Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 9th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 9th May 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 9th May 2013 Written Update


Radha says that she does not consider herself at fault and whatever she did was for her kids and says that sona did not melted even knowing about her. Sona says that radha had to come with her to the police station but she will try her best that Radha gets minimum punishment. Kanhaiya comes to house and calls Neelam bhabhi. Sunaina sees the attire and asks kanhaiya about it.Renu,bindiya and Neelam comes there. Kanhaiya tells everything about he trying to catch the theif and that Sonaji was with him everytime.Sunaina is surprized.Neelam informs that sona came to help her in kitchen but again she is missing from the house. Kanhaiya is worried. Sona takes Radha to police station in auto and radha’s kids follows her and while

running, one kid fell and radha consoles her kids and says that she will return soon and till then the kids have to take care of themselves. Sona is touched and worried.Radha and sona sits back in auto and sona sees 20 missed calls of kanhaiya and calls him. Sona asks kanhaiya to come to police station immediatly as she has some information about the theif. Kanhaiya asks about sona’s well being and she says that she is fine. Sunaina asks kanhaiya why her detective bahu is calling kanhaiya to police station. Kanhaiya explains her and leaves. Sona reaches police station and sees ladoo,hulchul and bajrangi sleeping and awakens them. Kanhaiya reaches station and asks about radha and and bajrangi asks kanhaiya to sit on his chair. Kanhaiya gives a slight smile and looks at his chairs. He touches it and all heartbroken he says that now he has no right to this chair and now New inspector will sit here. Kanhaiya sits on a normal chair and asks sona. Sona says that she got to know about thief. Kanhaiya gets excited. Sona says that she knew very well that the wheat pile will be taken by thief and so she did hole in it and as the theif took it, she followed the path and reached radha’s dhaba and there is saw Radha


Sona says that radha has once strucked with the theif and she well knows how he looks. Radha is surprized to know that sona is saving her. Sona gives some imaginary details about the look of the thief and kanhaiya gets happy. Sona feels bad for lying to kanhaiya and remembers his pain after he leaving his job. Kanhaiya says that the information will help them a lot and asks radha if she can identify theif. Radha is silent. Kanhaiya asks bajrangi to make sketch of theif and asks sona to come home with him. While leaving sona again and again looks at kanhaiya’s chair and gets teary-eyed. Even kanhaiya gets teary and Sona looks at radha who feels bad. Outside the police station, radha thanked Sona for saving her and sona tells her that she lied only for the kids and mistake is always a mistake and never to steal anything again in future. Radha assures her and leaves. Just as radha leaves, kanhaiya comes from behind and sona is shocked. Kanhaiya thanked her for helping him and asks her to sit on bike. Sona sits with heavyheart and feels bad with the fact that she lied to kanhaiya who trusts her completely and gets teary-eyed. Sona places hands on kanhaiya shoulders and kanhaiya says that he is her husband so atleast she should have a hold of his waist. The upset sona holds him and they drive out.


Sonaiya enters house and kanhaiya tells everything. Sunaina is worried for the loss of white along with Money but then she assures herself. Kanhaiya asks sona to come along with him to their room but Sunaina stops them and asks sonaiya to come to her Room. Sonaiya enters sunaina’s room and sunaina asks sona to shut the door. Sunaina says that she talked to her pandit who said that sona and kanhaiya’s stars are not moving on their right pati and till they do not follow right path ,the closeness between sonaiya should not be there.Sonaiya gets shocked and kanhaiya says that how can it happen and it is such a not happening thing. Sunaina asks sona to bring her belongings from her room. kanhaiya all worried asks sunaina to think again and take 2nd opinion from other pandit.sunaina says that the kundli is right and no second opinion is required and angrily asks sona to bring her belongings. Sonaiya are sad.


Sona and kanhaiya in their room. kanhaiya getting angry at the kundli drama and that nothing is going good with them and even he was unable to catch the thief and now their is this kundli drama.

Update Credit to: sonali.singh

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