How long i shall wait for u (epi 10)


Hey friends TAMANNA here…welcome to 10th part of story

EETHA,KAVYA,PRIYA KUMAR, SARA,VARSHINI,ANJALI,HARINI,SARA,VINI,SARANYA,AASTHA..thank alot dears ur comment motivate me…thanks for appriciating my work..

The episode starts with sunaina crise helplessly.she feels like her life,her dreams are destoyed by destini…every tear falling from her eyes ask destiny that ‘WHAT IS MY FAULT???? I love a boy more than my life…i always try to found chances to meet him,to see him…i never accept anything return but now i compleatly brocken VIRAJ…why u did this to me??????….her eyes her tears asked it to destini…and then she reallises that some1 shakes her shoulder “SUNAINA'”
she hear the familliar sound and come back to her sences …she wips her tears & turn back & see KAYA her di…she looks shockingly and she pretend as everything is fine….but Alas!!! kaya is her di,she can read her mind through her eyes and her eyes tells kaya that nothing is fine,today im broken di..

Sunaina acts again and says di lets go to wedding hall
but kaya stops her…and says sunaina i know everything,dont pretend i know nothing is fine….u hurt beacause of viraj & kavyas clossness….sunaina looks on shokingly and ask
sunaina- how ??????
kaya says- sunaina we r sisters we have blood relation…u r my sole sunaina..then (while cupping sunainas face)…sunaina emotionally hugs kaya and cries
kaya consoles her……..
after some time sunaina stop crying & says- di,i think im living in dream life…i forget the reality…i love VIRAJ SINGHANIYA…handsome rich,talented but im avarage in studies…and i …how can i thought that VIRAJ will love me one day!!
I KNOW di viraj will never love me!!
in fact i didnt deserve viraj!!!He is just parfect di!! and im always imparfect….Kaya interpt and says
kaya- no sunaina….viraj is imparfect…He is heartless,.u love him so much since years but he didnt understand u feeling!! U R right..u dont deserve viraj…u deserve better than life partner than viraj….sunaina interpt and says
sunaina- noo di plzzzz i cant hear anything against viraj…and i never thought about life partner other than viraj…
kaya- but sunaina if viraj loves some1 else if PRIYA’
sunaina smiles lightly and says- then i’ll be happy for viraj that he got her love at least he will be fell that psin which now i feel……..
KAYA- okk then viraj live happily then what about u??????
SUNAINA-i will love viraj until my last breath…and never ask him anything in return….
Kaya wonders when her small sis grows so mature
Kaya-ok sunaina…u love only viraj..and u will be…but y u think so neagative????
Sunaina-what neagative di????
kaya- look sunaina…viraj wanted a smart,bold girl for him and u
sunaina- yeah!!di and im exactly opposite….
kaya-sooo u can be bold and smart…just try dear…ur hope is very important ….dont lose it…
sunaina wipes her tears and says – yes!di i understand what ur trying to say i will be smart and bold…i will try for my love….i will wait for that day when viraj will be…i will wait for u viraj!!!!

Credit to: TAMANNA

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  1. sorry….extreamly sorry for spelling mistakes and friends the last line of sunaina is
    SUNAINA-i will wait for that day when viraj will be mine…i will wait for him

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