Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 9th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 9th January 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 9th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Kanhaiya goes to work and arrives at the police station and looks serious while the constables looks at Kanhaiya and laughs. Kanhaiya asks why are they looking like that and they all say that Kanhaiya looks happy and they ask for sweet to celebrate it. Kanhaiya calls to a sweet shop and orders sweet and they say that Kahhaiya have hit the jackpot by getting a high salary earning wife. They also say that all their senior officer’s wives are Housewives while Kanhaiya’s wife is a reporter. Kanhaiya gets proud as they keep praising Kanhaiya and Kanhaiya starts dreaming of going on the motorbike with Sona and a few people are saying hear the sound, Kanhaiya is coming and Kanhaiya comes out from his dream saying my wife will be going back to work tomorrow. At the house, Neelam is washing the clothes and puts it for drying and as Sona is going to meet Neelam, Suhnaina stops her asking where is she going? Sona says that she is going to help Neelam and Suhnaina says she can do her work on her own. Sona says that if she helps, Neelam can do the work faster and Suhnaina says that she does all the work faster. Suhnaina says that she can’t wait for Sona to finish her leave and faster go back to work. Sona is then cutting some vegetables in the kitchen and Neelam comes asking Sona not to do this and go to rest. Sona says you are doing work the whole day and why must i rest? Sona continues cutting the vegetable and Neelam says you will need to take care of your husband and teases Sona. Sona’s phone rings and its Kanhaiya is asking if is Sona doing anything. Kanhaiya says that he thought of eating lunch with Sona and starts singing song for Sona sayie coming home soon. Neelam says so devar ji is coming back home to eat? Sona says didi, remember the night before my suhaag raat? Everyone was teasing me but you were only keeping quiet. I like to see you like this and always smile and Neelam smiles. In the night, Bindiya comes to her husband saying that after this, she wants to stop Julie and Dimple’s studies as she is going to sack two of the ladies in her parlour. With that, she would be earning more and mummy ji will be sending apple in her lunch box too. Sona hears this and as she walks, she hears Renu talking to her husband where Renu is going to do extra class and she also wants apple in her lunch box. Kanhaiya comes behind her and Sona says can you see what is happening in this house? Kanhaiya says all this is normal in this house Sona ji and you must always be happy. Today night… and Sona says but what about Dimple and Julie’s studies and Kanhaiya says its night . Sona goes downstairs and asks what is Neelam doing and Neelam says mummy ji asked me to do this flower gardlands and Sona asks for what and Neelam says because you are going to work. You go and sleep as you need to wake up early and Sona says but you are also waking up early to do all the work and Neelam says its alright, you go to sleep. Chacha ji is listening to this.

Part 2

Chacha ji comes to Sona and says that there is everything in this house but yet something is missing. I was always hoping for something to happen and everyone thinks that its normal. But you are Kiran to me and i have full trust in you and i know you will never break my trust and Sona smiles. Sona enters her room and sits on the sofa and Kanhaiya says the look on your face is not good. You are going to your work tomorrow and i have decided that tonight.. I and you.. and Sona asks aren’t you worried on what is happening in this house? Kanhaiya says i am only worried about us and slowly brings Sona to the bed and Sona suddenly pretends to have headache and asks for water and Kanhaiya goes to get water. Kanhaiya comes to the room and sees Sona sleeping and says to himself that Sona have already sleep and wonder why is God taking revenge on him. So he have to sleep tonight as usual and Sona sees Kanhaiya sleeping and sits up thinking on how everyone keeps calling Neelam as a housewife. Sona also recalls Suhnaina changing the gifts and recalling Chacha ji’s words and sits on her laptop and starts typing and prints a letter. The next morning, Neelam brings the diya and Sona comes down and sees Bindiya not allowing Dimple and Julie to go to college saying they need to follow her to the parlour. Everyone gathers around in the hall and Chacha ji asks what is happening by Bindiya bringing her daughters to her parlour and Renu saying she is not coming back before 10pm and you are remaining quiet? Suhnaina says i am waiting to see my bahu going to office. Kanhaiya is on his motorbike calling Sona as its getting late and Suhnaina takes arti of Sona and Sona takes Sunhaina’s blessings. Suhnaina also feeds Sona curd and sugar. Sona goes and off Kanhaiya’s bike asking if he is going to work and Kanhaiya says no, i am going to send you to office first and then go to my work. Sona gives an envelope to Kanhaiya asking him to help her to send this to her office then. Kanhaiya asks what is this and Sona says wait a minute and says Bindiya bhabhi, there is no need to send Julie and Dimple to the parlour and Renu bhabhi, you don’t need to come back late. Suhnaina says bahu, your getting late for work and Sona says mummy ji, i have made a decision. The envelope i had given is my resignation letter and i have decided to be a Housewife from today leaving everyone shocked especially Suhnaina.

Precap : Sona says looking after a house is not easy and you just see how i change everything to Kanhaiya while Suhnaina is saying to Chacha ji that Sona will surely go back to work.

Update Credit to: Visha

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