Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 7th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 7th January 2013 Written Episode, Housewife Hai Sab Jaanti Hai 7th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sona closes her cupboard and sees Kanhaiya sleeping. Bade bhaiya and Bindiya is shown where Bindiya says she has dressed up so well and everyone else her age looks like aunty and people thinks she looks like sister to Julie and Dimple. Bade bhaiya reminds her that she is mother to them. He also says he had made mistake in marrying her after meeting her at college and Bindiya asks Bade Bhaiya to look into her eyes and talk. Neelam is shown cooking where her husband calls her and says that the food is cold and asks her to bring milk for him and she takes away the food. Neelam boils the milk and gives to her husband who is listening to song and she tells him to be careful since the milk is hot but he keeps listening to songs. As Neelam is walking back to kitchen, Devar ji asks Neelam to make him a hot glass of tea as he is reading a novel and he wants to read it finish and Neelam says she will go to get it. Neelam’s husband drinks the milk and shouts for Neelam where he asks why didn’t she tell him that it was hot and asks her to make it cold and bring for him as he will be going to his room and Devar ji looks at Neelam. Devar ji tells to Neelam that this book has a very beautiful line and he recites the line to Neelam and says about Ahilya in Ramayan where her curse was lifted by Sri Ram and asks her to pray daily. He also says that she will get freedom one day and she will get all the happiness in her life and she will keep smilling. He asks Neelam to smile and Neelam smiles saying i will go and get your tea now but after reading the novel, tell me the whole story and Neelam leaves. Its morning and Sona is sitting by Kanhaiya’s bed and wakes him up with a rose. Kanhaiya opens his eyes and says sees Sona by his bed and Sona gives the rose to Kanhaiya and they both exchange romantic look and Sona gets shy. Kanhaiya is getting romantic and Sona opens the room window and says its morning now and you slept last night. As she is about to leave, Kanhaiya pulls Sona to him and says i can’t sleep without you and Sona says i will bring tea for you and leaves. Kanhaiya says to himself its already morning and when will it be night? Sona is about to enter the kitchen and both Bindiya and Renu stops Sona asking where is she going as she had completed her tradition. Neelam would make the tea and bring for us and asks her to keep distance from the kicthen and Sona smiles saying you go and sit down and i will bring you tea. Bindiya and Renu says all this is kicthen politics and i will never go to the kitchen and do any work. Suhnaina announces that she is going to give the gifts from Sona’s house and everyone comes and collects their gifts.

Part 2

Suhnaina also gives a saree for Sona and says give this and ask Sona to wear this on the first day she is going back to work and Suhnaina gets a phone call and goes aside to receive the call. A saree guy comes to Suhnaina asking when can he come to collect the sarees? Suhnaina says my new daughter in law would go to work and you can come the following day. And when you come, also bring a fruit walla together as new bahu’s family also sent many fruits as part of their gifts. Suhnaina hangs the call and sees Devar ji who looks at her. Sona brings the tea for everyone and Neelam tries to take the tray and Sona asks Neelam to take the tea and Neelam says i take first? Sona says yes, you take first and as Sone goes around giving everyone the tea, everyone are more interested in seeing their gifts firs. Everyone is upset to see the gifts where Bindiya says evern the worker in my parlour would not wear this and Sona is shocked. Kanhaiya goes to Bindiya saying this saree looks good and Bindiya says we will need to wear this and Renu says can’t new bahu’s grandmother understand what kind of clothes we wear? Kanhaiya says the saree would not suit Renu from any angle and Manohar says during the wedding, Sona’s grandmother talked greatly but look at this dress. Neelam sees Sona getting upset and Dimple asks her mother to take her dress as if her friend sees her wearing it, they would tease her. Julie says her father will not let her wear such color and Kanhaiya again supports Sona. Darshana says that Sona’s grandmother had insulted them in the name of giving them gifts and Kanhaiya taunts Darshana. All of them keep back the gifts on the table where Sona gets upset seeing it. Kanhaiya says its a good thing if good things comes from the sasural after wedding but its also alright of it doesn’t. So what if everyone didn’t like the gift? They should not see quality in the gifts they are getting and Neelam says Sona, i love my present. Chicku says chachi, i will also wear my clothes. Kanhaiya says now take the gifts and keep and we can give other people. Kanhaiya tries making Sona feel better but Sona is still upset and Sona’s handphone rings where its Dadi, Sona goes to receive her call and Dadi asks how is she and her sasural? Did everyone liked their gifts? You are keeping your husband according to you right? I had sent all the gifts according to everyone’s wish so that no one would look down at you. The gifts were worth the money right? Sona gets shocked and Dadi says i had did my best for sending you the gifts.

Precap : Devar ji asks Suhnaina to give Neelam a break to at least breath and Suhnaina says if a housewife’s stops to breath, everyone else’s breath would stop and Sona is not happy. Sona hears Suhnaina speaking to Devar ji about the gifts.

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