How good is Ikrs?


Guys a big hello!!!!!!!!!!!
Well as you know our color’s channel is not promoting our IKRS god knows for what reasons. But today i want to show our haters and all other fans what is good in our wonderful show. So hop on!!!! 🙂

1. Leads chemistry: Guys our leads have amazing they share a relation of trust and friendship still exists, Our hero is Viplav Tripathi (Mishal Raheja) and our heroine Dhaani Viplav Tripathi (Eisha Singh). The hero being a naughty boy and being quite carefree and a very good caring protective husband. Our dhaani is a innocent and sweet dutiful wife. The balance is just perfect.

2. Good plot: The story revolved around the tough life of widows and also how the society treats them even when they get remarried. They are a lot of twists and turns and good hold of the story, many plots are to be revealed………

3. Amazing cast : The cast list ( and in many interviews the stars have told about the good cast and crew and also amazing villains and hero’s. Both supporting the roles of each character……….

4.Fans: What a major fan following Ikrs has let it be Facebook or twitter ya telly updates the fans support the show even when there are many haters the fans seem to defend it in every walk of the show…………..

These are my four points that I feel makes ikrs my fav show….. Tell me in the comments if i missed something……..
And most important point though it has no retelecast or proper time slot it is evergreen in our hearts…….
Hope you guys like it…… 🙂

Credit to: Ahana

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  1. Ofcourse it is one of d best daily soap. Jus luv it. Y dey don’t retelecast dis show. Nd don’t promote also…

    1. Yess it is the best………….

      1. Yes the best show so far.

  2. Ahana….you nailed it dear….you have included everything in the points…… Fabulous cast…incredible charismatic chemistry of leads….. the jodi of ViDhaani that we love to love a lot…Villains that we love to hate….. superb concept…… makes it clear that love is not always limited to 3 magical words or so….but love is friendship, trust, care for each other …the way Viplav Dhaani love each other gives you a feel that your life partner should be like that …. I AM CONFESSING ONE THING….I WANT A HUSBAND LIKE MISHAL AKA VIPLAV….A HAPPY GO LUCKY CHEERFUL GUY(BLUSHES)………..
    I don’t have anything to say about TRPs…. most of those who watch serials are busy in ghost drama…..husband wife swapping drama and all…… BUT FOR US IKRS IS THE BEST ………..
    liked this analysis cum description dear Ahana
    Much love

    1. TRP jaaye bhaad mein….. agar trp badhgayee toh obviously khush houngi…but if it gets affected …then also my love for IKRS will not get less ….

    2. Yess maro goli TRP ko……,. thanks a lot sujie……………

  3. U r absolutely correct ahana. I don’t care about the trp. Trp ko jaane do bhaad mein. I only know that
    Ikrs rocks!!!
    Vidhaani rocks!!!

    1. Yesss vidhaani will always rock……

  4. What a very well written analysis of what makes they show so brilliant.

    As Sujie said you’ve hit the nail on the head, perfectly.

    As Sujie also said the way Mishal portrays the character of Viplav makes me also think that every woman deserves a man like him. The way he can switch from dealing with stressful issues with his family to the deep love and affection he has for Dhani in a split second is amazing to see. He is perfection.

    Well done again Ahana! Xxx

    1. Thank u nimisha di……..

  5. rightly said.. 🙂

    1. Thank u

  6. U know somethimgs colors retelecast shows which has low trps to get more trp for the particular show this has already repeated for madhubala wt u say guys

  7. wah ahana well said. .
    can’t agree more. .

    1. Thanks saras mam

  8. Excellent analysis.adding to ur first point,our vidha is just awesome bcz they both are really different.yes of course they are different in their attitudes and that’s what their u said a care free boy like viplav definitely need a matured and understanding wife like dhani to guide him and control thing to note here is that though they have different views,their ultimate aim is same and that is,peace and happiness.i love ikrs for that,for that realistic chemistry and of course for its social cause.

    1. And about trp,i don’t care abt that.our aunties and uncles are always behind,bhooth preth,saas-bahu and all that.the only fear is whether they will wind up this beautiful show in name of trp.i think we should make that colors guys bath with ganga jal so that they will get a clear brain and can understand what is right and what is wrong.go to hell with manipulated trps.i can’t understand what enemity they have with promos no repeats.stupid fellows who know only to promote stupid serials.

    2. Yes aur in colors walo ko toh ganga mein duboke clean karna chahiya…….Bhoot preth ke bina bhi serial hit hoh sakta hein………….. LIKE ikrs…………..

  9. u just nailed it ahana …superb cast …TRP ko maro goli …we love our show for everything … awesome cast ..hum fans to awesome hae already 😛

    1. Thanks AM

  10. Seriouslyy love IKRS …… love VIDHAANI….

    1. Yesss love IKRS

  11. well said Ahana . It is the best series in hindi. But people are liking sass bahu drama and most dragging series. I never cared about trp. You included all points and beautifully nailed it. Well done ahana.

    1. Thank u porkodi

  12. Ikrs is best .. No matter if trp less… It had huge fans following including me…
    Superb plot.. Superb chemistry between lead…
    N a good hardworking actress eisha done very well as dhani she is good… Mishal was best actress …
    Totally ikrs is best

    1. Yesss u said correct…. 1000000% truth…….

  13. It is very very very very…………. good and quite correct analysis. The perfect serial why I like IKRS is a very true and very pure relationship between our Vidhani. They perfectly compliment each other. The relationship between both of them is such a great understanding that only both of the eye expretions they felt understand each other. It is very amazing see both chemistry is like perfect husband and wife with great respect not only with each other but also with their family members which truly a IKRS is very unique and truly amazing serial. Because of my office timings I am not able to watch daily on television. I am watching the serial through website social sites etc. I had already said earlier to my message for trp and colors channel for not promoting such a unique subject. But you said very correct that a very huge fan following of such a amazing serial. Truly appreciate your opinion. I am again said IKRS is truly Rock………….

    1. Thank u means a lot to me………..

  14. gold wala 4 points dear
    actually as a sri lankan we really dont care about trp or re-tlycst. bcz here they re-tlycsting 5 times a day

    1. Hmmm lucky u………..

  15. Well said ahana.itis d best show of colors undoubtedly. Each n every characters neiled der character be it villians or leads
    Though its tym slot Is nt perfect still it manages to collect huge fan following.IKRS rocks

    1. Thank u di……… yes only ikrs can shine though it has soooo many hurdles……

  16. Superb analysis!!

    1. Thank u sooooooooooo much my cloud nine moment……..

  17. U nailed it… Super one Just loved it…

    1. thank u

  18. It’s really not fair that IKRS has two face THE scanner just because COLORS doesn’t give repeat telecasts. I really think all of us should call call colours and tell them about this guys have pushed the phone number of colours on my page on Twitter It’s Anisha_Tellybug. I’m also posting the number here if you guys want it.


    It’d Viacom 18. Pls call and tell them. I shall do it too

    1. yess we will…… at least i will….. but is this a valid and true number

  19. Thank u Ahana for a superb topic & analysis… Uff yeh trp & crap award shows… They can’t measure the height of AM said ,goli maro is trp ko…ikrs has got everything from amazing talented leads with fabulous chemistry, talented cast,awesome title track& BG music,superb storyline, & pagal fans..our show deserves a lot more…Mishal & Eisha….I am totally in love with this pair…ikrs is the best?

  20. ahana super dear from this all of us can get a clear idea about our ikrs

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