Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 7th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 7th May 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 7th May 2013 Written Update


The magician comes ndar the biryani dish and starts looking around. Sona comes and sees this and she silently picks up a knife and points it towards magician’s neck. The magician was none other than kanhaiya and he hurriedly removed his hat and artificial mustaches and sona is shocked. Kanhaiya says he is not a theif and sona says that she knows it well but what kanhaiya is doing here in the getup of magician. Kanhaiya says that he has resigned from his job but he has not forgot his duties and he did investigation and got to know that the theif comes to home where there are special items prepared and he got to know about tinku’s birthday party so came to catch the theif and asks how sona is there. Sona says that even she too

came to catch the theif. Sona proudly teasing kanhaiya says that she is also good at everything and then realizes kanhaiya lovingly gazing at her. Sona asks kanhaiya as why he is gazing at her. Kahaiya says that he is lucky to have sona as his wife and sonaiya had a beautiful hug. Next tinku’s mom calls sona and in hurry sona applies the hat and face mask over kanhaiya and once the lady enters, kanhaiya is all set and lady asks what magician is doing here. Kanhaiya says that he was tired and came to drink water. Sona says that she will come outside once feeding him water. when inku’s mom goes sona asks kanhaiya as how he will catch him. kanahiya smiles and says that last time he did not used path tracer but this time he is using it and wherever the theif will go stoling the dish, his path will be traced by the chip with is connected with his mobile and saying so sets the chip deep inside in the kheer once after knowing from sona that it was the special dish made for the day.. sona feels proud and starts to go out when kanhaiya pulls her back to face him and sonaiya share an intence eyelock.Kanhaiya then asks as what she actually looked up at the magician. by now sona was full on the way to tease kanhaiya and says that she was impressed by the magician the first time she met him and once all clapped for him she falled for him. kanhaiya goes happy and says why not afterall the personality of magician was too good.Kanhaiya then realizes and asks that she firstly did’nt knew that who was the magician then how was she adoring him sona gives a teasing smile and says that yes she did’nt knew in starting. kanhaiya again asked her and sona started laughing and goes away from kitchen. kanhaiya too comes out looking up at the biryani.

Sona gets a call from neelam who asks her to come for help as she got a slight burnt and sona decides to leave and wants to take chiku. tinku’s mom asks sona to leave tinku at the party to enjoy. sona talks to kanhaiya about everything and says that she is confident that kanhaiya alone will be able to catch up the theif.Sona comes home and sunaina starts scolding sona when she finds out that chiku does not come along with her and even asks about kanhaiya. sona says that he will be coming and sunaina says that the difference in mother and wife is that sona is not worried for kanhaiya but she is worried for his son and even kanhaiya is ignoring her mom and calls sona for any information. sona feels bad and says that she will bring chiku once party is over and sunaina asks sona not to behave in a supercute manner.


The theif enters from window and starts packing the biryani in a polythene bag and tinku’s mom comes and starts shouting. kanhaiya comes and theif had escaped from the window. kanhaiya removes his mask and hat and tinku’ sparents are surprized. the theif sits in an auto and kanhaiya tries catchingit but is unable and traces his path through mobile and sits on his bike which started late and by that time the auto moved far away. kanhaiya traces path and reaches the auto and finds that theif left the biryani packet in auto and escaped. kanhaiya forstly invertigated with driver and slapped him but later gave him the fare of Rs 20 which the theif did’nt gave to driver once leaving. kanhaiya gets to know that theif recides very near in the area.kanhaiya then takes the biryani packet and leaves.


Sona and neelam had a cute discussion in kitchen after which sona comes out of the house and starts lookin everywhere. she comes inside and enters a dark room and is surprized to see a empty vegetable bag(B.S.F written over it)


Gippie and her mom(divya dutta) from the movie ‘gippie’ will come for the promotion in the name of meeting sona and dimple.

Update Credit to: sonali

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