Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 8th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 8th February 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 8th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Laxmi brings the clothes and takes for washing saying so many clothes are given. Laxmi calls Neelam and complains about having to wash so many clothes and if she has to wash so many clothes, where will she have time to do other work in the house? Neelam says you didn’t even clean the house properly. Go and clean mummy ji’s room again first and you can continue washing the clothes later. Laxmi takes the broom and leaves while Suhnaina says to Neelam on why is she worried about all this? They now have a maid and she will look after all these and Neelam says alrigh mummy ji and leaves. Renu and Bindiya are in the room where Renu says that she don’t understand why is Sona and Neelam helping the maid of the house and Bindiya says even i don’t

know what is happening in this house. This is not good and Renu agrees. Bindiya says looks like Sona wants to go back to office again and Renu says this should not happen as our value would go down again. What if Sona and Neelam don’t want to go back to work? Both of us will be in trouble. Laxmi cleans Suhnaina’s room and she sees Suhnaina’s locker. Laxmi also steals some nuts which was in Suhnaina’s room saying she wants to bring back for her kids and as Laxmi leaves the room, Suhnaina stands at the door which Laxmi is shocked. Laxmi says i have cleaned your room and let me finish the rest of the work and Laxmi leaves. Chicku sees Laxmi washing the clothes and she ends up tearing the clothes. Laxmi tells to Julie that she have washed the clothes and asks Julie to help drying the clothes as she is already getting late for the other works. Julie says i have nothing to do with this and she leaves. Chicku writes on the damage list that Laxmi is wasting one whole packet of washing powder and wonders to tell this to who. Julie is chatting with Avinash where Julie talks about her beauty contest. Chicku comes to chacha ji and informs that she is damaging all the things in the house. Chacha ji asks if did Chicku saw it on himself and Chicku says he did. Chacha ji asks Chicku to keep monitoring Laxmi and keeps a list to see if is Laxmi doing her work or taking advantage. Laxmi breaks another plate which Chicku seesl. Julie is talking with Anuj saying she can’t come out of the house where she says that Sona is always seeing her like a spy camera. Julie sees Sona walking and tells that Sona is coming and ends her call. Sona sees Julie looking worried and thinks to herself that Julie speaks on the phone all the time and no one is bothered to know whom is she speaking to. Sona calls Julie and asks when did she came back from college? Julie says i just came back and Sona asks when is your exams? Julie says in March. Sona says March? That’s so near and have you studied? Julie says not really and i don’t have much guidance. Sona asks where is Dimple?

Part 2

Julie asks is there any work? Sona says call Chicku and Dimple, i will teach all three of you today. Julie says but there is no need for it and i have no problems in studying. Sona says but you just said that you have no guidance to study? Its alright, i shall teach and we shall see if you have problem or not. Go and call them and Julie leaves. Laxmi says that she have washed the clothes and you just have to dry the clothes. Sona says just left drying the clothes? Laxmi says you all can do it ownself since i have done so much of work and i am keep getting calls. Sona tries asking something and Laxmi says i am cooking half way and once its done, off the stove and Laxmi leaves while Sona says but… and Laxmi walks. Darshana goes and sees the clothes and shouts saying see how have the maid ruined the clothes with marks and Sona says bring here, let me see what can i do and Darshana shouts to Suhnaina saying come and see what have the maid done to the clothes. Sona says the stain is not out and Darshana is shocked. Sona says that is the difference between a housewife and a maid. Darshana says this is like a magic and Suhnaina says to Darshana not to shout next time. Suhnaina says don’t think by doing this, the maid’s job is done. I am not changing my mind and leaves. In the night, Sona says all the note books are empty. Don’t you do your homeworks? Chicku says he doesn’t have homework. Julie says that she have completed her homework and Sona asks Julie to tell what course she has. The handphone starts ringing and Julie panics thinking its her phone and Sona says its my phone and its the maid calling. Sona answers the call and Laxmi says that she will not be able to come to work in the night as her child is not feeling well. Sona thinks that is already night and what to prepare for dinner? Sona asks Julie to read three chapters, asks Dimple to practice a diagram and asks Chicku to get the formula correct and leaves. Neelam and Sona is preparing dinner where Neelam says why is there a need for maid when i myself can do all the work? Sona says a housewife’s work never ends and they never have leave. A maid is also a housewife in her house. Neelam says i feel that the maid is lying about her child is not feeling well. Sona says i don’t think so that she would lie about her child for leave. Laxmi puts the nuts in the container and her husband comes home saying you came back? You must have lied again that our child is not feeling well. Aren’t you ashamed to always lie like this and escape from doing work? Laxmi says i lied and came home and her husband says one they would find out the truth. The husband asks Laxmi to stop lying as no one would help her when she is in trouble. Sona goes to Dimple and Chicku and asks where is Julie? Dimple says she had a call, so she left. Sona goes looking for Julie and sees her talking over the phone. Sona asks who are you talking to? Julie says i was talking to my friend as her brother passed away today and she was crying, so i was giving her courage. Sona says a friend is in need during bad times and leaves. Dimple says which friend of yours who her brother passed away which Sona sees and starts thinking. Darshana brings a Valentines Invitation cared for her and Kanhaiyya where the name of the even is Dil Dhamaal and its on 9th February at Padmini Palace.

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Update Credit to: Visha

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