How long i shall wait for u (epi 11)


Hey friends…TAMMANA here….thank u for reading this friction….Thank u JAY,SWARA,NISHU,GEETHA,MEERA,HARINI,PRIYA KUMAR,ANJALI,SARANYA….thanks alot

In previous epi we saw the kaya& sunainas conversation.sunaina decides that she changed herself for her love…viraj.
soooo lets start the epi10

The episodes starts with sunaina freshup herself …both sisters goes to wedding hall….its just starting of wedding….priya joines sunaina both enjoy.sunainas heart is feel with pain but she has to beacome strong,she has to do new begining and she did it….
while looking at all functions of wedding viraj thinks about priya.he recalls how priya fall on him,how she laugh.she has magic in her smile,her smile is too cute,her eyes her big eyes with brown shed,he never saw beautifull girl like her,he thinks that i want to give u all happiness of world PRIYA.i dont know what happen to me,i like ur company so much!i never attracted by some1 before like this..what magic u have done???? u r my SWEETHEART!!!! my princess….he comes in his senses when his dad call him….
now virajs work is he can enjoy the wedding,but he want to spend some time with his DREAMGIRL!,his eyes countiniously finds her,and finally he got her,shes seating on chair and chatting with sunaina..he goes
he says HI’to sunaina..sunaina surprisingly says hellooooo..
but sunaina know viraj more than herself,she knows that viraj want to speak with PRIYA…so she excuse herself and goes from there
priya is speaking with kids while smiling….and viraj want to capture that smile,that magical smile,viraj countineously looks at priya,and priya looks at the wedding function,a deep silence between them,sunaina is now with her bua,and helps her……….
viraj is also look functions as wel as he looks at priya…..and priya knows that…priya thinks-why he stares me???while looking at wedding function she moves her hand on her hair& face and thinks everything is fine my face my hair then…..viraj laugh at her activity,Priya eye him angrily and that moment viraj also beacomes serious and says-do u angry with me????? IM REALLY SORRY DEAR!!!if u want to scold me or if u want to give me any punishment then im ready for that “DEAR”
priya says with surprise- no its kk…

priya heard the word “DEAR”from many peoples for her…but today she heard that word from viraj DEAR!…and she forget her anger& melt..she didnt know what happen to her????this time the word dear that she heard from virajs mouth has diffirent feelings,but what was that feeling she doesnt know!!!!

Credit to: TAMANNA

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  1. seriously i don’t like today episode iam really hurt for sunaina

  2. Thank u swara,devi….im also feels bad for sunaina

  3. nice

  4. awesome

  5. oh no pls don’t make Priya fall for viraj

  6. Wow tamanna !!!! keep it up!!

  7. nice update. viraj is so romantic. but Please please make viraj fall sunaina and update soon…

  8. super sis

  9. You’re doing a great job tamanna but Please please please make viraj fall in love sunaina.

  10. Thank u Priya kumar,sara,varshini,vini,meera,harini,nishu,saranya thanks.a lot

  11. I want sunaina asbold to convices her to viraj
    Viraj geel this true love

  12. hey jay…u will see bold sunaina very soon

  13. awesome. waiting eagerly for the next part. .n am so excited to read it

  14. Thank u sara & ramya

  15. Ahhhh, really very sad for sunaina but she is very strong and brave fighting with her own emotions without any negativity, giving viraj his own space…n now priya also feeling something for him…I hope sunaina’s pure n deep love n her win viraj’s heart n he find his true love in sunaina’s eyes…keep it up buddyyy. eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

  16. thank u roma

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