Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 9th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 9th July 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 9th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Kanhaiya is holding the name board ‘Chaturvedi Nivas’ and looks around the house and hears the voice of Suhnaina, Neelam, Udham and all the memories looking around. Kanhaiya looks at the mandir and recalls everyone praying together and Kanhaiya hugs the name board while Sona walks up to Kanhaiya where Sona is also in tears and Kanhaiya shows the name board and cries. Sona holds Kanhaiya and says don’t know where have everyone went. Udham bhaiya.. Mummy ji. How will we find all of thema and how will we find out where are they? Kanhaiya says this is the game of fate and everyone is far from us now. It is also fate that we might never meet them and i only have their memories now with me which i am missing a lot. Kanhaiya and Sona hug each another

crying while Chitrasi standing at the back stares looking at them. Chitrasi walks up to them and says sorry for interupting them and Sona asks what is it? Chitrasi asks if Sona knows any pandit ji as Babuji wants to do ghar pravesh tomorrow. Sona says that she will call the pandit and Sona leaves. Chitrasi walks closer to Kanhaiya and says she can understand how sad is Kanhaiya and she wish she can help Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya says thanks to Chitrasi for consolling him and leaves while Chitrasi says to herself, don’t worry Kanhaiya! Tomorrow all your sadness will end and i am waiting for tomorrow now and Chitrasi smiles. The next day, Chitrasi meets Shakuntala and Shakuntala gives Chitrasi a bottle of poison saying this is a very powerful poison. Chitrasi says she would not know what to do if not for Shakuntala and Shakuntala says make sure this works this time as i have came this far to Allahmebad for this. I will only go back once my daughter’s life is in a good situation and Chitrasi says don’t worry maa. This ghar pravesh will be Kanhaiya’s last pooja as he will eat the prasad which is mixed with the poison. After eating the prasad, Kanhaiya will die and Chitrasi smiles holding the poison bottle. Sona is cooking in the kitchen and Sona hears Neelam’s voice saying Sona, don’t feel sad. Sona hears Suhnaina calling ‘Sona Bahu’ and Sona responds yes, Mummy ji and realized that she is imagining things and Sona is in tears. Sona continues cooking and Chitrasi comes to the kitchen seeing Sona cooking and notices the tray of prasad. Chitrasi walks to Sona and says the cooking smells good. Sona, i think you should go to the pandit ji and see what he needs since you already know him earlier. Sona says the stove is still on and leaves while Chitrasi takes out the poison bottle and recalls Kanhaiya only likes to eat Ladoo without badam. Chitrasi removes the badam while Sona who is walking stops as she forgot her mobile in the kicthen and walks back. Chitrasi opens the poison bottle and spills on the ladoo smilling while Siddeshwar shouts Chitrasi Bahu and Chitrasi gets scared and turns seeing Siddeshwar standing and smilling to her. Siddeshwar asks if is all the preparation for the Ghar Pravesh done and Sona says everyone will be done Babuji and you don’t worry. Sona takes her mobile phone and leaves. Everyone prays at the mandir and the pandit ji leaves while Chitrasi takes the ladoo tray and Sona says she will serve everyone. Sona is about to give the ladoo meant for Kanhaiya while Chitrasi takes another ladoo on her own. Chitrasi is worried and keeps watching Sona serving everyone the ladoo and Chitrasi gets scared seeing Sona giving Siddeshwar a ladoo.

Part 2

Chitrashi gets in tension seeing Sona giving the ladoos to Bheema, Kamal, Deva and Siddeshwar. Sona gives the ladoo to Kanhaiya and Chitrashi gets very much tensed(the same ladoo Chitrashi added poison too). Kanhaiya is about to eat when Chitrashi thinks of Stopping Kanhaiya and comes forwad and pretends to faint and falls on kanhaiya’s hands letting ladoo to fall on the ground. Everyone gets shocked and kanhaiya asks Sona to bring water. Chitrashi looks up and Siddeshwar asks her why she fasted since she is very weak. She says she did it for only now and will take care of her meals now onwards. At night Shakuntala gets angry at Chitrashi saying Firstly she makes plans by her own and then herself ruines it and asks why Chitrashi did so? Chitrashi says she had to stop kanhaiya from eating the ladoo since she does not want kanhaiya to die and remembers the moment when Siddeshwar came to kitchen and he told that Since kanhaiya had returned back and he is responsible as a police officer and a son so he has decided that his haveli, his land near the river and Chaturvedi mansion, all he will give to kanhaiya since only kanhaiya seems eligible to handle everything. Chitrashi says to Shakuntala that she won’t let Kanhaiya die now. Shakuntala asks her how is it possible as kanhaiya has clearly said that only Sona is his wife. Chitrashi remembers Siddeshwar’s words that he has asked the lawyer to make property papers and after 2 months the whole property will come in Kanhaiya’s hands. Shatuntala says the time is very less and Kanhaiya is not even ready to accept Chitrashi. Chitrashi asks Shakuntala why she told everyone at Village that she won’t be coming there back and that is why people there are talking bad about her. Shakuntala gets angry and asks why Chitrashi is bringing this matter in her talks and starts talking bad. Chitrashi says me as a queen and from now see how she will start making more friendship with kanhaiya. She will play her game in these 2 months. I will use such game and break Sona and Kanhaiya apart. This misunderstanding can bring havoc between people and now she will use it between Sona and kanhaiya and within two months she will create situation that not only a wife but kanhaiya will treat feels happy and i will make sure this happens or my name is not Chitrasi. In the morning, Siddeshwar announces that he is making Munna the owner of Chaturvedi masion, the fields in village and his haveli. Sonaiya gets surprised and the brothers smiles. Kanhaiya asks why only he since the property should be divided between all 4 brothers. Siddeshwar says he is not asking kanhaiya for his views but he has made his final decision. Kanhaiya and everyone agrees. Chitrasi thinks to herself, don’t worry Kanhaiya. All this will become mine soon. Episode ends.

Precap :
A photographar comes and Chitrashi says she called him for a family photograph. Siddeshwar says Chitrashi always thinks good about the family and Chitrashi says to herself that it will be a family photograph but Sona won’t be a part of it. She will not let Sona be in this family photograph and will soon through away out from the house.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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