunainas mom dad bua fufaji comes all family have dinner togather..& then they goes to sleep…sunaina goes to terrace as usual she observes the stars & moon….but she thinks today moon is not very bright as usual..then her heart says-tumhara chand to asaman se neeche aya hai tumhe asamanwala chand achha kaise lagega?????….she look at the moon & recalls all the moment& also recalls that how viraj is laughing at her & she is also laughing with him..whats the hell??
am i mad…i laugh on myself..whats happen to me& viraj wo kya soch raha hoga& she started scold herself…- u r such a shameless u laugh @ yourself ohhh…when she was confuse,sad or happy…she sings a song…music is her power of life……CHHU KAR MERE MAN KO KIYA TUNE KYA ISHARA….BADALA SE MAUSAM LAGE PYARA JAG SAARA…..& this time she was interpted by VIRAJ…..
Viraj–sunaina my dad was calling u come downstairs…sunaina started coming…then viraj says- u sings too good…sunaina gives wide smile to him& about to say thank u but viraj interupts-but focus on study also…& starts laughing at her & he thinks this time sunaina is also laugh with him….but this time sunaina gives her angry look then viraj comes on his serious expression& says”””SORRY”””
& goes to downstairs…sunaina is in terrace she gives shoking expression & open her mouth& thinks viraj singhania said sorry to me…she feels like shes touching the sky…she fly in the air..& a loud voice “SUNAINA”comes from living room…sunaina comes on the earth(yeah from sky)…her fufajji call her she goes & her fufaji again ask her questions about her studies…then started asking questions like viraj…..rahul is also there & says in his heart- bap bete ek jaise…..& he goes to his room & says bachaliya nahito sunaina ke baad mere hi number tha thank God
all ladies r in kitchan…sunainas dad & fufaji,sunaina,viraj r in living room…now fufaji explains sunaina about ‘HISTORY OF FRANCE’…AS sunaina dislike history she gets bore….but there is no another option to listen the history
her heart says to her- today viraj is also explaining about hisrory @ u were not bore & what happen now???????
she says in heart – i dont know….while looking @ viraj….then she gets out of her thoughts & find that history lecture was ended…now dad & fufa talks about buisness,government……she look at the chair where viraj was seating the chair was empty….she goes to sleep in her room

Credit to: TAMANNA

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  1. Hey loving yua ff .. Pls write more in English .. Cuz I dunno Hindi .. Loving yua ff

  2. Its nyc dr 🙂 plz try to write in english, if u r comfortbl with it. Cuz its lil dificlt to read out hindi in english . . . Updt regularly,k .

  3. Thank u razia,nishu,liya& iwill definately wri8 in English

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