Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 8th July 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 8th July 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 8th July 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Chitrasi come in saying that Deva didn’t cut the railing but her mother did this and everyone is shocked and looks at Shakuntala. Kanhaiya walks closet to Shakuntala saying he suspected her earlier but didn’t know that she would stood this low. Babuji, lets call the police and Sideshwar says no Kanhaiya. If the police comes here, the reputation of the family will be tarnished. She will no longer stay in this house and she has nothing to do with me anymore and Chitasi cries. Chitrasi walks forward to Sidheswar saying she too don’t want to live in this house as she is not able to see anyone’s face after what her mother have did. Sona says what are you saying Chitrasi? You have been living for this family all these years and you don’t need

to leave the house for such a small thing. Sidheshwar smiles seeing Sona and Sona says you used to be a member of the family and you always will be. Chitrasi says sorry to Sona for what her mother have done and Sidheshwar comes to Chitrasi and says that she has so much of courage to do this. She could have covered up for Shakuntala as she is her mother but she didn’t. I am proud of you and Sidheshwar goes to Shakuntala and asks Shakuntala to lave the house right now and Shakuntala looks at a crying Chitrasi and leaves. Kanhaiya looks at Deva and is about to hold him and Deva stares at Kanhaiya. Kanhaiya says sorry and holds his ears saying if Deva doesn’t forgive him, he will sell away the radio. Deva says don’t you dare sell the radio and Kanhaiya says please forgive me for putting the blame on you and Deva hugs Kanhaiya while everyone is happy. Sidheshwar hugs all his son’s together. In the night, someone comes to meet Shakuntala and Shakuntala slaps the person. The person is revealed to be Chitrasi and Chitrasi stares at Shakuntala. Shakuntala says how could you do this to me and made the the bad person. You were the one who cut the railing and you put the blame on me? Chitrasi stares at Shakuntala and flashback is shown where Chitrasi cuts the railing. Chitrasi says Sona is smart and she already found out that someone cut the railing on purpose. Chitrasi says where Sona explains that someone did this on purpose and before things got worse, i had to do something. So i did all this to look good in front of everyone. Shakuntala says in that process, you made me looked bad. Chitrasi says that her dream is all gone. She was about to get everything! But she could not do anything once Kanhaiya came back as she would have got everything if Kanhaiya didn’t come back. That’s why she cut the railing to trap Kanhaiya but Sona came there and fell instead. Shakuntala says why did you saved her then? You should have let her fell down. Chitrasi says who said i saved her? She grabbed on to my hand so hard and you want me to fall along with her? I had to safe her and Chitrasi’s evil face is shown and Chitrasi starts helping Sona once everyone gathers around. All my plan failed and Shakuntala says even my plan failed. I made you stay in that house as a widow so that you would get Kanhaiya’s share of property. Chitrasi says i thought the same that i would be getting Munna’s share of property but i don’t know from where he came and he don’t even want to accept me as his wife. I still want all Kanhaiya’s share of property as i have dedicated all these years living as a widow for this property. I will never allow this to slip from my hands now and he will need to leave this world. This property will be only mine and Shakuntala and Chitrasi shares a smile. The next morning, Sidheshwar calls everyone to gather around and announces asking everyone to pack their things as they will no longer live in Shakti Dham.

Part 2

Everyone is shocked and Sidheswar says we are going far from here and Kanhaiya asks where? Sidheshwar says Allahmebad and Kanhaiya looks at Sona while everyone looks shocked. Sidheshwar says we will live there after this and Kamal asks why are we leaving there suddenly and Sidheshwar says i didn’t ask for your opinion but i have decided and we are leaving today. Go and pack your things and everyone leaves. Kanhaiya leaves too and Sidheshwar calls Kanhaiya asking won’t you ask why i made this decision? Kanhaiya asks why and Sidheshwar says that he did this for Chitrasi. She would be sad if she stays here longer as people and the society here will be talking about her. I have no other option and more over, you are working in Allahmebad and it will also be easier for you. Kanhaiya asks what about this haveli? Sidheshwar says this Haveli belongs to to his ancesstors and he will never sell it. There will be people to look after this haveli and Kanhaiya says its good and Sidheshwar says we will all start a new life there and smiles. Everyone leaves and reaches Allahmebad and arrives in front of Chaturvedi Mansion and Kanhaiya is shocked and looks at Sona. Everyone looks at the house and Kanhaiya looks at the nameboard of Chaturvedi Nivas and Kanhaiya says lets go to our new house and then come here. How did you know this is my house? Sidheshwar says yes Munna, this is your house. This is the house which we will be living in after this and both Kanhaiya and Sona is shocked. Sona says but how is this possible? Sidheshwar asks why? Kanhaiya says here is where he used to live and grow up. Sidheshwar says that he had bought over Chaturvedi Nivas and Kanhaiya is shocked. One of the neighbour sees Kanhaiya asking where have he been? Kanhaiya asks where is everyone and the neighbour says everyone has left 2 days ago. He heard that Udham had got posting at Rajashtan and Neelam followed him while he has no idea about the rest. Sona asks what about Suhnaina? The neighbour says perhaps she followed Udham and the neighbour leaves. Sona and Kanhaiya looks worried and Kanhaiya says how is this possible and tries calling someone and the number is unavailable. Kanhaiya says how come didn’t anyone inform us anything? Even mummy ji? Sona says don’t worry. Mummy ji knows how much you love everyone and she didn’t tell thinking you would be sad and worried. Kanhaiya says today i am back to this house and Babuji himself has bought the house. its the same house but different people and the memories will keep haunting me. I wonder how will we live in this house and Kamal removes the Chaturvedi Nivas nameboard. Sidheshwar says don’t be sad and i pray that they all are happy where they are. We will start a new life in this house starting today and everyone enters except for Kanhaiya and Sona looking at each another.

Precap :
Chitrasi is talking to Shakuntala saying that this house warming prayers will be the last pooja you are participating Kanhaiya because the prasad you will be eating will be containing this poison and Chitrasi holds a bottle of poison.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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