Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 8th May 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 8th May 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 8th May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Pappi (cast from Gippi movie) is convincing Dimple to wear a dress to a party and Dimple refuses saying that she wants to wear a more better dress. Gippi and Sona enters where Pappi asks where did Pappi went and Gippi says that she felt hungry and Sona gave her food. Pappi complains to Sona that she showed Dimple many beautiful dresses but Dimple kept rejecting it. Gippi says that a person needs to wear a dress with confidence and any dress will look good. Sona says that the dress Dimple is wearing itself is good, why don’t she wear it instead? Dimple laughs and Sona says that when you wear anything, have trust that you look good. Sona asks when is the party and both Gippi and Pappi says that its on 10th May (the release date of the movie) which

Sona says she would surely go. Kanhaiya returns the briyni to Mr Verma and Kanhaiya also apologizes for pretending to be a magician and Mr Verma says there is no need for it as Kanhaiya had stopped the thief from getting away with the briyani and he should thank Kanhaiya instead. Kanhaiya also informs that the theif managed to get away and leaves with Chicku. Sona sees one of the door opens where Sona switch on the light and sees an empty rice sack and Sona recalls carrying the sack with Neelam. Sona thinks to herself looking at the rice sack thinking that she had bought the rice from the shop and the thief will surely come to know about this. So the thief’s first target would be Mrs Verma’s house but there are chances for the thief to also come here. Sona decides to do something so that the thief would leave a clue so that Sona can reach to the thief. Sona takes something sharp and makes a hole on the sack where when the rice drops as the thief tries taking it away, she will be able to catch the thief. Back to present, Sona starts following the trails of the rice on the floor and thinks to herself that the thief didn’t stole in Mrs Verma and manage to come here instead. This written update is done by Visha_Dhami from India Forums. Sona uses a torch light and follows the rice trail where she reaches a restaurant. Sona starts entering the restaurant and points the torch light where the thief is revealed to be Radha, the owner of the shop which leaves Sona shocked. Sona looks for the light switch and on’s the light and recalls meeting Radha at the shop when she came to meet Mrs Verma. Sona says Radha? You are the thief and all this is done by you? Sona starts walking towards Radha saying that the thief is finally caught as she had created enough problem for everyone. Sona asks Radha to follow her to the police station and Radha cries not to do that. Sona scolds if Radha knows how many people have been worried and her husband also lost his job because of this. Radha cries saying she is poor and Sona says poor people work harder and not steal. Don’t try pretending to me and if you are not following me, i will call the police here. Radha corners Sona and Sona asks how did Radha managed to steal all the things? Radha cries and Sona asks her to reply to her on how did Radha managed to steal on the Ram Navmi. Radha says that while everyone was praying, she quietly entered the kitchen and saw the prasad missing but hide when she saw Suhnaina. Radha then walks pass by their room and heard Kanhaiya talking to Sona about keeping the prasad in the room and talking about the camera. Upon hearing about the camera, Radha says that she decided not to steal.

Part 2

Radha was worried on what would happen if her face was captured in the camera and she switched off the power and took the food. Sona asks how about in Mrs Verma’s house? Didn’t she stole there? Radha says that she almost managed to steal but Mrs Verma shouted and Kanhaiya was close to catching her. Radha says that she thought she was going to be caught but she managed to stop an auto in time and while travelling in the auto, she saw a chip in the briyani and she asked the auto driver to stop and she runaway leaving the briyani. Sona asks even after all this, you came to our house to steal again? Radha says that she did planned to steal in Mrs Verma’s house and also in Sona’s house. Sona says that you had stolen at the wrong place and everyone surely leaves a small clue. Radha cries saying that she had told all the truth and Sona needs to leave her now. Sona says that she didn’t said that she would forgive Radha if she told all the truth and Radha deserves punishment. Sona asks why did Radha do all this? Sona decides to bring Radha to the police and strts dragging Sona and Radha cries pleading to leave her alone and Radha’s kids calls her and Sona stops. Radha’s kids asks why is she crying and Radha says nothing and Sona is her friend who came to meet her. Radha asks her childrens to go and sleep and she would be back. Kanhaiya returns home with Chicku and looks around. Sona says you also have kids. What would you teach them? To steal? Did you think how they would feel when they know that their mother is a thief? Radha cries that she has no money and no one is willing to give her job. How would she feed her kids? Sona says but you have a dabba and you are saying that you don’t have money to feed your kids? Do you expect me to believe this? Radha cries saying that all the money she earns is not enough to support her kids. Radha says that she runs the dabba just for the sake of running it and she has no money. Written update by Visha_Dhami for India Forums. Kanhaiya enters the kitchen looking for Sona and decides to look in the room. Radha is crying that its her situation that made her do all this where she lost her job. Radha also cries that her husband is in the hospital and how will she manage her house and work outside leaving her kids? That left her with no choice but to steal to feed her kids and also to cook as she has no money to buy the food to cook. Radha says that Sona will not be able to understand.

Precap :

Suhnaina says she showed both Kanhaiya and Sona’s kundli to a pandit and the pandit says that both Kanhaiya and Sona should not sleep together and from today, Sona will sleep with Suhnaina in her room and both Kanhaiya and Sona is shocked.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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